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European Delivery

  1. Munich pick-up, but not by me - is this doable?
  2. Planning for one week in Bavaria, Austria and Prague
  3. Pokey came today
  4. Who Else is Using FF Miles to Pick up Your ED?
  5. Our car is on the Undine!!!
  6. Lufthansa 2 4 1 in '07
  7. Delivery in winter months
  8. Where to go?
  9. ED Nav Discs and L7
  10. X3 ED Pricing?
  11. Arabellasheraton Westpark / Hotel Recommendations
  12. $999 (incl. tax/fees) Business Class for JFK/Dulles -> London
  13. I need my registration number for the ferry
  14. Finalizing the Deal - SSN required?
  15. First Bimmer Purchase - True savings of ED.
  16. Munich Hotel location discussion thread
  17. Free Maps/Brochures of Germany
  18. BMW and no floor mats?
  19. Oktoberfest 2006
  20. Food in Munich
  21. Help!! Need a loaner SD Europe card!
  22. ED article on AOL
  23. ED planning help please!!
  24. Closing a deal?
  25. Slightly off topic - global phone options?
  26. Quick redelivery - despite VDC repairs
  27. Mason 530i ED Write-Up (Attention: It may be long)
  28. Driving to Zurich from Nice in mid-november - Help!
  29. Need Advice: picking up in Garmisch and driving back to England in mid-December
  30. Quick Day Drive Help
  31. BMW could offer winter tires on its ED program...but would they?
  32. Oppss!! New ICE trains not ready for primetime
  33. ED uses dealer allotment of not?
  34. Time taken to approve ED request
  35. 325i at dealership or 328i ED (in bayarea, CA) ??
