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  1. E90 M3/4 engine....
  2. First!
  3. When is the E90 M3 expected
  4. Anticipated pricing?
  5. Autoweek has some pictures of new M3
  6. any pic
  7. "Fun" button for the M3 also?
  8. Would be nice..
  9. E90 M3/4 test mule spotted
  10. Anyone put a deposit on the next gen M3?
  11. Price Speculation
  12. E90 M3 oil level sensor?
  13. Another hack picture
  14. manual transmission???
  15. New Autoweek E90 M3 Spy-shots
  16. V8
  17. Can I preorder????
  18. 4.4ltrs.?????
  19. First model year problems?
  20. V8 M3 spied in testing
  21. New M3 PIC's
  22. Video of M3 testing @ the Ring
  23. IS there ANY chance?
  24. the e90 m3 testings
  25. Realistically, how long will it be
  26. Info nuggets
  27. Did I dream this?
  28. wait list
  29. 2007 M3 to get unique body design
  30. any word on PRICE?
  31. Anyone seen this one?
  32. To wait! Or not to wait! That, is the question!
  33. mt says 4.4ltr
  34. Will there be problems?
  35. New(er) 4 door spy photos
  36. technological progress
  37. How much will it be?
  38. New coupe spy shots
  39. No M3 Convertible
  40. Apoligize about Magnum comment...my son put it on...
  41. New M3 pics, actual car
  42. What Transmission?
  43. How come E90 but not E85
  44. m3 e90 gtr & csl
  45. any current e90 owners drive an e46 M3
  46. 4 Door?
  47. Finally they removed the masking tapes
  48. New E92 M3 photos
  49. M3 Spy Pics
  50. E90 M3 Wagon/Touring/Estate? In US?
  51. m3 price ideas? any idea?
  52. New M3 coming at the end of 2006!?
  53. (12 PiX) - I spotted a E92 ///M3
  54. I dunno what any of you think . .
  55. Official M3 Pics?
  56. New M3 Pic in Automobile Magazine -Aug/06
  57. saw new 2007 m3 on road
  58. Please BMWNA...
  59. Waiting times for e90 M3?
  60. Video: New M3 in Death Valley
  61. M3 Price?
  62. M3 possible Engine
  63. Honest-to-god 1st pic of E90 M3
  64. More M3 Spy Pics!
  65. any word on new m3 convertible?
  66. M3 Sedan
  67. M3 Pricing
  68. Calm before the storm?
  69. Could new M3 have dual turbo V8?
  70. Colors for M3
  71. What i'm going to put in my E90 M3.
  72. Aussie Industry Trade Mag lays out LATE M3 timelines
  73. M3 ED pricing?
  74. Can I even sell my M3 spot?
  75. 4 door?
  76. e92 M3 conversation at stop light!
  77. Audi RS5 - future M3 Coupe competitor
  78. Predict the New M3 0-60 time
  79. New M3 spy pics in Leftlane News
  80. 2 new 08 M3??????????
  81. M3 + Minnesota Winter = ?
  82. will bmw ever offer awd in the m3?
  83. M3 or S4?
  84. M3 Sedan Mule Spotted in Culver City
  85. This looks sorta Shop-ish
  86. E92 M3 Weight Distribution
  87. When is the inital release?
  88. Just another M3 (was: **official M3 Pic***)
  89. Check out this link of the New M3 Sedan Pictures (Tach/Speedo Pic Inside!!!!!!)
  90. Post price estimates for the New M3 here.
  91. M3 Lease MF
  92. Custom color
  93. 2008 BMW M3 Preview
  94. new E90 M3 4 door sedan photos
  95. M3 missing from bmwusa.com
  96. Check out these new picsof e92 M3 from a UK magazine.*****
  97. M3 Sedan!!! -- they've done it again.
  98. Lexus is not DOIN it again.... M3 is WAYYY TIghter
  99. New Autoweek arrived last night-M3 on cover
  100. BMW considering a softtop for M3
  101. It will have 426hp
  102. airdam
  103. Can't turn off traction control in the new M3
  104. Is this the real deal?
  106. Pictures of M3 and 1 series spotted in the SFV, CA!
  107. 08 BMW M3 races a 328i
  108. Is the E90/92/93 M3's reign threatened by the E90/92 335?
  109. the new m3
  110. Virtually Undisguised E92 M3.
  111. What's wrong with this picture?
  112. Do you like the E92 M3?
  113. Do you like the new M3
  114. E90 M3 photoshop'd ...what do you guys think ?
  115. What do some of you predict for the new M3 1/4 times?
  116. Lexus ISF vs BMW M3
  117. M3 V8 official details
  118. New M3 engine specs released
  119. You got it here first -- BMW M3 V-8 Official Documentation!!!
  120. AutoWeek article on M3
  121. Dissapointed in the new M3
  122. Car and Driver Article on E92 M3
  123. M3 update
  124. OMG! the new M3 coupe on the BMW.com website
  125. SMG on the new M3???
  126. New Videos on Production E92 M3 Coupe
  127. E92 M3 only 33 lbs. heavier than E46 M3; lighter than 335i??
  128. Hi-res 2008 M3 pics. 1920 x 1440
  129. what is the estimated costs for a new M3?
  130. NEW BMW M3 E92 2008 Official Commercial
  131. 2008 BMW M3 on BMWUSA.com!!!
