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  1. Official F10 Coding thread---Exploring Your F10
  2. Coding Library All PDFs on Instructions/ToDo's etc:-
  3. All BMWs ESYS Coding 101-Getting Started
  4. All BMWs NCS/INPA Update errors
  5. F10 F10 with bulb errors
  6. F10 Cheat Sheet Codes (New)
  7. F10 E-Sys Download Locations
  8. F30/F31/F32/F33 Cheat Sheet Codes
  9. F10 Retrofitting Speed Limit Info in 2011-2012 F10 through coding
  10. F10 M HUD Project
  11. F10 CODING success and something fun
  12. F07 Disabling LED Sidemarker F07/F10
  13. F10 TPMS PSI/Temp Data - Working or Not
  14. F10 Power & Torque Meters
  15. F10 ENET Coding Cable
  16. F10 coding success FULL DSC OFF
  17. F10 Is it safe to code different ISTA / I-Step target?
  18. F10 Browser while driving
  19. F10 Erase KOMBI Error Code
  20. All BMWs F series cic retrofit programming
  21. All BMWs Using ESYS --- Issues and Solutions
  22. All BMWs Bluetooth into CIC
  23. F07 Mirror Coding Issues
  24. F10 Sirius sat radio...
  25. F10 Playing Videos from Iphone without the Adapter
  26. F10 Retrofitting Lane Departure Warning
  27. All BMWs E-SYS: How to create 'default' cafs based on VO
  28. F10 Strange SVT for same FA/VO
  29. F12/F13 Help, Sport Display No Number marker. Thanks.
  30. F10 Turn Auto Start/Stop off by Default
  31. All BMWs Chip for 750i
  32. All BMWs Tv Modul from kufatec
  33. F10 Coding 6NR
  34. F10 Side Cameras On At All Speeds
  35. F07 Welcome Light
  36. F07 E-sys wants to delete my HU_CIC after updating pzdata
  37. F10 Improving EPS feel via coding
  38. All BMWs F25 2011 X3 Driver/Passenger restraint system error.
  39. F10 Make the shift point indicator useful?
  40. F07 Code instead of Code FDL
  41. F07 Has anyone coded the office limitations?
  42. F10 Retrofitting Voice Control through coding
  43. All BMWs For those of you that speak German, can you help translating this?
  44. F10 DRL's changed to halos and got them brighter!
  45. All BMWs Drive with Door Open
  46. All BMWs Coding Disaster! (Not really...)
  47. F07 Eco pro
  48. All BMWs F20 - 1-series
  49. All BMWs Coding in Las Vegas
  50. F07 Coding in Tampa, FL - I'll pay...
  51. All BMWs Finally got the global update .... Interesting finding
  52. All BMWs INPA doesn't have black circles on Virtual XP
  53. All BMWs No 63/64 coding?
  54. All BMWs Newbie question for the Experts.
  55. E90/E91/E92/E93 Bimmerfest East
  56. F10 Verify Dinan Installation
  57. F10 Coding meeting list
  58. F10 Coding Panel Gauge Sweep
  59. F12/F13 Condensed VO/FA list
  60. F10 Removing electronically limited top speed
  61. All BMWs F25 Coding
  62. F10 Had The Global Update Done Now I Can't Code HU_CIC
  63. F12/F13 ECU coding
  64. E90/E91/E92/E93 Coded 2007 E93 open/close windows/mirrors/vert top with FOB
  65. F12/F13 Collision Mitigation coding
  66. All BMWs Clear Codes?
  67. All BMWs BMW ISTA-D 2.30 ENG (UK) + GER (DE) On VMWare
  68. All BMWs BMW ISTA-P 2.46.3 On VMWare
  69. All BMWs F25 Cheat Sheet?
  70. F10 Any code to recall or set M-Sport Mode at startup?
  71. E90/E91/E92/E93 windows going up
  72. All BMWs Former Coding thread - Closed
  73. All BMWs Sport +?
  74. All BMWs F02 Coding in NC
  75. F10 Corner lights?
  76. All BMWs ISTA v. ESYS
  77. F10 Trunk...issue?
  78. All BMWs Updated v.46.6 PSDZdata Download Links
  79. All BMWs Press button to engage reverse ....
  80. F10 Error when trying to read HU_CIC
  81. F10 Google Maps resolution?
  82. All BMWs Software download
  83. F10 Looking for help coding a F10 in Chicago
  85. E60 can someone please help me out, i am baffled at what's wrong
  86. F10 Trunk release
  87. All BMWs Help with software
  88. F10 Fear of Global SW Update
  89. F10 2012 5 series GT
