: General BMW Questions

  1. For those interested in the new MINI (pricing and info),
  2. More info on my friend's Cobra
  3. High Pitch 'Ticking" Noise From Engine
  4. Jon Shafer - results of paintball incident?
  5. im thinking of changing my 330i for a 325ci
  6. Suggestions for Bimmer withdrawal?
  7. Fake M3 bodykit
  8. Best price on M3 Steering Wheel?
  9. V8 powered M3?
  10. Saw a nice looking silver 328i in Beacon Hill, Boston tonight...
  11. Thanks again to whomever's paying for this.
  12. A question about winter tires
  13. Going to the Detroit Auto Show!
  14. Wheel rash repair in the DC area?
  15. Soft Paint (Repaint?)
  16. Is it a Chrysler or an E65?
  17. At what point do you think Automotive design hit its pinnacle?
  18. Chrysler has lost its mind
  19. Help!!, need M3 Steering Wheel from US, Too expensive in UK
  20. Some '02 330i impressions...(long!)
  21. The "Ultimate Surf Vehicle"... He he
  22. Kaz: I finally found out what Dietel Alpina Turbo is....
  23. The Alpina bug bit me again...found some pics..
  24. cool new option on E46, Nappa Leather
  25. Alee, you failed to convert me to a Ci
  26. New Parking Ordinance In Effect At Work
  27. Dealer service probs, any tips on how to resolve?
  28. New here - Question about colors
  29. Clean Car Club....hey Alee Join This :)
  30. Hey Hack, This one is for you (clean engine)
  31. SOT : Oettinger Audi A4...
  32. Slow here today?
  33. Colour Poll 1
  34. Colour Poll 2
  35. The interior color poll
  36. Here are a few '02 330i pics...
  37. I traded my 330i for a 540i 6-speed today.
  38. What exactly does Park do?
  39. Will someone with the E46 Bentley manual do me a favor?
  40. Hey Jon Shafer, Time for you to buy this
  41. Some 328Ci pics that I took today (not too big)
  42. New Bangle news
  43. Ordered two 3 series books at amazon
  44. New BMW fad?
  45. 2 1/2 hours. Complete wash/oil change/and some Z6
  46. I predict the new Volvo SUV will steal sales from BMW
  47. Intruction to my community... how about you?
  48. Club Retard (i.e. ClubLexus): are they for real?
  49. Muchos Fotos Para Ustedes...
  50. Tell me what happened next
  51. ? for LilEccentricJ
  52. Vanity plate suggestions
  53. How low is the 330i/ci meant to ride, esp at the rear
  54. BMW Owners Club
  55. Is there an online summary of 0% APR's ?
  56. Letter designation?
  57. Favorite car movie?
  58. Attn: Chris Bangle Fan Club Members!!
  59. HK 6x9 woofer upgrade
  60. FWD vs. RWD
  61. This is slower than my car?
  62. online owners manual?
  63. Yo! Hack Man...
  64. New 7
  65. Awd E46?
  66. Awd E46?
  67. LSB blue INTERIOR? (LARGE pics!)
  68. Real slow here today. So sad that many
  69. Flying back down to DC now...
  70. Winter tyre question
  71. Removing E36 OBC module?
  72. Just a brief reminder: Malibu Canyon Drive Next Sunday Jan 20th
  73. Minimum search length (Jon/Clem)
  74. Nice article on Porter Cable orbital...
  75. Cleaning Colgan Bra Questions
  76. Turner Motorsports new touring Cars will be based on E46 325i...(m)
  77. AWD E46 - Part 2
  78. Some pics of Irvine meet
  79. Finally some Grey Green pics
  80. Does Michelin Pilot Sport All Season perform well in snow condition??
  81. 400hp Audi S4 and Supercharged S2k give a Mustang Cobra owner...
  82. Type 73
  83. BMW of Sterling in Virginia
  84. I took TD's advice today
  85. For wagon fans
  86. Experience with BMW clear protective covering?
  87. Question for Damon. New A4...
  88. Seen first SMG M3
  89. AC Schnitzer TYPE III
  90. what takes used oil? (in Northern VA)
  91. Alternative for SMG
  92. Just got a Digicam, some pics of my 02 330i
  93. WOW! You guys see the new GT40 concept?
  94. About the most amazing things I've seen..
  95. A little Sunday night Photoshop fun
  96. Woohoo! Just walked a CLK 320 Coupe in my "little" 325i!
  97. Saw two E65s on Jamboree in Irvine today....
  98. The ultimate SUV..
  99. BMW CCA sticker
  100. Anyone else get spammed with..
  101. Euro delivery
  102. VW recalls 324,000 cars sold in the US.
  103. So how long until we see a...
  104. Alpina B10 4.0 touring...
  105. ? for those who own an E46 Bentley manual...
  106. Just test drove the New A4 again - WHOA !!!
  107. My car is finally ready...2 weeks later
  108. Just added a few more cars to the "garage"
  109. Problems with new 7-series
  110. I can't believe that it's that time again for.....
  111. 2002 Nav Manual or Screen Pics
  112. 400 Members!!!!!!!
