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General BMW Questions

  1. Just ordered a new helmet...
  2. Questions for UUC SS owners...
  3. OK I was bored. First mod of the new year
  4. Here's 2 sites for Auto Helmets
  5. I like the new 7. I feel so dirty.
  6. Great article on BMW sound engineering in WSJ
  7. Does anyone really use the "dead pedal"?
  8. XM and Sirius Satellite Radio??? Upcoming gadgets for your ride
  9. 325ci or 330ci.....
  10. Has anyone w/ a May 2001 build or later 325/30 had a retrofit?
  11. Leasing and modifying
  12. Good reason why I love my dealership........
  13. Alee - can you post a couple of pics of your interior
  14. I will destroy you!
  15. Ah...Alpina B6 2.8 for sale in SF, Calif!!
  16. AC SChnitzer M5 Piccsssss.... . . . .
  17. Poll: Brake induced jerk steer
  18. If your car was totalled/stolen, what would you replace it with?
  19. service dept and the jackarses they have to put up with....
  20. Williams FW 24
  21. Any Bimmer owners install a new shift knob?
  22. Hey...The HACK...You're a newbie!!
  23. Handbrake question...
  24. Anyone want to help test something for the site?
  25. Is extended service warranty worth it?
  26. Now this is too much!
  27. Racing Dynamics?
  28. Who needs an SUV or wagon?
  29. The new 7-Series looks far better with
  30. Revised - Brake induced steering
  31. Thinking of changing my 330 for this, what dya think???
  32. Hydro power?
  33. Link for Bell Auto Racing Helmets
  34. M3 dead pedal - my first addition for 2001
  35. I just worked out, for the money i spent on my 330i (UK), i could get an M3 (Germany)
  36. TD: M5 Touring E34 for sale in UK...
  37. What do you think about tire staggering?
  38. Nice Video from e46fanatics!!!
  39. More Alpina pics...
  40. Exploding MB batteries maiming customers...
  41. We delivered our 1st E65 Sold Order yesterday...
  42. 60 degrees... a perfect day to take car photos!
  43. Solo-2 pics from today
  44. new X3
  45. Hmm... Just got another aux fan notice.
  46. Ordering Birch Trim for the 330i
  47. Radar detector plugged into lighter socket
  48. new 7 series is pretty cheesily built...
  49. Google Catalogs! Check it out...
  50. did you guys see the latest 6-series pics?
