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  1. LilEccentricJ, Alee, Ausgang: Reversed shifting might be SOLVED!
  2. Steppers: Reversed Pattern Shifting DIY here!!! ;)
  3. Steppers: Reversed Pattern Shift Bezel Part Number!
  4. Step Shift Reversal, Vince & Headache...
  5. Steppers Alert! Got a new idea.... (m)
  6. Vince step reversal done (finally)!
  7. Q for oil extractor users
  8. Portable air pump
  9. 2002 widescreen navigation RETROFITTED!
  10. Was experimenting with my UUC Knob yesterday...
  11. Welcome to the home of most of your DIY needs.
  12. Has anyone successfully mounted a hitch on a 330i with SP?
  13. Titanium Headlight Trim
  14. And since to celebrate...here's my review for the Paddle-Shift retrofit!
  15. console ?
  16. Heads up! Put some old cotton gardening gloves in with the spare.
  17. Clutch Check Valve removal...
  18. Removing the cupholders
  19. 31st330i and others interested. E46 M3 Xenon ballast bracket and cover WORKS........
  20. Birch steering wheel trim for the E46
  21. Installing M3 steering wheel w/SMGII paddles
  22. E46 Console Armrest install is a PAIN
  23. Trailer hitch for an E46M3
  24. What about clears and orange reflectors?
  25. Ah HA! Ski Bag removal!
  26. CD changer installation
  27. Tie rod adjustment questions
  28. I HAVE removed the CDV!
  29. Who has replaced their rear shock mounts? Hack?
  30. Checking brake wear?
  31. Gave up on the VDO gauge install
  32. Bonding with my M3
  33. Another project "HACKED"...Autodimming rearview mirror
  34. DIY for fixing rim scratches?
  35. Make the Music Keg work with your BMW headunit!
  36. Half of the latest HACK project completed
  37. Second part of the latest HACK project...
  38. 3 Paddle-shift DIY kits ready to ship by next week
  39. Hack, anybody Help!
  40. B pillar trim removal?
  41. Speaker size question
  42. Hey HACK, need your help!!!
  43. Diagnostic Tool?
  44. Cross Drilled Rotors shipped today
  45. DIY Armrest Install 325i
  46. Air Conditioner Odor
  47. Mobil1 5w30 at Costco
  48. From our Z car tech session in HB . . .
  49. STP Oil Filter S8081 is Actually a Mann Filter
  50. I replaced the front license plate holder and now have two holes in my bumper
  51. Where to place floor jack on E46
  52. How to remove seat back cover?
  53. go hack. mr. mod
  54. Just ordered a Conforti CAI
  55. ? for Hack
  56. Tracking e36 Clutch Wear -- 1993 325i
  57. Posting meaningless thread just so Hack has an excuse to "moderate" it.
  58. Likely eventual cause of death for the Hack
  59. What do we think of HACK
  60. Installed ECIS Intake - Thanks to Hack's Instructions
  61. E46 M3 rear brakes on a 323...............
  62. For people thinking of doing a Z3 seat swap . . .
  63. Okay, DIY gurus...Need your help on this
  64. Clutch delay has to go!
  65. Approved Oils: Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec
  66. What floor jack?
  67. replacing myrtl wood with titanium interior trim
  68. DIY Lesson #2
  69. Question for oil experts re: Mobil 1
  70. Some DIY tips from the E39 guys...
  71. Suggestions for aftermarket sway bar bushings
  72. Replacing trunklid ///M
  73. this forum has really flourished under hack's guide
  74. Anyone Got a DIY Link for CD Changer?
  75. Installed my TMEs today.
  76. Manual rear windo sunshade anyone?
  77. Conforti CAI installed
  78. E36 UUC Clutch Bushings
  79. Subwoofer
  80. how to remove window trim?
