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: BMW i3 I01 (2014 - Current)

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  1. Official name of BMW Megacity Project coming on February 21st.
  2. Sub Brand BMW i3 Spied Winter Testing
  3. BMW Steals Chevy Volt engineer for the i3 and i8 electric vehicles
  4. Electric BMW i3
  5. World Premiere: The BMW Concept i3 and Concept i8 are Revealed at Last
  6. Welcome to the age of Carbon Fiber - BMW Carbon fiber plant comes online with BMW i3
  7. Who's getting an ActiveE? BMW opens "Recruitment Process"
  8. World Premiere: The BMW i8 Concept Spyder Two Seater Arrives in Style
  9. BMW, Audi, MB, Porsche, VW Chrysler, GM and Ford Agree on Fast-Charging EV Standard
  10. Lengthy write up on i3 from NYIAS...
  11. Meanwhile, at Fisker...
  12. Tesla, on the other hand, has already recovered from RavFAIL
  13. i3: what will it cost?
  14. BMW Updates i3 Concept with New Premium Inteior
  15. Just a rumor, hope it's not true...
  16. BMW ActiveE Plus Coilovers Makes a World of Difference in Handling
  17. BMW i Born Electric Tour makes first stop in Rome
  18. BMW i Presents: "ELECTRONAUTS" - Watch BMW ActiveE Drivers in Action.
  19. Meet two more BMW Electronauts, Salil and Airton
  20. BMW ActiveE Car Share in SF
  21. OT: Tesla S getting great reviews so far...
  22. BMW Invests in ChargePoint's global EV Charging Network
  23. BMW ActiveE Electronauts Now Sourcing EV Power from Sustainable Sources
  24. BMW EV Program Still On - BMW i3 Spied Testing
  25. BMW Launch ParkNow Mobile Parking Service and Details DriveNow Car Sharing Service
  26. Interior details spied, analyzed in detail...
  27. 1-series
  28. Dear BMW...
  29. The History Behind BMW's Electro-Mobility - Electric Know How since 1969
  30. Bimmerfest Design entry Challenge
  31. Sounds like there may be a Merc challenger to the i3...
  32. New study shows Electric Cars counter productive to environment
  33. A123 Files for Bankruptcy
  34. Stuart Clifford, BMW ActiveE driver and one of the original Electronauts
  35. BMW i Born Electric World Tour Arrives in NYC Nov 13th
  36. What does it mean to be Born Electric - BMW i launches new site
  37. Starting to think Fisker is cursed!
  38. And now an i4?
  39. BMW i "Born Electric" World Tour Lands in New York City
  40. New Yorkers Experience the Future of Mobility
  41. i3 photos from New York
  42. BMW Debuts the i3 Concept Coupe
  43. Chameleon charger. Will BMW use it?
  44. 40 Years of BMW Electric Vehicles
  45. The BMW i3 Concept Coupe: The Look of Future Mobility
  46. Indicator light on dashboard
  47. Tesla Model S VS. Fisker Karma
  48. Cadillac ELR: The premium EV sector just got crowded
  49. Some real info on i3 RANGE EXTENDER option!
  50. Electric vehicles just fad? EV Sales crater.
  51. The Audi A3 e-tron
  52. Active E - take over lease for 1 yr - $499 (Will deliver anywhere in CA)
  53. BMW's range anxiety solution isn't just the extender! Free loaners!
  54. Park in advance with BMW i Mobility Services
  55. Best of Both Worlds - BMW plug-in-hybrid-technology
  56. New EV offering from BMW - The X1?
  57. BMW quells US 'range anxiety' with range extender in the i3
  58. BMW Launches the “Electronaut Effect” - A Digital Tool Providing Real-Life Data
  59. BMW i3 on sale July starting around $53,500
  60. Zinoro: A BMW Brilliance built electric car for the Chinese market
  61. BMW i3 Battery and Charging in Extreme Detail
  62. First pics: BMW i3 production line
  63. BMW i3 in exclusive Solar Orange metallic paint
  64. Spied: 2014 BMW i3 Megacity Electric Vehicle
  65. BMW UK announces sales network for revolutionary i brand
  66. BMW details BMW i ConnectedDrive services for i3
  67. BMW i8 Concept at BMW i-Store Park Lane
  68. i3 spy video
  69. BMW and GM collaborate on EV fast charging stations
  70. i3 Safety Videos from BMW Group
  71. i3 production protype in Dubai (YouTube)
