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: European Delivery

  1. Did you run your Euro plates back home?
  2. Delivery Status on
  3. VAT, Customs, or Airport hassles when bringing back parts from ED?
  4. Friend fly free to Europe
  5. ///Munich!
  6. W&W delivery status
  7. Car Arrived!
  8. MotoMan break-in in Munich
  9. CDN ED realty
  10. timing of CCA rebate with ED
  11. BMW NA Euro Delivery Contact Info
  12. ED on M3
  13. Oh Damn!!
  14. Who is gonna be picking up the Week of July 6th?
  15. It has been 14 days...
  16. Anyone ordered 04 new 5 yet?
  17. CheapA$$ forum!! Lower auto loan rate
  18. Romantic Road and Black Forest areas
  19. GrayGhost takes delivery
  20. That was quick!
  21. 6 weeks for ED?!?
  22. 1st step to owning a Bimmer - placed my ED order
  23. ED with kids
  24. EuroDelivery 325xi Arrived!
  25. leaving on Friday for ED...
  26. VPC didn't do S#&% on my 325xi
  27. extra 15% deposit for ED?
  28. Production number assignment?
  29. How to contact VPC directly?
  30. How long....?
  31. Vienna
  32. Rizzo Method -- How long for response?
  33. Custom Interior Leather for ED
  34. Dropping off a dirty car.
  35. 325xit in Italy
  36. Some more pics from my ED
  37. The order is in
  38. BMW Factory Tour question
  39. Amsterdam Dropoff
  40. Strike threat looms for auto haulers
  41. While I'm logged on ... thanks
  42. Some of my ED pics
  43. Who's on the Carmen?
  44. Portable Navigation Systems
  45. It's finnaly in my driveway
  46. The 530 is finally here
  47. Extras with ED?
  48. ED Shipping
  49. Vehicle Inventory Tax with ED?
  50. Who's on the Maersk Wind?
  51. Winging it?? A little long.........
  52. who wants my reservation at the Marriott Munich?
  53. Great ED experience so far at Autobahn BMW...
  54. ED--itinerary suggestions? (long)
  55. Finally!
  56. How long does ED pickup in Munich take?
  57. Cost of 3series clear corners in Germany?
  58. ED vehicle registration in US
  59. Good Central Hotel?
  60. Getting close....How long for delivery to Boston after ED Drop?
  61. "Reverse" ED
  62. Euro delivery - Radio Question
  63. First Aid Kit - Bracket
  64. OT our 2003 ED trip pictures
  65. Buying gas in Europe
  66. can BMWCCA rebates be used on a EuroDelivery?
  67. You heard it here first!! E60
  68. ED in Tirol and Dolomites
  69. Well!!guess what arrived yesterday??!!
  70. Anyone scheduled ED on July 14?
  71. Venice parking options?
  72. Our ED Adventure - June 5-13, 2003
  73. Financing European Delivery
  74. Can't believe my eyes
  75. Long sit time.
  76. Yo beewanger! Car #2 has landed...
  77. I got a great idea! I call it Euro-delivery!
  78. Removing First Aid Kit....
  79. East German auto workers strike.
  80. Cutting it close...
  81. Just got mine!
  82. Finally home!! 2003 beewang's excellent adventure wrap up!
  83. How accurate is the estimated delivery date?
  84. rumatt, have a good trip!
  85. Eurodelivery in winter and performance tires?
  86. Need to order Euro Alarm ...little help?
  87. Driving Directions
  88. BMW To Restart German Production Of 3-Series Monday 6/30
  89. ED Blackout?
  90. Question about warranty and maintenance
  91. Special fares to Germany for you ED people
  92. Another satisfied ED customer
  93. OT Damn!! Can't get this Desenchantte song outta my head!!
  94. ED NAV Optioin -- Rental Disk?
  95. Internet Connections in Germany/Amsterdam...
  96. hotel recommendations?
