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: General BMW Questions

  1. A surprise gift from CEC and a present from a friendly board member
  2. SA vs. M Helmets
  3. Neuheiten from ALPINA
  4. Interesting Trivia
  5. What did you think of ABC’s F1 coverage?
  6. Are the OEM Brake Pads Fine?
  7. Define speeding.
  8. Mercedes C240 rental
  9. Anyone has Hamann Motorsport's full addy?
  10. New 330ci, cool pics, giant tree
  11. Funny experience at the dealer today
  12. New spy pic of 6
  13. Hopefully I will get the problem solved this time
  14. The Z4
  15. Hi! New to Bimmerfest
  16. trunklid retrofit?
  17. quickest current BMW in 0 to 60 mph
  18. This is the REAL spy picture of the up coming 6 series...
  19. All-American Mini?!
  20. USA Today cover story 5/30/02
  21. Can someone explain this to me?
  22. Cars Cost Less In Canada (article)
  23. Manufacturers removing speed limiters
  24. Best Radar Detector
  25. Which of these cars would you take?
  26. Two Z4 videos
  27. How do you guys feel about BMW climate control?
  28. So, what do you think of DBW?
  29. New JD Power Quality Survey (article)
  30. Carshoe and Tod's driving shoes
  31. Finally bought a E46 T-shirt
  32. What's the weirdest thing you've done...
  33. Where is you left hand, huh ?
  34. driving tips
  35. BMW CCA M3 Raffle
  36. If you won the BMW CCA raffle...
  37. Which would you take?
  38. Nor Cal's First all Euro Show with CASH prizes!
  39. Door ding
  40. Has anyone ever seen an IS300 at an autocross?
  41. Interesting items in the new JD Power Initial Quality Study
  42. Franco's off the hook!
  43. The end of an era....
  44. SONET's delivery pics! :-)))
  45. LOL at iDrive joke
  46. Wrong number of raffle tickets
  47. My accident today. (long)
  48. Anyone interested in a NJ/NY/CT meet?
  49. Schnitzer cars?
  50. Do Nothern Cali Meets Ever Happen?
  51. Just drove the Mini Killer
  52. Paging Jon Shafer! Please pick up the Tanin red courtesy phone.
  53. An evening tango with an E36/7 partner
  54. Hey Jon, how's this for some love!?
  55. Thought I'd heard it all...
  56. IXO E46 M3 GTR models released!
  57. individual color - atlantis
  58. Marcus Allen will be here again tomorrow...
  59. Simoniz System 5
  60. HELP! Need hosting for detailing pics
  61. highs and lows from the track this weekend
  62. My ride for the day...
  63. Yes, Chris Bangle actually said this!
  64. Saw the car of my life over the weekend
  65. BMW May Sales
  66. I am so sick and tired of this price gouging BULLSH*T from dealership parts depo
  67. DW tv and Hamburg dealership (Alex?)
  68. NewsFlash!!!!
  69. HACK-- question for you...
  70. NewsFlash II!!!! (paging all 330i / 330xi buyers/prospects...
  71. NewsFlash III!!!!!!! (last item)
  72. Cutter Motor Website Down
  73. Which BMW dealer is the largest (sells the most cars) in the world?
  74. Yo Hack - 4 out of 5 doctors surveyed
  75. some people should just be shot
  76. Holy Crap!
  77. Since i may be in the car market again...
  78. What's up with this exhaust?!
  79. replacement key
  80. Does anyone have a good picture of the 2.5 L engine
  81. Crack the code - Win the Car
  82. Two incredible cars on one incredible day
  83. Aftermarket seats.... Recaro and others
  84. Mini Roof Decals
  85. Aftermarket Stereo Reception
  86. If a wheel is bent but balances out perfectly, do I need to replace it anyway
  87. A friend stopped by yesterday....
  88. You guys who hate the E65 so much...
  89. Clem..... =====>
  90. a/c intake vents
  91. Sold the M3...
  92. Part number for oil filter.
  93. Update: 1/43 ALMS GTR BMW releases
  94. How Much Time Spent On This Site
  95. FULL SMG Retrofit on E36 M3 done.
  96. Check this out! Darwin Award for AutoX course!
  97. Can someone explain this?
  98. Feline problem
  99. Okay, so who all here works in Tysons Corner?
  100. has vaporized - all has been lost... :-/
  101. Nice
  102. this month's car and driver
  103. Carbon fiber trim
  104. what's the thought on upcoming 1-series.
  105. Windshield, Insurance, etc... Advice needed.
  106. Any word on if/when SMS will be available?
  107. ACS brake info from the ACS product brochure.........
  108. East vs. West vs. Central vs. Other
  109. Wagon owners, look at how good your car would look with these wheels
  110. 21" ALPINAs on E65
  111. Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Nazca C2
  112. Just found out my control arm is getting replaced
  113. Dammit!! Another Puncture!!!
  114. Why doesn't BMW put some better brakes on?
  115. Have you RTFM?
  116. Just got the trofit and have alignment questions
  117. Grp A E30 M3
  118. Good price for OEM alarm installed at dealer? $595 ?
  119. Was playing around at
  120. Just installed Remus, here's the sound clip
  121. Vince or Alee
  122. What cars have you owned leading up to your current BMW?
  123. This is just silly....
  124. Weekend blues? Drive these roads!!
  125. Oh Yeah, I put my ECIS back on!!! zoom zoom zoom
  126. How would you rate your driving skills?
  127. Have you guys checked the R/T and Car and Driver comparisons?
  128. What do Alpina nuts in Japan do?
  129. Bimmerfest beat O'fest!
  130. Pics from this weekend
  131. WTH! Somehow, someway
  132. A little road trip
  133. Door ding question; need opinions
  134. M3 touring...........
  135. Yet another Bimmer forum
  136. SOB! My car must be a magnet.
  137. 18s or 19s, what needs to be done
  138. Advice on possible purchase
  139. Some pictures... :)
  140. nice back roads around TO?