  132. 2008 BMW M3 Coupe review
  133. 2008 BMW M3 Concept from Geneva Auto Show
  134. Missing a shift on the new M3, Do you worry?
  135. Euro M3 Brochure in English on bmw.com
  136. Attn: All Overseas Military!!!!!!!!!!
  137. M3 lapping@Nurbergring video
  138. 2008 M3 British Pricing Released
  139. M3 and Grand Prix seperated at birth?
  140. LLN: New M3 to cost $60,000 to $65,000
  141. New M3 legroom
  142. New M3 Convertible release date?
  143. New Audi S5
  144. USA Spec. Interlagos Blue
  145. alpine white on the street!
  146. E90 M3 (sedan) spy pics
  147. E92 M3 Brochure scan straight from Germany!
  148. NO SMG, rumors
  149. So, who knows when the E92 M3 will be out?
  150. M3 spotted in Florida
  151. DSG for M3 confirmed...
  152. Countdown to M3 event @ Nürburgring on bmw.com
  153. How much to reserve your M3 order spot?
  154. More M3 Pictures
  155. 4 Door M3 Pics
  156. Flying down the autobahn
  157. Interlagos Blue M3 spotted in SoCal
  158. Will M3 sedan affect M5 prices, re-sale value?
  159. New shots of the E90 Sedan M3 99% unmasked
  160. E90 M3, still no brakes
  161. e92 M3 pics
  162. M3 vs 335i in appearance?
  163. BMW official site check out the M3
  164. 2008 BMW M3 Canada Info (High res scans!)
  165. Steel sunroof vs CF??
  166. E92 M3 alpha N?
  167. V8 engine M3 (E92...) require valve adjustment?
  168. Why No Fogs
  169. Spyshots of M3 Convertible and 6-Series facelift
  170. M3 pricing according to BMW Car Magazine?
  171. when?
  172. New M3 Driven
  173. M3 First Drive by edmunds.com
  174. New V8 M3 is a GT
  175. Markup for 2009 M3?
  176. LED rear lights and front?
  177. What color is this?
  178. pretty cool post from another board, a lot of "marketing" talk but great pics also!
  179. Test drive the E92 M3 now!
  180. M3 on the Autobahn
  181. M3 test mules spotted in Yosemite Nat'l Park!
  182. why does the new m3 have only 295 torque?
  183. so no moonroof?
  184. How does DSG work?
  185. New E92 M3 Order Guide (PDF file)
  186. E92 M3 Order Guide (PDF)
  187. E92 M3 brochure
  188. Hope m3 will ahve moonroof
  189. What has BMW done to the M3?
  190. E92 M3 Coupe spotted in UK - No pics, sorry
  191. M3 in press
  192. E90 M3, Now Everyone Will Know The Hire Name
  193. The Interior
  194. I'm beginning to think M3 is not my kind of car
  195. 2008 BMW M3 Road Test
  196. New M3 Ditches SMG??
  197. Car And Driver Test Of The M3
  198. Spy Photos: 2008 BMW M3 at Regensburg Plant, Sunroof Optional?
  199. M3 wheels
  200. Came really close to driving a lap.
  201. M3 sedan ?
  202. M3 promotional videos
  203. Military price for 2008 m3 (overseas)
  204. Dealer price for M3
  205. upgrade from 328i ?
  206. Awesome new 2008 M3 video from Autojunk.nl
  207. I'm beginning to think the M3 is my kind of car
  208. M3 CSL test pics?
  209. It's good to be prince.
  210. Blimey!Games brings freeware BMW M3 Challenge PC game
  211. new m3 pics on e90 fanatics board!
  212. New M3 Spotted in Oxnard, CA
  213. (E92) M3 Challenge simulator
  214. New Jerez shots
  215. Where are all the haters?
  216. Made a new friend on the Vincent Thomas Bridge
  217. Sedan to Get DCT
  218. E90 M3 sedan and E92 M3 CSL spy shots
  219. M3 Driving Event
  220. M3 Sunroof Model anyone?
  221. M3 vs the Bugatti Veyron drag race
  222. M3 sedan spy shots, new Interlagos
  223. Going to Eat the M3 for Breakfast!
  224. One down...2 to go...
  225. M3 Sedan and HardTop Conv Pics
  226. Cool M3 Sedan Info from Autospies.com
  227. 27 M3 sedan pics
  228. '08 M3 Sedan Official
  229. More official M3 sedans photos
  230. BMW M3 Sedan commercial
  231. SAE's AEI Oct 2007 Review
  232. New M3 sedan video
  233. Spied! BMW document confirms 7-speed gearbox for M3
  234. 2008 BMW M3 Sedan review
  235. Does it have a HUD option?
  236. M3 vs E90 question
  237. M3 Start of Production
  238. E90 M3 of 2009 Skyline GT-R
  239. rejoice i-drive hates and moonroof lovers!!!!
  240. New M3 already in Taiwan for 5 Million NT!!
  241. test drives today: Z4MC, 335ci, M5 6MT
  242. M3 Coupe US Standard & Options List
  243. New M3 vs Skyline GT-R
  244. M3 Sedan forever?
  245. this mabey old news but....
  246. Review & video at ViaMichelin
  247. How does one go about getting an M?
  248. 2009 Lexus IS-F video
  249. Awesome collection of new m3 vids
  250. M3 @ LA Auto Show pics!!!!!!