  90. All BMWs Can we code to show the current gear on the display?
  91. F10 Mirror Folding?
  92. All BMWs Thanks
  93. F10 Welcome Light Timeout is Validated
  94. F10 Coding Internet over Bluetooth and not over BMW
  95. All BMWs Register new Battery
  96. F10 Problem, no iDrive display, ideas?
  97. All BMWs Coders on Long Island?
  98. All BMWs Can the dealer tell that I've coded?
  99. F10 Sport Mode...
  100. All BMWs Retrofit of Ant Tuner (Radio) in E65
  101. All BMWs INPA steer please. OBC drop in MPG
  102. F10 File for "cafd_000000f9-007_003_111" not found! [C012]
  103. All BMWs Radio Frequency change
  104. F10 remote coding
  105. F10 F10 - Auto Hold: Brake Lights Switch Off
  106. All BMWs Sending your phone ringtone to your car
  107. All BMWs ENET Cable Sources
  108. E60 Standard Tools & SP-DATEN: Software Download Links
  109. F10 Anyone coding in DC/MD/VA
  110. F10 2013 F10 psdzdata
  111. F10 a problem after press connect button
  112. F30/F31/F32/F33 Coding my New F30 vMax?!
  113. All BMWs Remote Park Assist
  114. E90/E91/E92/E93 Hiring coder - remotely!
  115. F10 My 535i hits 130mph then gov kicks in
  116. DVD Area Code Region Coding
  117. E90/E91/E92/E93 disable voice control
  118. F10 Need Help- After Hitting Connect?
  119. F10 welcome light setup
  120. All BMWs Coding how to hang up a cell call
  121. F10 About coding F10***65292;help***65281;
  122. F10 Vertical travel of the exterior passenger mirror
  123. F10 One touch turn signal blinks 5 times instead 3 times
  124. All BMWs Coding Success
  125. F10 Enabling HUD Entertainment List and Telephone
  126. All BMWs Zeitkriterium - What it is and why you should care (HINT = VO Date)
  127. F10 Is it possible to turn off speedometer in HUD?
  128. All BMWs BMW Design Fail!
  129. F10 Hu_cic
  130. F10 Automatic Hold (A Hold)
  131. All BMWs Exx Coding w/ NCS Expert - Houston Area
  132. F10 BMW NA and Coding?
  133. All BMWs SAT (S1-S7) w/o 2TB (Paddle Shifters) you ask?
  134. F10 How to turn on automatic dipping of pass mirror when revesrse engaged?
  135. F10 Coding High Beam Assistant
  136. All BMWs Dynamic Mode Sport,eco,comfort on f25
  137. E60 how can I add mdrive steering wheel button ?
  138. E90/E91/E92/E93 FOB dealership reader
  139. F10 A new symbol on the cluster?
  140. F10 Oil Level Check - Vehicle Information in IDrive
  141. F10 Stuck with Coding: Activate FA fails!
  142. F30/F31/F32/F33 Roundtimer after coding Digital Speed?!
  143. F10 Need a help with eSYS Error
  144. F10 HUD Turn Signals
  145. F10 Enable "Sailing"
  146. F10 HU_CIC version related error
  147. F30/F31/F32/F33 Bang & Olufsen Menu
  148. F10 Coding using a MacBook Air
  149. F10 Change iDrive Language
  150. F10 F10 cable help
  151. F10 Will This OBD cable work
  152. F12/F13 F06 Files
  153. F07 Hud_warping_enable ??
  154. F10 How to turn off auto dimming mirrors?
  155. All BMWs BMW mobile diagnosis available in Bristol area and if booked in advance in Lancashire
  156. All BMWs trans. failsafe program
  157. All BMWs Err...What the hell happened here?
  158. All BMWs Programmer needed in NC
  159. F10 HUD - Is there a definitive list?
  160. F10 2011 parking brake auto release?
  161. F07 DVD in Motion - RESOLVED!!
  162. E90/E91/E92/E93 Adding Weatherband to non-Idrive e90
  163. All BMWs how to use the E-SYS individually programmed control unit
  164. All BMWs Map Update Activation Code
  165. All BMWs PSdZ Data 47.4 (with E-Sys 3.18.4) UPDATE: 47.5
  166. F10 Possible 2 coding the cluster with extended content?
  167. All BMWs BMW Launches Sirius XM Satellite Radio Retrofit Program
  168. F10 Bluetooth Problem
  169. F10 Coding in Orlando, FL
  170. All BMWs 1.4.0 scanner info needed
