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: General BMW Questions

  1. Alpina B7 Frankfurt Auto Show 2003
  2. Did you get a gift from your Dealer?
  3. Has anyone ever heard of "Federal" tires? WTF is this guy thinking? (eBay find)
  4. When do the 04 530's come out and
  5. If BMW were to "re-issue" a past model, would you buy it and how much would you pay?
  6. At what min. brake-pad depth will BMW replace?
  7. Roundel/BMWCCA question
  8. Virtual E34 5-series car show at
  9. Another Wash Day - Check out the rides
  10. The TRUE joy a BMW brings.
  11. Some fiery Ferraris, a luscious Lamborghini and a beguiling Bugatti
  12. GTO. A car to lust after?
  13. Battery question
  14. Will Super Unleaded reach $3/gallon?
  15. RedLine Oil (write up)
  16. Is there any web site to see like all BMW ex. colors?
  17. NYT Article: BMW and the camless engine
  18. Ultimate Drive not so ultimate?
  19. SoCal'ers and Vehicle Registration Fee
  20. Tinting in San Diego
  21. Maryland DC Virgina need a great tinting shop any reccomendations ???
  22. Why do Cabriolets cost more than Coupes ?
  23. Rear Camera
  24. Trim install?
  25. The ships that carry our cars
  26. Too funny. Typo in new BMW Magazine
  27. Bmw
  28. Anyone waiting for the Trinidad?
  29. Recommendations, Please
  30. Is higher octane fuel better than lower octane?
  31. Cd Changer
  32. Loaner car for warranty work
  33. Best contemporary BMW!?
  34. NAV system Q.
  35. L.A. Area People, anyone get hit with laser much
  36. Another E46 owner looking to
  37. cell phone
  38. Question on BMW Nav
  39. Opinion on new BMW models
  40. Question for December 2002 TIS owners
  41. This is rather odd looking
  42. 1600 x 1200 CSL pictures
  43. control arm versus tire issue
  44. Any way to disable PDC?
  45. Do BMW owners wash car more than other car owners?
  46. Are BMW's a status symbol/in a higher class?
  47. I don't freaking believe this...
  48. Preaching BMW( a bit long)
  49. Wheel & Tire questions . . . check out our latest Forum !!!!
  50. ALPINA/Brembo brake system available...
  51. BMW horsepower ratings (versus others):
  52. Does anyone have an E36 M3 sales brochure?
  53. Bmw Driving School
  54. My 2004 Pricing Info!!
  55. Chick car...oh my....
  56. ACSchnitzer direct pricing (in Germany)
  57. Anyone ever use a CB radio (maybe for avoiding cops)?
  58. Excellent dealer experience...
  59. Touch up paint?
  60. Sirius Install - Antenna Detail
  61. Perhaps a SCAM.....I believe so....LOOK OUT
  62. Advice regarding 3-er wagon vs the competition (Passat wagon and Subaru wagon)
  63. Attention: Disconnecting battery DOES not clear the ECU adaptation values
  64. Attention AKA - Tint Question
  65. Squiking leather in 2nd gear
  66. Well I finally started to work on it......
  67. BFE Pictures and post-event discussion
  68. Limerock Vintage Fest teaser
  69. 330Ci stolen from my driveway!
  70. style 71
  71. can someone tell me how I can post pics?
  72. Oops... The factory forgot something!
  73. TIS question
  74. My 330i now has 235 HP... and not a ZHP!
  75. I am an idiot (well, almost)
  76. Has anyone ever bought a car long distance (sight-unseen)?
  77. Disabling the headlight washer
  78. ?? about buying car in Massachusetts
  79. What Happened to My New Car Smell
  80. What coolant to use?
  81. Interesting Color spotted on Ferrari
  82. Edmunds Review of the 760Li
  83. DC-Area people
  84. Lost my camera at BFE >> need my pics!
  85. I have to bring my car in friday for service.
  86. How many of you have reached this point? (pic encl.)
  87. whos the owner of that CPO imola red m3 from cutter motors? (car for mom drove it too
  88. anyone interested in getting vkool tint in socal? (groupbuy, kinda)
  89. M525i spotted !
  90. Alpina B7 500PS/700Nm
  91. British<=>American equivalent automotive terms
  92. What Happened to the BimmerFestEast Forum?
  93. $2000 bill... what a rip.
  94. Current Grassroots Motorsport
  95. Is my heater hungry?
  96. Window Etching with VIN?
  97. When is the car "warmed up?"
  98. Sparco Bracket & seat belt question (pics)...
  99. OIL Gurus: reset srvic indicator after DIY OIL CHG?
  100. Anyone heard? Are they going to make another "Hire" Series?
  101. Car insurance: what would you adjust on my policy?
  102. Notes on car-watching during my 2-week vacation in France
  103. Z4 Loaner & Short Review
  104. Just wondering about Al sheetmetel of new 5'er...
  105. Check your oil filler cap!!!
  106. What I Drove on my Summer Vacation
  107. More E60 ///M5 Pictures!
  108. BMW and Honda manual trannys
  109. Coming in 2 Weeks: Umnitza Vizu™
  110. Who wants S4s from RD Sport?
  111. Picked up a Harbor Frieght Aluminum Racing Jack
  112. Ordering new BMW tomorrow
  113. traded my 330i
  114. Question on the Tranny software
  115. Is this a good deal?
  116. Trivia--Can you identify these two BMWs?
  117. Painting your car in LA area?
  118. Is Dr. Phil responseable for this ???
  119. Battery Indicator
  120. Dead battery (m3/4)?
  121. Any 330 owners whose car burns oil? (posting for a local computerless CCA member)
  122. BMW Assist in the USA
  123. Ouch!
  124. Even with my numb E46 steering,
  125. BMW Performance Insurance Program
  126. More good news for NYS car buyers.
  127. Where can I find/buy
  128. M3 and adaptive headlights
  129. 330i, 330xi, G35 or audi?