  141. Rebuilding a photo gallery...
  142. Messed around with the E65 at the dealer yesterday....
  143. New Wheels!
  144. Extended Warranty: Worth it?
  145. How to drive the car and not log in mileage
  146. AutoX Irwindale Report!
  147. Jon S, do dealers lease their loaners?
  148. ATTN Jon Shafer
  149. La Mans Blue
  150. I just lost my apetite...
  151. Attn: ayn and eugeneDC/TX
  152. yuk!
  153. What is the email address for BMWNA?
  154. This guy is certainly a Mini enthusiast
  155. When are you guys planning on getting rid of your car for something new
  156. 2001 Bmw M3: $16600
  157. Ok, I have been hiding something from you pple...
  158. Cutter Delivery Writeup (long with pics)
  159. "Uncle Bob" tests the 2002 M3
  160. My car is offically totalled and my new car is...
  161. So, are manual transmissions more common
  162. Should I Rotate My Tires?
  163. More news for the new 7....
  164. "Uncle Bob" reviews the 745i (and others)
  165. South Africa builds
  166. Kill Story: Smacked down a stock 2002 with my M3
  167. Jon Shafer; Any info on X3?
  168. Nate- Did you see this post on oil change intervals?
  169. The wonderful things from Belgium...................
  170. Just picked my car up, and now waiting for a tow truck...
  171. Just got back from driving The Dragon @ Deals Gap
  172. Engine noise/music in 325ci vs. 330ci
  173. One of my favorite pics from the archives...
  174. Am I ready to quit my day job yet???
  175. New BMW Films Due This Fall
  176. To get sportiness, give up reliability?
  177. Guilty as charged
  178. Wheres My Car!!!!!!!!
  179. maybe hack will watch F1 this season again after all
  180. More sketches...
  181. Odd stereo behavior
  182. Someone else saw the new Z4
  183. Another screw in my tire, my 3rd one!!
  184. Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Hmm..since when did Racing Dynamics sell this?
  186. One day old - Hit and Run already
  187. June 15 NCC autox
  188. 7 Series News from the Repair Shop - Long
  189. Another 7 Series Post - Interesting Pics
  190. What happened to the e46fanatics store?
  191. When merging, do you brake into highway traffic?
  192. Three years of happy motoring
  193. May get a chance to drive the AC Schnitzer E39 M5 and E46 M3...
  194. BMW NA raffling off the "Star" M5
  195. Godd*#$!
  196. X5s are quick!
  197. Jon, who's your contact at Racing Dynamics?
  198. Good Read on Toyota's F1 Experience
  199. Garage Floor Paint
  200. Is the registration date right??
  201. ANy one got the DIY on the Reverse Pattern Shifting??
  202. Which BMW would you rather own?
  203. Anyone else considering a 1-series?/+new info(?)
  204. 2002tii with it's big brother(s)
  205. What would you do if you won the 'Star' M5?
  206. Attn: Vince (Alpina boy)
  207. Attn: HACK, Kaz, Vince - 2003 Gateway Tech to be in LA!
  208. First prize, again
  209. A proper babys room
  210. Brullen Exhaust
  211. My Review of 1/43 M3 ALMS GTR
  212. ///M Sport Package????
  213. Outside mirrors
  214. Rip . . . can you please post a picture of your garage !!
  215. I seem to have lost my car.
  216. Crap... I seem to have lost my registration card...
  217. Touareg pickup
  218. New 6 Series
  219. E34 is sexy!!! Yeah!
  220. Anyone in OC want to do the Drive for the cure?
  221. Magnetic Drain Plugs: Anyone using them?
  222. Got a set of new trims!
  223. Bimmerfest '02 writeup
  224. I hate BMW!!!!!!!
  225. Autoxing is FUN!
  226. What tire pressures do you use?
  227. Tour of the Lost Coast II .... just got back
  228. Test drove a Z1 today
  229. OMG! Jon is really going to the dark side
  230. Passenger side mirror?
  231. S4/S8 chrome mirrors on 330 sedan???
  232. PhatBox again
  233. 30th Anniversary of 5-Series
  234. Xtreme tuning
  235. What happened to "The Follow" BMW Film?
  236. Car stereo question
  237. Dunlop SP Sport FM 901s?
  238. High Society Show Pics - June 15th
  239. Wanted: Best parking garage in NYC
  240. Experience with Lou Bachrodt BMW bodyshop?
  241. You can log out, but you can never leave...
  242. Bimmerfest Sticker Shots
  243. Good words regarding DSC
  244. Another Z4 sighting (now with PIC)
  245. 745s are pretty fast
  246. Adrian working his magic
  247. Hamann shift knob
  248. Nice E65 vids
  249. Ideas for next car?
  250. Finally bit the bullet and ordered a V1...