  72. i3 -- The Camo comes off
  73. i3 Unveiling July 29th
  74. BMW i8 Roadster Takes Home North American Concept Car of the Year Award!
  75. Active E - take over lease until end of Feb 2014 - $499
  76. BMW Teases with BMW i3 Information Leading up to July 29th Reveal
  77. BMW i3 First Drive Results are In - Edumnds, WHATCAR, etc.
  78. i8 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife
  79. BMW i3 US Pricing Announced at $41,350
  80. Active E Post Crash Repairs
  81. Are these official BMW i3 photos
  82. BMW i3 World Launch on July 29th - What do you want to know?
  83. BMW invests in UK EV charging infrastructure - What will they do in the US?
  84. BMW i3 vs Tesla Model S - Electric car market heats up
  85. i3 Video leaked
  86. Today is the Worldwide debut of the all-new BMW i3
  87. Video: BMW i3 and an interview with Benoit Jacob, head of BMW i Design
  88. Preview "build your i3" live on
  89. BMW i3 World Preimere - First Impressions of BMW's all new EV
  90. BMW i3 walk around video
  91. On location - World Premiere BMW i3
  92. Take over my ActiveE lease (east coast, NJ)
  93. How will BMW i3 stack up against BMW Active Tourer??
  94. i3 Price Lists for UK and Germany
  95. The BMW i8 is a New Take on The Ultimate Driving
  96. i3 Parked outside my apartment
  97. Price cuts in the EV market.
  98. EVO magazine drives the i8
  99. Tesla Model S Gets 5 Stars for Crash Safety. Quartz News
  100. Half of all electric cars are sold in just 5 cities: Green Car Reports
  101. Our Impressions From a Private Viewing of the Production BMW i8
  102. BMW Uses Artificial Intelligence to Promote i3/i8
  103. BMW Not Competing With Tesla, They Target Different Buyers
  104. Video: The all-new BMW i8. Unveiling September 10th.
  105. Road & Track Tests the i3
  106. Look out BMW, Tesla is taking away your sales.
  107. BMW i8 photos leaked
  108. The revolutionary BMW i3 makes its debut at LCV2013
  109. US Residents can now REGISTER FOR A TEST DRIVE too...
  110. BMW i8: A Study in Aerodynamics and Efficiency
  111. A BMW poll for you
  112. Woo Hoo | just ordered the i8
  113. Went from an M5 to a Volt...considering i3
  114. WTB i3 Flyer
  115. A new era dawns: BMW Group begins series production of the BMW i3 electric car.
  116. UK cutting EV subsides, is the US next?
  117. Star in your own Hollywood-style action movie with the BMW i3.
  118. Video: Production Of The i3's Electric Motor
  119. No M Version of the BMW i Cars
  120. Video: Production of the i3 Battery
  121. Video: BMW i8 Overview: Interior, Exterior and Driving Scenes
  122. Showdown: Audi Quattro Concept vs. BMW i8
  123. Charge your i3 in under 30 minutes - DC fast charging
  124. Tesla Model S catches fire - Could the i3 be next?
  125. Oct 25th i3 preview event
  126. The All-New i3. All You Needed To Know
  127. Top Gear's First Drive of the BMW i3: Did they like it?
  128. i8 Spotted road testing in streets of Los Angeles.
