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  1. How many would like a diesel?
  2. Everything you wanted to know about BMW diesels...
  3. 335d
  4. only AWD diesels? raise hell with bmwusa...
  5. What are you paying for Diesel?
  6. Diesel fuel lubricity additives
  7. I want a Diesel
  8. list of threads for the diesel subforum
  9. The Diesel Driver congratulates everyone on the new diesel forum
  10. Hello, my name is... and I am a diesel addict!
  11. Use of Diesel Fuel Additives for your ds
  12. Official Hybrid (gas-electric) Thread
  13. Finding a gas station with diesel
  14. Diesel Social Group on Bimmerfest
  15. Diesel exhaust - urea stain ?
  16. Burn Smell - Diesel Particulate Filter
  17. Any update on Eco-credit?
  18. BMW CCA Diesel Special Interest Group
  19. Radio Issues In 335d
  20. Recommended Maintenance Intervals
  21. Official non-BMW Diesel Thread
  22. Diesel Owners: Have you ever misfueled and put gas in by accident?
  23. Urea tank - question
  24. Best mpg so far?
  25. What about 425 lbs-ft of torque? LSD?
  26. Diesel European Delivery
  27. Diesel questions
  28. BMW's Incorrect Fueling Protection System
  29. Bigger and heavier wheels kill my MPG
  30. Why Diesel Article
  31. Bmw 335d
  32. Fantastic performance on long trip
  33. Do we really have to purge DEF if it's not old?
  34. Best Diesel Fuel Station Poll
  35. 335d 2009 computer module problem
  36. Just ordered 335d
  37. $4,500.00 Eco Credit
  38. Self ceiling runflat tires two-part question
  39. Diesel Chips
  40. BMW to Supply Engines to US Police Car Manufacturer
  41. Monaco Blue/Chestnut E90 335d
  42. Refilled DEF Myself to Avoid $300 Fee
  43. The Wait Is Over
  44. Good Article on Diesel Fuel
  45. New U.S. Fuel Economy Fules: BMW and Diesel once again ahead of the curve
  46. What's the least MPG you have gotten out of your d?
  47. Dissappointing Fuel Economy
  48. $900 Tax Credit
  49. Did you Buy or Lease your 335d?
  50. AdBlue saga continues
  51. My 2011 335d was selected for EPA Testing
  52. My luck with cars this year
  53. Windshield (0) , Meteorite (1)
  54. 2011 Diesels won't be out until May
  55. Where to Purchase (Order) a 2011 335D
  56. Sport mode?
  57. Performance parts or tuning of 335d
  58. Three months of diesel (335d) ownership
  59. Front head rests 2010 335d
  60. What else do you love about your diesel car?
  61. Quirky choices from BMW
  62. Well what do you know..
  63. Most Recent Version of NAV / iDrive software ?
  64. Official BMW DEF top off policy
  65. BP Fuels recommended by BMW?
  66. 335d: Top Ten Green Cars Award for 2nd Year in a Row
  67. Best Diesel in Boston?
  68. Turbo Whine
  69. Cheapest Diesel
  70. A glimpse to the world through my eyes
  71. How long to delivery?
  72. 335d down on power
  73. New Member...
  74. Whew. No ticket...so far.
  75. Northern / Central NJ Diesel Recommendations (highest cetane / proper nozzle fit)
  76. Prius totaled so bought a 335d
  77. What Guages Would You Add?
  78. Best Puget Sound Diesel ?
  79. Tire pressure checked - improved Fuel mileage
  80. BMW Assist - Search mode - Fuel information
  81. BMW 335d or Exxon Valdez?
  82. Clear Protective Cover
  83. BMW Maintenace policy and Idaho/Utah Dealer recommendation?
  84. For diesel fans - the new BMW 530d
  85. Car records miles since last DPF regen and assessment of fuel quality
  86. First oil change in 335d?
  87. Any Diesels Headed to Bimmerfest Next Weekend
  88. Got my 335D!!!!
  89. DEF/adblue Extraction and Refill
  90. 10,000 miles
  91. Increasing Battery Life - Protecting On-Board Systems
  92. BMW Diesel Motto should be....?
  93. The End of the Road for BMWNA Diesel CARS?
  94. Why did The Diesel Driver test hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars?
  95. Hooray ! My first Recall !
  96. Introducing myself :hi:
  97. 2011 530d Review
  98. Newbie with questions
  99. 2011 335d w/ M-Sport
  100. Bimmerfest 2010 = Diesel Perspective
  101. European Delivery - Diesel pumps in Germany
  102. Another proud "D" owner
  103. Hi!
  104. Diesel Economics Updated with May Sales Figures
  105. Puget Sound BMWCCA Chapter - Dyno today
  106. Official: US Spec 335d/X5 35d Performance Mods
  107. Anyone have any issues yet with "contaminated fuel" and HPFP?
  108. My ride from the other night 60-140
  109. B-20 Diesel at Murphy USA stations
  110. why understate HP?
  111. Trip through southeast usa
  112. Anyone have any advice on diesel fuel additives?
  113. Extended warranty for the 335d
  114. White 335D in MD
  115. Will this diesel nozzle fit?
  116. 335d SES Light - Code P200A
  117. Just joined the Diesel band wagon!
  118. Post a picture of your diesel powered BMW!
  119. Fuel filler adaptor question
  120. Poor fuel economy / mileage?
  121. BMW Diesel Marketing
  122. joined the 335d ranks
  123. 335d x5 or 335i wagon
  124. Just my friggin luck
  125. Biodiesel as a Lubricity Additive?
  126. Happy Birthday to my 335d
  127. Diesel Recall Info
  128. My new 2011 335d
  129. $1,800 diesel tax credit???