  113. I would like to thank the police for taking this aweful BMW off the streets
  114. Doh! Circle shipped me the wrong parts.
  115. How about adding an Events/Gatherings section for people to schedule meets?
  116. Mistake not bringing Compact to US?
  117. I'm back! And here's the pricing for the 350Z...
  118. I just got my BMWCCA membership card..
  119. Clear bra's, where can I find them online?
  120. Did I ever mention I LOVE MY SERVICE DEPT?
  121. Roundel Magazine?
  122. Inspection II @ 40K miles right?
  123. Another landmark / milestone for Bimmerfest.com...
  124. New Merc E-class pix
  125. Dean of design school trashes E65.
  126. Installed Philips VisionPlus bulbs...
  127. Thank you... from a former lurker
  128. Sony introduces new car audio system
  129. Evolution Autocross School
  130. DC area folks- BMW CCA NCC Drivers' School - March 30-31 - Summit Point Raceway
  131. Allison BMW can kiss my tookus
  132. Crossin' the Pond!
  133. Whats this BMW touch up stick I'm hearing about?
  134. Hey everyone, I'm new here,
  135. Xenon retrofit
  136. Well. I'm am off to the "7-Series Ride-And-Drive" for the next 2 days...
  137. Steppers Update II: Paddles Retrofit info.
  138. posted this on 3'er board any suggestions here:
  139. WOW...Porsche 911 GT3
  140. Anyone know how to remove the rear parcel shelf?
  141. GB for clear bra? (will I get chastised for this?)
  142. NE1 have experiences w/ Chrome spray paint?
  143. Parking brake question
  144. E46 M3 colors
  145. Question About Window Tint
  146. I got my Bentley manual today...
  147. Next E46 M3 question
  148. Anyone Have Dark Green M3 Pics?
  149. DID anyone notice increased engine smoothness/refinement after 1st oil change???
  150. Extreme BMW Power :)
  151. Just saw a major crash...
  152. Oil Analysis
  153. Raced a Nissan Altima 3.5SE and Eclipse with 330i
  154. Need car cover recommendation
  155. What kind of oil do you use in your BMW?
  156. check out the first REAL X3 spy pics!
  157. Why the Service Interval change?
  158. Guys, this is probably the 1000th time this question is asked, but...
  159. M3 Ordering Question?
  160. Nappa -vs- Montana Leather?
  161. WHOA! Nissan debuting 8-speed gearbox!
  162. Got this is an email - not sure how true the figures are
  163. Order cars out of state?
  164. Is the extended service warranty (4 yr/45K) worth getting?
  165. Thanks and It Arrived
  166. Anyone doing the Lease option?
  167. Hey Ripsnort, Question
  168. Interesting article on "Haptics" on Audiworld...
  169. Anyone ever do the Auto Train from Lorton VA to Sanford FL?
  170. Anybody watched Motorweek?
  171. What's next for the 7 series
  172. ok..it's about time they make one of these for my car...
  173. I don't care what anybody says; E65 745i is a winner!
  174. Mileage Recalibration
  175. "evidence" plus "undetectable" = "criminal"
  176. New to the board
  177. New Invoice Prices
  178. Sterling Grey
  179. Question on free oil changes...
  180. Maintenance budget for the first 100k miles...
  181. Taking Bets: Who thinks new 7 will be redesigned within 2 years?
  182. NEVER trust a bodyshop
  183. MA (New England) people...we need to set up a meet soon!
  184. UUC Motorworks bushing does NOT crack...
  185. Motor Oil question (technical)
  186. Differential?
  187. SF Bay Area Bimmer Meet (1/27)
  188. The wait is over. I took delivery...
  189. Something to entertain you the next time you fill up
  190. M68 17" v M72 18", Noise, Handling, Looks??
  191. SSG or Step, cant decide.
  192. TD, I was reading this but didn't fully get it...
  193. CLEM! and ACS lovers.. check this calendar out...
  194. Drove the new 745i today for over an hour. Drives far better...
  195. Malibu Canyon Drive - Post Event
  196. Finally BMWCCA Rebate for M3 and M5!
  197. Coupe v Sedan, what are the dynamic differences??
  198. Oh my gawd...SMG availability
  199. Hmm... what's this on PCH in Malibu?
  200. Red int?
  201. Check out this new radar detector from Escort!!
  202. Group Buy: 303 Aerospace Protectant
  203. True story, RIPS kid
  204. how hard is it to install the alarm?
  205. how did you pay for your car?
  206. I have 11 M68 rims now!
  207. Starting to worry about BMW
  208. Getting steering retrofit in a week- i'm both excited and terrifed...
  209. Please post pics of E46 coupes with 18s and OEM sport...
  210. FYI: IRC Chat 24/7 (m)
  211. Questions about bulbs...
  212. 2003 Z3 pics...
  213. BMW Donations after 9/11?
  214. White or Silver...
  215. What OEM BMW wheel?
  216. Damn, I love this car...
  217. So. Cal-ers! April is the month to congregate ! (m)
  218. Some guy on org is selling a lot of E46
  219. wow went out for a walk with the Ms's
  220. What was your first major mod?
  221. Any regrets on you car?
  222. Strange apparitions in my windshield ?
  223. Malibu Canyon vid is done...
  224. Watching Motorweek on Speedvision...
  225. Presenting Malibu Canyon - Jan' 02! ;)
  226. oh me gawd!! The Elise is coming!!!!!
  227. Nav???
  228. Please post Coupe pic with Tanin /aluminum trim
  229. And I thought I am THE Alpina nut.... see this...
  230. Manual rear sun shade?
  231. Jon Shafer was right............
  232. Anyone know of a maritime tracking site?
  233. The CSL concept - an answer to TD's prayers?
  234. wtf happened to thewaxtest.com ??
  235. Yo, TD!! Here's a goodie for ya...
  236. Wide Screen 16:9 pics (Especially for Alee)
  237. I lost my car!!!
  238. No M3 in ALMS
  239. service engine soon light again :(
  240. Do you guys have your BMWCCA sticker on your car?
  241. Bought new M3 SMG, selling 540
  242. Emission.
  243. My OEM clears dont fit right....
  244. Vince, the bezel has arrived!
  245. Hack: re: your chrome shift boot trim
  246. Black leather question?
  247. I've got an A.C. Schnitzer M5....
  248. saw the e65 at BMW of Fairfax...
  249. Question about 2002 models...
  250. I knew it had to be something like that...