  81. Paid $2/qt for Mobil 1 0W30 Tri-Syn tonight!!
  82. ECIS filter
  83. List of projects to tackle...
  84. Air bag warning decal removal threads
  85. DIYs galore (Ron Stygar site) . . .
  86. Anybody know how to disconnect rear speakers?
  87. Don't forget the fuel filter...
  88. Another e36 tranny question -- poor cold shifting into 3rd
  89. Oil change question
  90. Front suspension noise
  91. HELP! Installing coupe powered seats in e46 325i with currently non-powered seats
  92. Question about shifter knob change...
  93. Southland Techsession 3.5
  94. Retrofitting Tire Pressure Unit?
  95. Delrin bushings -- more vibration?
  96. Jack Pads
  97. changing e36 backup light
  98. Home-made Homelink
  99. Hey HACK -
  100. Retrofitting rear reading lights
  101. I was hoping not to get dirty at Techsession 3.5
  102. Anyone here do DIY paint work?
  103. I may be getting the UUC TSE...Should I DIY?
  104. Check out what came in the mail today...
  105. Stupid ? - map light
  106. Cupholders for back seat DIY
  107. SSK Install Imminent...
  108. I need psychological help...
  109. Bimmers got badass bass... See my DIY!
  110. This Rocks!
  111. Not strictly speaking a DIY question, but regarding the OEM brakes...(m)
  112. XM Radio in my 2003 330I
  113. Jack quick comparo
  114. just in case ppl havent seen the commercial
  115. Brake "dressing" Help Please....
  116. Newbie Tech Session Perspective
  117. Clutch stop and starter switch...
  118. mytoolstore.com
  119. Tail light wiring 00 to 02
  120. SF Bay Area tech session thread
  121. How about a bimmerfest tech WEEKEND!
  122. So is there a good jack for about $100?
  123. Black Diamond brake rotors?
  124. Bilstein Shocks on its way(m)
  125. Jetfest 1.0 :P
  126. Well... Finally gave in to the urge to buy SOMETHING for the car...
  127. 2003 330i CD Changer Trim Already There
  128. Is it possible to install the 330 exterior chrome trim on a 325?
  129. Attn HACK:
  130. Dinan TB installed!
  131. More Mity Vac pics . . .
  132. BMW Wheel Repair in SoCal
  133. Ron Stygar custom engraved door handles . . .
  134. HK remote turn on lead wire... (FOUND)
  135. Put the AC jack to work this morning
  136. BMW-approved coolant?? (URGENT)
  137. Problem with brake wear sensors??
  138. So Cal techsession 4.0
  139. Folia Tec or G2 or....?
  140. Okay, So Cal Techsession 4.0 officially on November 30th
  141. M measurement in Bentley's manual...
  142. Best-looking way to install an additional switch?
  143. ACS Short Shift kit for sale here....
  144. Rear wheel bearing replacement
  145. Best place to buy BMW OEM filters online?
  146. Oil Extractors?
  147. Koni shocks + Vogtland deal for Techsession 4.0
  148. TS 4.0 Koni special...
  149. Hey HACK- Do you have access to special pricing at Rogue?
  150. 2 question about electric clutch start switch
  151. Two very VAIN DIY mods....
  152. SSK install - how much lift?
  153. Switched power in trunk?
  154. Prototype B&M shifter installed
  155. Delphi Sky-Fi XM unit
  156. Today, I bought a $12 oil extractor at Sears.
  157. E46 Fuel Filter
  158. Finding car wiring connectors?
  159. Ordered/Got my G2 caliper paint kit!
  160. Where are the floor jacking points?
  161. E46 328Ci PhatBox installation
  162. UUC SSK Impressions.
  163. CarPC and Warranty Issues
  164. Safeway driving up the ramps w/ Step?
  165. NE1 know of a junk yard in the DC area?
  166. Low torque settings? no clicking sound
  167. Snow tires are on and I am paranoid...
  168. support material for garage door opener
  169. Pioneer Universal XM Tuner
  170. BIM-COM - diagnostics for the BMW line
  171. Safety notice I just received at work.
  172. Here you go HACK - a lift sale!
  173. Simple 'mod' for BMW wheels
  174. Tech Session 4.0 Revisited
  175. Left oil filler cap in engine compartment... help?
  176. Clutch interlock on e36's?
  177. Foglight Bulb Replacement
  178. Another Successful TechSession 4.0!!
  179. Aftermarket DVD Player and OEM Navigation System
  180. Fuel Cap: Freak on a leash
  181. E46 Manual Transmission Fluid Change? Ramps?
  182. Turn signal stalk for OBC
  183. M-bus gender changer
  184. $#@! Xm
  185. Shift Knob: OK, I am no Mr. Goodwrench
  186. House Mod: Hot water for winter car washing install.
  187. Low on coolant...
  188. How to remove & disable the brake pad sensor?
  189. Driver's side window rattles on E46 Coupe
  190. Intake Technical Questions?
  191. gas odor in oil?
  192. #$@! Blitzsafe
  193. 100 Channels of Digital Music
  194. Leather OEM Manual shift knob for STEP
  195. Part number help...
  196. Got MityVac and have question
  197. '99 E36 M3 fog light replacement question
  198. U.S. General Jack
  199. Torque wrench attachment for a power drill?
  200. Alarm DYI
  201. Need help removing stock head unit and AC/Heating controls
  202. painting X5 calipers?
  203. Extended Oil Drain Interval Info
  204. Ne1 want to trade Climate controls?
  205. Debadged!
  206. Retrofitting a heating unit into non-heated SP seats...
  207. JST or Jetfire- Either of you guys free to do a ZKW install this weekend or next?
  208. Universal Garage Door Opener
  209. Do I need to worry about any radio codes...
  210. Whats the steps to get xenon bulbs in/out?
  211. NCC DIY program
  212. euro spec e36 swap into e30
  213. Z3 speaker grill DIY
  214. Installing Osram / Silvervisions--Info needed...
  215. Rear fog info ... headed in the right direction?
  216. More retrofit questions...
  217. Sun Visor Airbag Warning Stickers
  218. LeatherZ E46 VDO Gauge Kit (selling)
  219. My next "retrofit" project...
  220. How to power HK sub with Aftermarket head unit?
  221. Hack, saw your ACS springs review!
  222. RF Modulator
  223. Fault Code Link (UK)
  224. "TP" replaced "PTY" in radio display
  225. So my E30 was dripping gasoline today.
  226. This very disturbing project is finally done....
  227. Midrange sound quality
  228. OT: Where's the best place (pricewise) to gets parts for Mercedes?
  229. need help installing m roadster seats with heating
  230. Rebuilt alternator source?
  231. Help a brother out
  232. Popping sound when car is parked
  233. Has anyone built a go kart?
  234. fuel cut off switch.. help
  235. M Lighted Shift Knob Install
  236. 2.3L Sparkplug Torque
  237. Dealer Install of E46 Coupe Truck CD Changer?
  238. Is this OK?
  239. Crapola, need source for (euro) light switch
  240. Is this a DIY?
  241. UUC Clutch Stop on 2003 330i
  242. dvd nav
  243. auto headlights?
  244. What's the new Oil filter part number 02 325i ?
  245. ZKW Install
  246. Rear view mirror swap
  247. UUC SSK Ordered
  248. What tools are needed to make changing tires easier
  249. Steering Wheel Off-Center
  250. 17-inch Sport Wheels Correct Torque Specs?