  51. vent control
  52. How does ADB work?
  53. Ok, here goes: I hate comparison marketing and MB just did it.
  54. So when's the 'fest?
  55. Boring Post-Momo shift knob review
  56. IndyMike!! Here is something to drool over!!
  57. Those finicky windshield wiper blades
  58. Will SMG ever be offered on the E65?
  59. Someone in Germany: help needed with a used BMW purchase
  60. Car Audio - PhatNoise MP3 system
  61. Looks like I'll be changing my own oil from now on...
  62. M5 aluminum shifter, possible on E46?
  63. Question on City Lights
  64. Service Advisor: training and experience
  65. Sirius satelite radio in mid-year build BMW's
  66. Which alarm do you have?
  67. Ok, I have got to have these....
  68. Vince, been thinking about the Sport/Step idea
  69. Played around with IDrive and the E65 this morning
  70. My servcie indicator is reading -400 miles (that's right it's Negative 400 mles)
  71. can someone explain IDrive
  72. I Drive, no no...I'd rather YOU Drive this...
  73. Who is responsible for paying for PDI?
  74. BMW NA here?
  75. VinceTopaz: what's new with dinan CAI?
  76. 7-series pics
  77. 2003 M3
  78. I just replaced my non-sport wheels with my sport wheels
  79. Just got back from test driving E65!
  80. MA Area people...We are having a Meet this Sunday!
  81. Would you believe the first appointment available for service is March 25 !!
  82. my news find of the A8
  83. If BMW AG marketed a Rider Lawnmower
  84. Anyone have the BMW baby seats?
  85. Recieved my Helet Today
  86. Anyone know where to get roundel stickers on line?
  87. there's always a catch
  88. BMW ETK/TIS Where?
  89. Sweet--an S6 Avant review...
  90. 745i review on Edmunds
  91. Part 2: Heated seats in SoCal
  92. hmmm
  93. Any ever dealt with Town Fair Tire??
  94. You've got to try this - build your ultimate 'ride'
  95. Bimmerfest Schwag??
  96. A list of "special order" M3 Colors...
  97. Auto repair... You have to listen to this...
  98. removal of sheet of ice?
  99. HK 12 speakers..where???
  100. Bumper Plugs for license plate holes
  101. BMW Hands Free Kit
  102. those dangerous 'BWM' motorcycles...
  103. Quick Pics of the Boston Pre-Super Bowl Brunch
  104. Why cant you get Nat. Brown or sand leather in the M3?
  105. ***Dallas Crew Photoshoot ***
  106. 540i Drive
  107. My cousin picked up his new M3 this weekend...
  108. Took a friend in to see a 325iT...
  109. Hmm...let's gather pics of police with BMWs
  110. I'm liking the new G35...
  111. Complete JD Power rankings for 2000 and 2001
  112. Anyone going to St. Louis for Gateway Tech?
  113. To XPEL or Not Xpel, That is the question?
  114. Some Pics from Sunny Day drive.
  115. Can anyone confirm that this is not right?
  116. My wife hit my car!
  117. 2002 Clears Group Buy ! ! ! !
