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  1. Euro Delivery airfare. DAMN CHEAP!!
  2. clear film protector on nose-good idea?
  3. NAV question follow-up: What are all the features?
  4. What accessories/mods am I missing from this "shopping list"?
  5. Where's the best place to get a tint in Houston, TX?
  6. Performance Center Delivery
  7. How many miles on your car at delivery?
  8. Delivery Questions....
  9. Put me on a boat!!
  10. Getting good price at dealer?
  11. Question for ED people....
  12. Follow Joe S. Moore on his ED . . .
  13. Order should be submitted today! Want my production no.
  14. Ready to buy ED - need a good dealer
  15. Memo for those with cars ('03's) waiting at VPC...
  16. Surprise Fees at Delivery?
  17. Want to place ED ASAP but want to pickup by end of Dec. Possible?
  18. My dealer is a goof ball
  19. On the TRINIDAD!!! Anyone else?
  20. the Faust: Baltimore to Brunswick THEN Charleston?
  21. Posting Photographs
  22. Concerned newbie: options and order tracking
  23. Performance Delivery
  24. Week 43 Update
  25. What week is "Week 49"?
  26. Will my car be done too soon?
  27. NE1 else on the Grand Benelux?
  28. Is this a good deal?
  29. Hooray pick-up car today
  30. First Problem with my 03 330Ci
  31. Quick question about ED and taxes
  32. Side Mirror not returning after reverse
  33. Paging Lansing! (again)
  34. Final prep
  35. NJ Sales Tax
  36. It's Here! It's Here ! One Week Early!
  37. Loan question
  38. Driving to Fla, just to wax it
  39. What kind of tires on your '03?
  40. some pricing info...
  41. Memory Programming Software problems
  42. Car is here! Picking up tonight!!!
  43. MY 03 X5 and 5 Series
  44. Not long now!!
  45. 3rd rear headrest pictures
  46. Dealer advice on break-in
  47. Anyone else waiting at 193?
  48. Oh no! My car went status 150 2 1/2 weeks early! This is bad.
  49. Decisions, Decisions (Semi-Rant) ...
  50. Aux input info
  51. Ship is supposed to be in today!
  52. when should i get 1st oil change?
  53. Are these guys at BMWNA giving me good info?
  54. Chose a manual 325i and love it
  55. off the boat and on the way
  56. Advice on possible purchase...
  57. Placed my order today! '03 330Ci
  58. just saw my car
  59. picking up my car tomorrow!
  60. Anybody here on Global Leader?
  61. Car is home Pics
  62. just ordered 325ci and received production number
  63. bmw military sales
  64. '02 330ci TiSi/Black 5-spd available on west coast
  65. Did you pay for an armrest? I did and dealer is going to refund my money!
  66. Euro Delivery Pricing Negotiations- Please Help....
  67. Across the board, BMWFS lowers lease rates for December...
  68. 2003 E46 coupe license plate holes
  69. at the VPC...
  70. pedal extension options?
  71. Manual or Auto
  72. Dude, Where's My Car!!!!!!!
  73. Can I re-negotiate the price?
  74. Wow, what a car
  75. Who else is on the Tristan?
  76. "The Eagle Has Crevier BMW!"
  77. Anyone's car on the Fidelio?
  78. at the risk of sounding risque...ahhhhh!
  79. Anybody else on the Hual Triton
  80. West Coast Ship time?
  81. Attenzione all "OTELLO" waiters...
  82. How does this lease sound?
  83. Tricolor sunk
  84. woohoo!! took delivery yesterday!
  85. Lease money factors
  86. Alarm-new car
  87. buying first Austin TX
  88. Automatic Side Mirror Tilt Down
  89. chrome shadow????
  90. 330i Buying Experience
  91. Orient blue - what color interior?
  92. What color interior with orient blue?
  93. how late did ur bimmers come in???
  94. Anyone on Hercules Leader?
  95. Dallas purchase/service
  96. Price above invoice: what is included?
  97. What's the preferred financing rate from BMWFS?
  98. Where is the Preparation Center for west coast?
  99. Good price on 325i?
  100. CA Dealer Advertising Fees
  101. New 325xiT
  102. How much above invoice???
  103. Mini Disc
  104. What would you pay for this X5
  105. quick alarm question-
  106. Fair Price on a 2002 325CI?
  107. The Wait Begans
  108. Ordered my 330i this week!
  109. Park Distance Control
  110. Which SoCal dealer did you have a good experience with?
  111. How long at Status 112?
  112. New Features Questions: 330i
  113. Anyone on Carmen ?
  114. WARNING - Rear Air Bags inactive!
  115. RE: March 2003 Allocation
  116. Got my VIN today
  117. New color samples
  118. Starting Over
  119. Dear Jon....
  120. BMWUSA/WM Cargo WebSite Updates
  121. BMW Universal Transmitter and Genie's
  122. info on buying a new bmw..
  123. Dealer offers window etching, headlight covers, and Simoniz Coating for $1k
  124. Car at Sea-on JINGU MARU
  125. Has anyone one ordered "Bluetooth telephone preparation" in the US?
  126. Getting ready to place my order
  127. Delivery Inspection and Paperwork
  128. good deal on '03 330i?