  129. Video: BMW i3. Start of production.
  130. BMW May Increase Production of the i3 Due to High Demand
  131. Got to see an i3 in Amsterdam
  132. Bmw i8 spotted in NJ
  133. problems with ActiveE
  134. Gold for the BMW i3 at the German Design Award 2014.
  135. An i5 Already In The Works From BMW
  136. BMW i3 Top Speed Run
  137. Another Tesla Model S Fire
  138. i3 driving around Ventura, CA
  139. 8 States announce bold initiative to put 3.3m EVs on the road by 2025
  140. The i3 Officially On Sale In The UK.
  141. Verifiably sustainable: ISO certificate for environmental footprint of the BMW i3.
  142. BMW i3 vs. BMW M3 Drag Race
  143. California regulations behind range requirements and engine limits for the i3.
  144. Another i3 spotted in California
  145. Many American drivers think government unfairly placed bets on EV over Clean Diesel
  146. BMW Announces Comprehensive 360 Electric Products and Services for BMW i Drivers.
  147. BMW confirms no SUV for the BMW i line
  148. To hit 1M EVs by 2015 - Increase eco credit to 10K?
  149. Test Drive ActiveE -- 3 more lease payments, then go month-to-month until i3 comes in
  150. BMW bet on electric cars comes up short for investors - Stock price falls
  151. video review of the BMW i3
  152. Video: BMW i3 - Start of Production
  153. i3 Test Drive at LA Auto Show
  154. The BMW i8 Shines at the Los Angeles Auto Show - 2014 Allocation Sold Out
  155. Undisguised i8 in Simi Valley CA on CA-118
  156. i3 Test Drive at LA Auto Show : Pics and Impressions
  157. Crystal White BMW i8 Photos from LA Auto Show
  158. i3 Earns Top Ratings in Euro NCAP Crash Testing
  159. BMW i3 Fails To Get Five-Star Safety Rating
  160. Bimmerfest reviews the all electric BMW i3
  161. Rendering Of The i5: The Family Friendly EV From BMW
  162. I'm pretty sure this i3 thing won't catch on….
  163. Bmw i8 pathetic
  164. BMW i8 Event at SLS Hotel in Miami
  165. BMW i8 in Midtown Miami Public Appearance
  166. BMW M1 successor based on BMW i8 to launch in 2016
  167. Tesla Chief Designer calls BMW i3 IKEA furniture
  168. The BMW i3's First Hot-Lap
  169. 12:13 - i3 Test Drive Gwinnett
  170. BMW i8 in detail. Laser light.
  171. CNET On Cars : On the road with the BMW i3
  172. Look out BMW i8 - Audi R8 e-tron is coming
  173. BMW i8 Spyder coming in 2015
  174. i3 Electronaut Edition in the Works
  175. BMW i8 in detail. Performance.
  176. Tesla 3 series killer Model E coming to Detroit in 2015
  177. Why we aren't buying an i3
  178. Spotted an i8 in the wild
  179. Finally more REx details including why America's is a little gimped...
  180. The BMW Group to Showcase ConnectedDrive and BMW i3 at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show
  181. No Lease Available on US i3?
  182. BMW i8 in detail. Design.
  183. The USA i3 Configurator is up
  184. Does the BMW i8 have the coolest key fob ever?
  185. BMW i8 in detail. Carbon.
  186. Anne Hathaway imports BMW i3 for hubby
  187. Put in my order for an i8 today
  188. 01/2014, i3 currently not included in BMWCCA rebate
  189. video review of the 2014 BMW i3
  190. California deals blow to i3
  191. BMWs with Frickin Laser Beams - BMW Laser Headlights on the i8 explained
  192. Drove the i3
  193. BMWs i8 - Aluminum and carbonfiber reinforced plastic oh my!
  194. BMW i3 and i8 at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show
  195. XCar reviews the i3
  196. Inspired By Nature: The BMW i8's Aerodynamics
  197. Flow Forged V-FF 101s on a Tesla, What Rims for the i8?
  198. Saving money with your EV? Not so fast, special EV taxes are on the rise!
  199. Collison repair for i vehicles
  200. BMW i8 in detail. LifeDrive.
  201. i3 basically sold out
  202. Tesla takes the C7 Corvette in a drag race, How would the i3 or i8 do?
  203. BMW wins "auto motor und sport" awards in "BEST CARS 2014" readers' vote.
  204. BMW Debuts BMW i Brand Campaign During Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
  205. BMW i3 a finalist in World Green Car and Car Design of the Year
  206. Can an i3 plug into 220v 14-30/50?
  207. i8 purchase
  208. Christian von Koenigsegg gets a Tesla - Who will be getting a BMW i8?
  209. BMW i8 in detail. Driving dynamics, efficiency and everyday practicality.
  210. Drove an i3 at BMWCCA event in ATL
  211. BMW increasing carbon fiber output to meet demand
  212. i8 sighted in San Jose/Cupertino CA. area 2/24/2014
  213. Lease, own or sell back your BMW i3 with BMW Financial 'OwnersChoice with Flex' plan
  214. Innovation, Aesthetics and Lightweight Design: Louis Vuitton For Your i8.
  215. Video: i3 Everyday Driving on the Track
  216. Blue BMW i8 Spotted in Lapland
  217. i3 initial lease rate
  218. World Car Awards - BMW in top three
  219. White House: Boost EV, alternative vehicle tax credits to $10,000
  220. BMW i8 deliveries start in June 2014! Get ready for the future.
  221. BMW i Wins 2014 Golden iF Design Award
  222. Will miss my Active-E
  223. BMW innovation. The development of light.
  224. The BMW i3 and i8 were in the spotlight at the Energy Efficiency Forum 2014
  225. Exclusive preview of BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid supercar: What do real people think?
  226. BMW i8 Driving Review -Car
  227. Just listen to how the 3 cylinder in the i8 sounds
  228. The journey of carbon, from one strand to an i3.
  229. i3 rEX testing...
  230. Drove the i3 on Monday
  231. Tesla wants to do away with door mirrors - Will BMW follow suit?
  232. Tesla adds titanium shielding to protect batteries- What does BMW offer in i models?
  233. i3 with Range Extender Delayed (U.S. Deliveries)
  234. Drove the i3 on Friday
  235. MERCEDES: Tesla Has 'Limited Potential
  236. Demand drives BMW to increase i3 production
  237. Pure Impulse option when buying i8
  238. i3 Competitor Coming to America
  239. BMW takes home a couple more awards for the i3
  240. i3 REx, the more we hear the worse it sounds...
  241. Nissan to up Leaf's range - Will the BMW i3 be behind on range?
  242. BMW i8 breaks down during testing on the Nürburgring
  243. Volt Owner Test Drives i3...
  244. BMW i3 online campaign peers over test-drivers’ shoulders
  245. FTC backs Tesla - Could this lead to BMW i3 direct sales?
  246. CA makes key decisions re i3 REx :(
  247. Real world driving: BMW i8
  248. Chris Harris drives the BMW i8
  249. BMW i8 First Drives - Motor Trend, Motor Authority
  250. BMW Delivers the First All-Electric i3 in the U.S.