  130. MPG for the 335d w/Sport Package vs No Sport Package
  131. Aaaaaand....the first little problem.......
  132. Diesel fuel nozzle sizes?
  133. Here she is!
  134. screen name change
  135. cross post: 320d spotted in SoCal (or rebadged?)
  136. How do you drive your D? Acceleration
  137. New diesel owner a little confused with fuel
  138. Considering an x5d
  139. acceptable pump flow and auto-shutoff
  140. First impressions after delivery of 335d
  141. spotted - 1 gallon DEF for sale at a local gas station
  142. My only gripe is 3rd gear*
  143. Future BMW diesels?
  144. License frame idea
  145. Fuel Blowbacks at Fillup
  146. Popular Mechanics adds 2011 X5 35d to long term fleet
  147. Freshman diesel owner with observations/questions
  148. My Turn...
  149. Online direct sales of AdBlue from Kruse NA
  150. Tuning Part
  151. Ward's Automotive Article on BMW Diesel
  152. First impression
  153. finally snapped a few pics
  154. Question on Navigation Updates for 335d
  155. Engine oil change in my 2009 335d
  156. Bmw vs mercedes benz vs audi vs vw
  157. Oil capacities for 2009 335d from another source
  158. 335d and no HPFP issues = sigh of relief
  159. I got so bored I topped off the DEF
  160. Taillight failure in 2009 335d
  161. Back in the saddle!
  162. Want to get a 335d..BUT
  163. What all-highway speed nets you X mpg?
  164. Shell pump label
  165. DIY for 35d
  166. Question on extended warranty for 335d
  167. Premium grade diesel fuel question
  168. When is the 5-Series diesel coming to the USA??
  169. 335d transmission
  170. My Latest Oil Report
  171. Lower mesh grill cover
  172. Question on Sirius subscription
  173. First scheduled service
  174. Why the 335d sounds as good as it performs
  175. 335d throttle response
  176. Price Negotiating website
  177. 335d ordering
  178. Has anybody installed a LSD in their 335d?
  179. Did software 2.37.1 (or later) hurt your fuel economy?
  180. Hey
  181. 6 Months with the 335d
  182. Please settle my nerves
  183. Mileage...29mpg...seems low..
  184. I got so bored I cleaned the inside of my exhaust pipes.
  185. Break in procedure
  186. Some interesting numbers
  187. Find yourself driving at 100mph!?
  188. Who has the JBD installed?
  189. 335d review by Warren Brown in the Washington Post
  190. 335D Chip Tune Questions-See Graph
  191. Chip for 335d
  192. The last 2 current generation X3s were... diesels
  193. Interesting E350 BlueTEC
  194. Missing tools...
  195. Tepid review of the 335d
  196. Where can you find a "Diesel" car magent?
  197. 335d JBD Quarter Mile results
  198. Codes 4C4F and 4674
  199. Diesel Hybrids - One Step Closer
  200. Picked up a 335d today
  201. Sports Sedan becomes Economy Sedan
  202. Driven your 335d on a track?
  203. Chips VS ECU Re-Map
  204. 335d worries.
  205. What Year 335d do you own?
  206. Location of RA16 19 070 (instructions for DEF fill)?
  207. Diesel fuel prices
  208. 1 year 14,000 miles driving my 335d
  209. Hello
  210. Long cranks...engine malfunction decreased power light...
  211. 3 Series Spy Photos
  212. Has anybody got the "Individual Package"?
  213. New 3 liter Diesel for 5er in uk
  214. Car thief puts gas in diesel Audi and gets caught
  215. Nobody reads this forum do they?
  216. How bloody long do I have to wait?
  217. New comrade in the house - 2011 335d
  218. UOA Factory Fill 335D 6.5k miles.
  219. Top Tier Gas
  220. spotted on the road - BMW diesel in USA
  221. CBS changes fuel filter every 3rd oil change
  222. Any word on the 5-series diesel for USA??
  223. Extended Warranty - Worth It?
  224. What mpg do you get for your X5 35d?
  225. X5d Delivery!!!
  226. Audi Q7 TDI vs X5 35d Noise level
  227. Federal Tax Credit Question
  228. My car is built!!!!
  229. Service Engine Soon--Say what???
  230. diesel vehicles may triple in next 5 yrs
  231. Possible recall for 2010 and later 335ds?
  232. Drove a Nissan G37s today...
  233. ECO Credit
  234. Vegas Run
  235. stupid fuel stations
  236. All diesel in PA is biodiesel
  237. Diesel Sales Up in September
  238. Diesel fuel prices
  239. Loving the mileage in the 335d!
  240. My (part of the weekend) Project
  241. Turbo charger run after engine shut-off
  242. Winter Tires + Rims for the 335d
  243. Adjust Headlights
  244. Spotted------335d on I-81
  245. Service Engine Soon light question on 335d
  246. Roll Call for Boston Area and NE BMW Diesel Owners
  247. 1000 mile range for 3er Series
  248. 335d Oil Change
  249. 335d driving experience -- from a 335i owner
  250. ARCO Diesel/ CA owners