  130. Another stinky car question
  131. 3M Color-Stable tint
  132. ANyone see the article on the "futile pursuit of happiness" in this past Sunday's
  133. While we are waxing poetic.............
  134. Sold our last 540i-6sp
  135. Current cheapest places for brake pads?
  136. Plaz' BimmerFest Movie
  137. Daytime Running Lights Programming?
  138. rocks!!
  139. Atlanta car work
  140. 450 miles on one gas tank!
  141. Need Full Maint. Program to get Free Brake Job?
  142. How is Alpina pronounced?
  143. Should There Have Been A Labor Fee?
  144. 2004 German BMW pricing - including X3 and 645Ci
  145. Bluetooth/BMW Assist Compatibility
  146. Bluetooth Phone Low Price
  147. 2004 X5 3.0i
  148. Factory Tour
  149. Stock Exhaust
  150. Used car leasing
  151. Eurobahn Software Dyno Day
  152. Back from Frankfurt
  153. GGC Oktoberfest
  154. OMG, the importance of a proper torque wrench.
  155. first post, need advice on buying my first BMW
  156. What's the best way to crank the engine?
  157. Anything else?
  158. Fan running after going up mountains?
  159. End-of-lease question
  160. 1 series
  161. E36 M3: was this color called "Magma"?
  162. Waiting for Production Number
  163. Alarms
  164. What are Chris Bangle's qualifications?
  165. E30 325 trackable beater
  166. Nav CD stuck in Sat Nav
  167. Car Memory Code (Repost squeamish need not read)
  168. lane line vs. track line
  169. my car is still out of commission
  170. Non-M SMG - info
  171. Dde F A Q
  172. Ebay finds for 9/16
  173. How tough is it to import a 330iT?
  174. Cool website...
  175. e30 325is progress & car fax
  176. Don't think AlexB has posted these...IAA 2003 Alpina pics.
  177. Nav wierdness... what are these symbols?
  178. Paging Alex B. (others, feel free to jump in)
  179. LED Bulb from Ledtronics
  180. Rear ended
  181. Cool video
  182. Got this in the mail...
  183. Z8 Alpina is cool. So are cell phones with built-in cameras :)
  184. No US expansion yet
  185. 325 Auto vs M3
  186. Voice Command Module
  187. Warranty almost expire
  188. Lime Rock Vintage Festival Pics
  189. Am I crazy?
  190. Panke nominated to Mickeysoft board
  191. East Bay, CA Window Tinting
  192. Pics of my 2002 track car
  193. Closing in on some major Bimmerfest milestones...
  194. My "behind-the-scenes" photos of the new 645Ci
  195. future Bimmers pic...
  196. Boy, E60s are cheap!
  197. Independent BMW Shop in San Antonio, TX?
  198. BMW Assist Update (9/19/03)
  199. Any other BMW sites/forums out there?
  200. Just missed the Frankfurt auto show :-(
  201. 5.0L V8 Z4, no Zorro slash
  202. What year 5 Series began the angel eye headlights
  203. Clutch Stop: cushion?
  204. is it the road? other vehicles? bimmerhaters?
  205. Nice ///M5 commercial
  206. trailer hitch
  207. IBM and BMW Group Team
  208. "MrJones|Drive" - anyone else know anything about this?
  209. buying a car with lien on title
  210. Gouged down to bare metal!
  211. Calling all SoCal members Re: need help driving the Komen cars to dealers
  212. Loaner cars
  213. Aux Input Question
  214. 50,000/4 years warranty - transferable?
  215. BMW Rear Foglight Petition
  216. BMW club drive
  217. 3M Clear Bra / East Bay, CA installers
  218. Clear Bra recommendations in Tri Valley?
  219. moonroof?
  220. Woohoo!!! 93 Octane for 1.759! But...
  221. Do window chips grow?
  222. When is Navtech going to release their next update (Northeast)?
  223. Fancy a supercharged touring wagon?
  224. When did Advance Auto Parts start carrying Mobil 1 0W?
  225. How much....
  226. Where to buy 2001 325i OEM bumper?
  227. ***Rieger M5 front add on install pics***
  228. Dealer Gift Certificate
  229. Fun with CarFax
  230. I *think* I found the 1 Series concept
  231. Mr Paddle.Shift has got some new RUBBER!
  232. Going, Going, Gone.
  233. BMW releases a new toy...guess what it is...
  234. Newest E60 M5 Pix (body updated)
  235. 500,000 posts! (I must have missed out while I was out getting a haircut)...
  236. Cool Hartge Videos
  237. I think I saw an X3 today in Burbank, CA!
  238. Funny how items come and go, and come back again on Ebay
  239. For those of you considering installing a race seat...
  240. Is it just me or are the fog lights all but useless
  241. If I were to get the replacement suede Sport steering wheel ...
  242. Anyone installed MA Shaw carbon hood or trunk...?
  243. Anyone installed a MA Shaw carbon hood or trunk...?
  244. Chris Bangle on CBS Sunday Morning
  245. Bluetooth for 2001 model w/Option 640A
  246. Munich trip report
  247. Just what you NEED
  248. Bangle Blunders
  249. Saw My First BMW Isetta This Weekend (pic)
  250. The BimmerFest 2004 Event Thread