  118. Read Roundel--slipping into a funk...
  119. Driving an E-46 up Rino Ramps
  120. Picking up parts in europe
  121. If you like the Mini, check out this link
  122. ALMS in DC!!
  123. Better deals on CPO this year?
  124. A "Must-Have" feature on a future BMW...
  125. BMW T-shirts?
  126. Anyone have a car on the Don Carlos?
  127. Schrick Cams for 323/328 325/330
  128. None of the Magazines gave any decent feedback on the Infiniti G35
  129. The endless Wheel/Tire Discussions...
  130. @VinceTopasBlau
  131. Owners Choice?
  132. Bimmerfest board...
  133. Opinions please!
  134. It looks like we have a date!! :)
  135. What do you use Vinylex for?
  136. Encouraged by 2 things I saw in Road and Track regarding BMW
  137. UUK SSK installed.
  138. WHY OH WHY, am I being teased like this on Ebay?? WHYYYYYY!!!!!
  139. Where does UGDO installation rate on the Hack scale?
  140. A suggestion for Jon Shafer re: Bimmerfest
  141. Vince, I heard you and a few guys are thinking of larger brakes?
  142. How much insurance should I get?
  143. Windshield crack
  144. New rumors from the BMW AG
  145. Saw an E65 near Santa Monica yesterday...
  146. BimmerFest 2002 question
  147. The Buick of BMWs (m)
  148. Any ideas for an umbrella holder in the trunk?
  149. UUC SSK 'swoosh' noise. Hope its not broke...
  150. SH*T. Took three days to get back here!! I'm home!!
  151. Poll--Opinion of E65 and your age
  152. Pics from yesterday's KOP Meet! took me forever to put together.
  153. Online Registration is up for Bimmerfest 2002 West
  154. Who's going to Bimmerfest West?
  155. What about Bimmerfest East?
  156. Need car value help '91 750il
  157. Assuming that you were in the market for a luxury car:
  158. FYI: Posters are now for sale at
  159. Can hardwiring a V1 void the warranty of my car?
  160. Is this normal for my passanger side mirror?
  161. Saw a red M5 at the mall today...Man it was sweet!
  162. Brake rotor balance
  163. Good article on 7er engine technology
  164. A Mercedes can also bring driving pleasure
  165. Kaz, did you get that UUC SSK issue resolved?
  166. New 02 design
  167. E65 Turbo Diesel
  168. Producing BMWs at Dingolfing (Article from SAE)
  169. Bimmer Ownership Phases... (Very very long)
  170. manual transmission/shifting problem
  171. Came across a bunch of 318ti sites while surfing...
  172. My service loaner rules!
  173. scraped my wheel ... now what
  174. Another Sumitomo HTR-ZII testimonial
  175. And here is my loaner
  176. Ok, first Japanese car I may ever consider (me and my big mouth)...
  177. Euro Delivery and the Autobahn
  178. Bay Area Car Wash Place
  179. What is the upper limit for downshifting? ie, to pass or to take a corner?
  180. Can ED & leasing be combined?
  181. Bob Lutz really might be able to save GM!
  182. How do you like my weekend ride ?
  183. Hey Plaz... Did you see this?
  184. Video of the 7 and a Bangle interview
  185. Got ticket - how to fight
  186. BMW's deadly?
  187. Eloan or Peoplefirst with Euro Delivery?
  188. How are you using your cell phone in the car?
  189. So I spent all morning fixing rock chips...
  190. Nate! You asked for them, now you've got them! :)
  191. A Few Quick Pics From Todays San Diego AutoX
  192. Product review...More Griot's garage stuff
  193. Changing oil - Dead Horse?
  194. Maryland Meet
  195. Bimmerfest agenda?
  196. i just got a new cd/radio and need some answers
  197. tire recommendations
  198. Arghh!! Why must service depts over-torque lug bolts so much!!!
  199. FWD is fine with short wheelbase cars.
  200. It Was About Time!
  201. SoCal event 2/23
  202. How thick is the BMW clear coat?
  203. Newsflash!!! BimmerFest Date Changed to Saturday April 20th....
  204. Sneak Peek Of Latest Mod: Z8 Start Button LIGHTED
  205. This rare new vehicle or a BMW MINI?
  206. Break In Question
  207. Rim Damage and Poor Roads
  208. Anyone done CCA Octoberfest Event
  209. Stick Shift Questions
  210. Missing Downshifts?
  211. Clutch all the way to the floor?
  212. I scratched the inside of my windshield, any solutions out there ?
  213. If The HACK and Chris Bangle had a love child...
  214. BMW 1 series
  215. Is BMW doing market research in SD?
  216. Santa Barbara Hotel & Lodging Information
  217. Window tinting
  218. This 2002 is just adorably CUTE!!
  219. Strangely Excited... (no porn!)
  220. Preparing for school
  221. Blaupunkt Stereos
  222. Euro Delivery + Performance Center
  223. Question re: Car Configurator
  224. is Santa Barbara bmw the same as cutters
  225. :cry:
  226. what's everyone/anyone think of acura tl
  227. do the rubber inserts on the alum pedal set last?
  228. Will M3 Dead Pedal fit in 330i?
  229. Doesn't BMW put the E46 battery in the rear?
  230. The Running List of BimmerFest Vendors...
  231. Just registered...
  232. CF Car Stereo
  233. Rough Shifting - Manual Transmission
  234. anyone know where to get m3 steering wheel?
  235. It fits!!! 2002 engine hood on 2001!
  236. Duude, what's up with Shaf' sharing new info about upcoming BMW models...
  237. Hey Plaz 330i - It's Here, It's Here!!!!
  238. Wasting bandwidth AGAIN!
  239. thoughts on a clutch stop...
  240. I will probably have to replace the Potenza S-03s well before...
  241. nissan - The Ultimate Driving Experience?
  242. Just picked up my new M3!!!
  243. M3 or M Coupe
  244. Stick drivers can rejoice ... stick is "in"
  245. The resurgence of the stick
  246. A little gift to the community!
  247. dunno, alex. it really depends.
  248. UUC Sway Bar Question
  249. broke 1000 miles tonight, the sad part is I've had the car since november...
  250. Is there a way to see who's actually coming to 'fest 2002?