  36. It's Here!
  37. Earliest ED for 08 E90 335i
  38. Hey fellow EDers!
  39. On My Way for a 328i
  40. What do you think of this plan?
  41. Getting a 750Li 2007 October 5 European Delivery
  42. Hello boys and girls with a ED pick-up date 10/6-10/10
  43. Is this a good price for 2007 328i?
  44. Redelivery - Car prep questions
  45. Help me propose to my future wife! - ED style! :-)
  46. Buyers Order Form
  47. What accessories should I buy in Germany?
  48. Who runs ED in the US
  49. Looking for ED Dealer in Southern California (LA)
  50. Nurburgring at Nordschleife discussion thread for EDers
  51. Frame for EDP License
  52. 220v
  53. Where's the ED sign up list?
  54. TSA changes it liquids ban.
  55. Is a radar detector legal for use during ED in Germany?
  56. VPC delays?
  57. Been having Re-delivery nightmares
  58. Currency question
  59. Bad idea to do ED with a girlfriend?
  60. European Parking Light feature
  61. ED minor special request - All "no's" so far
  62. WTB: Euro Nav DVD (2006--"Professional")
  63. American Cell phone use in Europe
  64. What is priority one? Need enlightenment.
  65. AISlive is a pain to's a new one?
  66. How long for the redelivery letter?
  67. Is it too late to get a factory tour
  68. Places to see between Munich and Paris
  69. ED on 335's?
  70. Anybody Surfed Munich?
  71. Eastern european countries
  72. Late ED Write UP - Munich to Paris - Verz Long
  73. ED Invoice Prices
  74. Question about VAT
  75. December ED Bavaria itinerary
  76. Euro delivery questions
  77. What do you need to do before ED dropoff?
  78. ED writeuup from Munich!
  79. Itinerary Advice Requested
  80. holidays
  81. Winter ED
  82. How's the drive? Munich - Salzburg, Austria
  83. Best Season For ED
  84. Personalize plate to match ED plates
  85. Another Euro Delivery Trip – Germany, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria in 2 weeks
  86. transport mode check @Freimann
  87. xspeedy's fourth ED - pics enclosed
  88. BMWNA Snow Chain Rental for Winter Delivery
  89. Detailed Map of The German Alpine Road?!!
  90. My Ride is Boheme!
  91. Somebody at BMWNA that cares?
  92. Just FYI: Gas prices in Europe
  93. Special Orders and ED - The Final Scoop
  94. Munich --> Lake District --> Monaco
  95. Tracking production in Canada?
  96. There HAS to be a way to do this...
  97. Possible itinerary
  98. Italian Drivers and My Wait for ED
  99. I just tripped over cheap flights to Germany
  100. Anzone here subscribe to Business Traveler magazine?
  101. Next Week Delivery!!!
  102. Leipzeg Factory Tour
  103. last min chnage of plans! - need help w/ quick day trip
  104. Dingolfing or Munich Tour - Picking up 335i
  105. Need Munich to Paris travel advice and more...
  106. Double Insurance Required?
  107. And we're off
  108. Places, Cities, Countries to visit around Munich
  109. Move.Over's ED pickup
  110. Suggestion for half-day trip
  111. 3-Series Nav DVD For Sale on eBay
  112. ED in May 07 - Munich to Rome, help me plan please!
  113. Official Bimmerfest Garmin Nuvi Navigation Loaner Program?
  114. restaurants - other than german
  115. dropoff - advance notice
  116. Help me with my ED situation
  117. Route from Munich to Venice
  118. ED problem >>> help
  119. Front License Plates for ED
  120. ******* Autofahrer! The drive between Oberpfalz and Prag just got easier
  121. OT paging Agent99
  122. Parking in Prague
  123. Taking the trains in Munich
  124. Autobahn Question - Where are all the super nice cars?
  125. Hotels with good parking
  126. What sorta deals are you getting on an Euro Delivery 335i?
  127. what to take to ed center
  128. Unusual buying question
  129. What's going on in Munich the week of Oct. 23rd?
  130. My European Delivery close to jail experience due to BMW wrong paperwork.
  131. ED questions - State residency, Eastern Europe, etc
  132. ED Questions
  133. Conde Naste?
  134. ED Delivery Issues
  135. How big are the license plate, firstaid kit and warning triangle?
  136. ED's avail for mid-November, fyi...
  137. maximum order time
  138. 328is on the street in Manhattan (Upper East Side)
  139. Fussen or Berchtesgaden or ???
  140. Help - itinerary issues: Itialian Riviera Mid October?
  141. Highest Mileage ED Car ?
  142. Back from Europe
  143. Itinerary advice?
  144. On Freedom
  145. Picture opportunities with car in Munich
  146. Cheap Flight 2: SFO-FRA: $480 LAS-FRA: $401 incl all fees & tax
  147. Which Autobahns have "no limit" sections?
  148. Lufthansa deal renew after December 31?
  149. xxxx over invoice
  150. New 3 Coupe, does ED have Front Amber Reflectors?
  151. ED Springtime date question
  152. Finally!!!!!
  153. Take them or leave them?
  154. Trip report, Munich/Austia/Arco and back
  155. On Capricornus Leader, arriving 10/31
  156. Quick trip via FRA - report
  157. Euro version NAV help (please)
  158. No windshield sunshade???
  159. Germany For Wine Lovers
  160. I got re-Pokeyed
  161. HELP! Must finance with BMW to do ED???
  162. I love my ca.
  163. Drop off question
  164. ED Recommendations for Rheinland-Pfalz Region
  165. ED of E90 335i - Pics Inside
  166. How To Obtain Vehicle Status Once The Vessel Docked At VDC Port
  167. Do not take these on the plane!
  168. ED Leasing Question
  169. Driving to Vienna - fun or not really?
  170. A Dealer Who Doesn't Do ED
  171. Munich Hotel Advice
  172. 31 hours till my first ED
  173. 17 Days in Germany with one problem
  174. Lufthansa - Power oulets in economy class seats?
  175. Jackson's E92 335i ED delivery
  176. I'm getting two--timing help
  177. Towns close to Munich worth staying the night
  178. New ED Delivery Place as of Spring 07?
  179. Audi ED Program
  180. Hey Jspira
  181. madhatter ed pics
  182. ED Trip Report - #1 Delivery Center
  183. Munich meet-up
  184. Anyone picking up a car and driving to London this week?
  185. Interlaken, CH to Hallstatt, AT
  186. day 2 madhatter ED pics
  187. Lufthansa Business class deals
  188. Change OBD to Euro spec?
  189. need help about gas?
  190. need help about gas
  191. ED Trip Report - #2 Salzburg
  192. ED on 19th Dec. What is a good drop off date
  193. ED and US delivery dates the same?
  194. Getting some Euros
  195. MADA - Drop off to Train Station
  196. '07 335 Coupe Accessories
  197. Why is ED invoice lower than US invoice?
  198. tracking to US - a couple ?s
  199. Munchen: high/low of 67/47; scattered showers
  200. HARMS Munich address
  201. Double Ed, Can wife collect mine too?
  202. BiggieJ's 2nd ED - standing up against the 12 hour rule.
  203. This is how and why European Delivery really got started!
  204. How do I convince my Credit Union to lease an ED?
  205. 6 weeks to WA
  206. Audi's ED
  207. It's here and we're picking it up tomorrow...
  208. No loaner car if I don't ED through them?
  209. Any news on extending 2 for 1 past 12/31/2006
  210. Wheel Locks at Delivery Center?
  211. Just Picked up the car today in Munich.......
  212. who is on the AIDA?? (left bremerhaven)
  213. Munich Hotel - Le Méridien Munich or Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
  214. What's the first step in the ED process
  215. Where should we drive on pickup day in Munich?
  216. Yet another ED write-up...328i pick-up
  217. Picked up my new 335i Coupe
  218. ED damage question
  219. AutoWeek article on ED Programs
  220. Just viewed the ED Wiki
  221. Fortune article about ED
  222. Help! Car is going to NJ but my dealer is in California!
  223. undecided
  224. Last Minute ED
  225. What To Do in Innsbruck???
  226. Wild Horses Run Free
  227. Car wash before Drop-Off @ Harms in Munich
  228. Itinerary Decision: Leipzig or Dresden
  229. email for Harms in Munich?
  230. Another request for itinerary advice
  231. Traffic in Berlin
  232. Was anyone's car on Equuleus Leader?
  233. ED: Snow Chains
  234. AutoWeek Buyers Guide ED Write-up
  235. Where is Gumbi?
  236. My car is on the Hyundai No. 206 (recent Munich drop-off)
  237. Euro License Plate Screw Caps.......Where Can I get them?
  238. Drop-off Appointment Day & Time?
  239. Help - Should I get an attorney?
  240. 99 Euro Rooms at the MUC Kempinski
  241. Yet another 335i ED...
  242. Driving time from Prague to Munich for drop off
  243. Securing German Plates
  244. And another ED story to share...
  245. Drop off in Bremerhaven or Munich for fastest re-delivery?
  246. Of we go... (and do we need chains?!)
  247. Munich to Paris in 1 day - Crazy?
  248. Floor mats in Germany
  249. Quickest Delivery: North or South East Coast?
  250. Cheapest country to fly into