  171. F10 2013 HUD Junction View - Not Color
  172. All BMWs retrofit cic language
  173. F10 F10 - Remove TPMS Warning
  174. F10 Software update with BMW ConnectedDrive
  175. F10 EfficientDynamics histogram
  176. All BMWs Coding 7 series F02 2013?
  177. All BMWs Mirror close speed code?
  178. F12/F13 Coding in North Florida
  179. All BMWs Ediabas Update Help???
  180. All BMWs E70 4.8 S199A without catalytic converter
  181. F10 Anyone help with coding in Boise, Idaho? (83706 zip)
  182. F10 Seat belt gong when first turning on power
  183. F10 Connected Drive / BMW Apps Question
  184. F10 RETROFIT 5AD Lane departure warning & coding
  185. F10 Autodimming speedometer at night
  186. F10 Automatic Hold question
  187. F10 Coding to enable voice recognition in 535Li
  188. All BMWs Closing the trunk on F11 - using FOB with 1 short button push
  189. All BMWs Issues installing instprog (INPA). Error 380
  190. All BMWs How to program a new key
  191. All BMWs How to program a new key for a 2003 BMW 330i
  192. F10 how to revert to original
  193. F10 could that be remotestart?
  194. All BMWs coding Speed Limit Display
  195. F07 F07 open big hatch with interieur hatch button on the floor panel
  196. F10 No CAFD entry on AHM unit
  197. F10 "Flapper" Valve in my exhaust
  198. All BMWs f01 rear DRLs on Canadian car?
  199. All BMWs Removing "No internet while driving"?
  200. All BMWs No Commercials Promotions or Sales
  201. F10 2013 F10 Coding
  202. F10 CAS read coding data error
  203. All BMWs First try at coding, rec'd error - need to restore?
  204. All BMWs Hi- any regular discussion on earlier models?
  205. E90/E91/E92/E93 obd port
  206. F10 error reading CAFD CAS(40)
  207. F10 All about fuel
  208. F10 Disable Fog light check through coding?
  209. E90/E91/E92/E93 DLC (OBD2 Port)
  210. F12/F13 Coding in South Florida?
  211. All BMWs Fellow Coders in London & Paris
  212. F10 Reverse, door open with no seat belt
  213. F10 Favor: High Beam Assistant Coding
  214. F10 2 Quick Install Questions From A Newbie
  215. All BMWs Traffic info from INRIX- code or no code?
  216. All BMWs I-Step to ISTA/P level comparison
  217. E60 In need of some help guys.....
  218. F07 Remove Amber Side Marker Lights in Headlights
  219. E60 Need Cas Dump file
  220. F12/F13 Fxx or F06/12/13 - couple questions please...
  221. E60 Stereo Comparison E60 (530) and E83 (X3) - a Coding Solution?
  222. F10 HU_CIC version related error. cafd_000000f9_007_003_022
  223. F10 esys error question
  224. F10 Coding PDC
  225. F10 Los Angeles area coding
  226. All BMWs 47.5 vs. 48.1 PSdZData CAFD Changes
  227. E60 Cas install issue
  228. F10 Double blinking hazards
  229. E60 General fa error message with NCSexpert
  230. F10 Default Mode Eco, Comfort or Sport ?.
  231. F30/F31/F32/F33 high beam camera same as SLI / LDW / KaFAS?
  232. F10 Kombi Error E12C37
  233. All BMWs newbie need help please
  234. All BMWs Coding lighting
  235. All BMWs Generating Routes in Google Maps for uploading into your BMW Nav System
  236. F10 F10 Power Meters Coded - what is your Torque and HP?
  237. F10 MY 13 F10 M5 Coding and Cheat Sheet Update?
  238. F10 NBT new generation idrive... BMW Apps Problem
  239. F10 Virus
  240. F10 Logic 7 Coding
  241. F30/F31/F32/F33 RE-coding no-dazzle high-beam assistance?
  242. All BMWs 2TB SAT Gear Shift Retrofit
  243. F10 Coding the Mode Button
  244. F10 Anyone Coding in the Boston, MA area?
  245. F10 Making Sport Mode the Default setting?
  246. F10 Coding
  247. F10 Coding help in Whitefish/Kalispell, MT
  248. All BMWs Alternate methods of coding DVD in Motion?
  249. All BMWs [Fxx] code import POI via USB? (Navigation, for import speedcam POI)
  250. F10 Coding Safelock for cars without alarm