  129. when do options show up in owners circle?
  130. WW cargo tracking lag
  131. RE: April 2003 Allocation
  132. Safari...from SA to NA
  133. Financing Help?!
  134. New Member and Looking....
  135. Anyone else aboard the "Carmen"?
  136. Anyone at the NJ VPC off of the Jingu Maru
  137. Has anyone considered using Carsdirect to purchase your BMW?
  138. Finally on the boat! Anyone else on Libra Leader?
  139. 2004 330CiC Lease Residual
  140. Hey WebGuy.. New CPO search page!
  141. Quick lease questions
  142. 1200 Mile Service
  143. Wheel Style? 325xi sp
  144. Jon...looking for an e38
  145. Can you get a 330i deal during the model year transition months? July-September?
  146. New finance rates?
  147. possibly buying a '92 325i
  148. On a boat anyone else on Tosca?
  149. Money Factor on 2003 330's???
  150. Need Help on 2004 325Cic Order
  151. This is NOT funny.
  152. Available (non-SULEV) 325Ci allocation for April production...
  153. 6-Speed Production and April Allocation
  154. Record time Clearing VPC
  155. Which VA/DC dealer did you have a good experience with?
  156. This is unbelievable (long)
  157. Should i get it
  158. Please help, I'm in negotiations now!
  159. For $10K what would you get....
  160. A few useful links for new buyers
  161. Anyone planb on changing the 18" performance package wheels
  162. I changed the name of this forum...
  163. Questions
  164. BMWFS announces a screamer!!!
  165. need advice please..
  166. What is the current BMW "Standard Lease Rate'?
  167. Reasonnable deal on M3 in bay area
  168. Full Sized Spare Tire
  169. BMW Financing
  170. 18" Option Tires
  171. Need Help (long story)
  172. Leases and credit ratings
  173. When can I expect a production number?
  174. Deals on 04 cars
  175. finding an ED deal?
  176. Early payoff penalty?
  177. Ordering 2004 3 Series
  178. Performance Center Delivery Questions
  179. Can rate be re-negotiated with BMWFS after a year.
  180. Loan/Lease insurance
  181. Mr. Shafer, 2004 Prices yet?
  182. Anyone else on the Pegasus Leader?
  183. Hypothetical car deal your input would be nice
  184. Jon..when do you think the last e39 production
  185. What is the process of returning a car at the end of lease?
  186. Best way to ask for a warranty to cover something
  187. Lease question (money factor) and multipe security deposit question..
  188. Question about leasing out of state.
  189. Wait at Bremmerhaven
  190. Shadowline Trim added to 330i?
  191. Jon, I have a question...
  192. Z4
  193. No Spare Tire ????
  194. Lease info at
  195. Jon, any advice for an '02 330Ci owner now lusting after the ZHP Package?
  196. Replace Cassette w/ Business CD?
  197. possible purchase
  198. Q for Sales guys: Probability of me getting a Z4?
  199. Jon Shafer--- question for you...
  200. Redline for 2003?
  201. ? for Jon
  202. Warranty question
  203. May production allocations...
  204. Lease rates on CPO 00 M5?
  205. john, very, very confused
  206. Sports Package and heated front seats on 7 series?
  207. Shouldn't my salesman have the answer??
  208. Re-Lease my 5 Series?
  209. 745li ETA
  210. Q re: the GVWR of the 5sp X5 3.0
  211. 10 days from finished production to delivery?
  212. I know I'm insane, but is a 5er in my future?
  213. my lease
  214. "NEW" cars for sale by "USED" car dealers
  215. So regarding all this Bluetooth mess...
  216. need your help JOHN oem alarm
  217. Schedule for vessel departures?
  218. Referral $$ Give Back for Sending U Customers
  219. my lease question II
  220. My Blinker Went Out
  221. Anyone *****ing about no ZHP on the coupe?
  222. my 330ci deal
  223. Jon, Anthracite headliner for 04 E46 Ci?
  224. '04 Coupe, Alu trim question...
  225. My car started production today..
  226. Aquisition fee?
  227. Jon, the internet special no hassle price quote at is broken
  228. Carbon Black E46 Ci?
  229. Performance Center timing?
  230. Dealer's allocation & European Delivery
  231. CA Dealers: Front Plate Install Req'd?
  232. 2003 330i deal?
  233. '04 330i order for ED
  234. Please help with some numbers
  235. Tosca docked today! How long until I see my 330i? Help!
  236. BMW Dealer Service History
  237. valey key??
  238. leaving port?
  239. anyone wanna race the gumball with me?
  240. Which shipping port?
  241. Buy anywhere for PC Delivery?
  242. Is there a way to contact the VPC to check the status.
  243. Names on Lease Insurance Registered drivers
  244. Jon, were you able to find out what the lowest money factor BMWFS allows is?
  245. New Aux imput adapter for E46 3-series?
  246. Which will handle better?
  247. Ordering different color combo?
  248. MSRP change while my car is on order
  249. how to find out what vessel I'm on
  250. May 1 Price Increases?