  97. Swiss airlines
  98. I'm off to Europe...
  99. Munich train station to ED pickup?
  100. Eligible drivers with BMW insurance.
  101. BMWCCA Discount
  102. Drop off in Zurich
  103. Recent european delivery
  104. So, how long at the VPC
  105. Driver's License in Europe for ED?
  106. How many miles between ED drop off and US pickup?
  107. LOL!!For those of you thinking of ED w/out BMW Nav!!
  108. Dale's Mystic Blue 330i ED Trip Report
  109. Hey....we're here! and it is SPECTACULAR!
  110. My Car Is Built
  111. What really happens at the VPC for ED cars?
  112. Anyone have Europe NAV DVD/CD to share?
  113. V1 in Europe
  114. Tried internet access in Frankfurt airport?
  115. Spectre's Bogus Journey?
  116. Removing front plate
  117. yahooooooooooooo!!! got my production#
  118. Euro delivery date at VPC
  119. European Delivery for MINI Cooper?
  120. The mystery regarding German plates
  121. Do CCA rebates apply on ED cars?
  122. I pick up my car today in Munich
  123. Who's on the Bellona?
  124. Feeling left out here--Who's on the Tristan?
  125. not quite the right board...but I'll try
  126. OT: Auto Insurance deal for West Coast
  127. Woooo Whooo! I'm on the Carmen!
  128. E60 model ED delivery date/ price?
  129. Finally
  130. Hotels in Munich
  131. Does the Central Europe NAV CD cover Italy?
  132. My delivery experience, Crappy!
  133. I'm in the ED shipping black hole...
  134. Experience ED Dealer in the LA Area
  135. munich-vienna-prague(via train!)
  136. I'm on the ED home stretch
  137. European Delivery Nurburgring...
  138. Good Hotels in Genoa and Nice?
  139. Unfortunately you owe me $20
  140. I Made It To Italy
  141. Q on ED for M cars?
  142. Back! Quick recap...
  143. Who's on the Hudson Leader and how long did it take?
  144. ED Delivery Questions
  145. BMW European... Rental?
  146. What "Delivered From" on the W&W cargo tracking page mean?
  147. Unpleasant situation
  148. woohoo! just booked on the Elektra!
  149. Considering visiting Prague during ED
  150. Few pics
  151. ATM in Munich Airport?
  152. Delivery to another BMW center
  153. almost time...need ED vacation suggestions
  154. Drop Off Location vs. Shipping Time
  155. Factory Tour with ED...
  156. Yet another reason to get the BMW Nav!!
  157. Went to pick up ED in Germany and they never heard of me!?!?!?!
  158. Dropping in Paris: The Definitive Guide
  159. Questions re: security in Southern France and alarm
  160. 120 Miles Per Hour
  161. My car has arrived!
  162. Hosuton Eurodelivery
  163. How long did redelivery take?
  164. ED drop off city or country?
  165. Yes yes yes.
  166. ED pickup in winter? Good/Bad idea?
  167. need some objective opinions about my re-delivery experience (long)
  168. Frankfurt Dropoff timing
  169. 6 Series ED
  170. This is weird
  171. Unique Options for ED pickups
  172. Whaaaa....7 weeks and still no car!!!
  173. Extras to pick-up in Germany
  174. What's the catch
  175. The dreaded VPC wait... How long in VPC for you?
  176. Discharged vs. Delivered From?
  177. BMW VPC with pictures
  178. My ED Delivery and more
  179. OT For Sale E46 Wind Screen / Deflector
  180. How much did you pay for your ED?
  181. ED mission accomplished
  182. ED prices for 2004 models? Especially 5s?
  183. It's official ... counting down to Oct 11 for ED trip
  184. 5 Series/X3 ED Info
  185. ED of M3
  186. Ya Baby!... My Car's Here
  187. How can I set up purchase of wood trim from Munich dealership?
  188. The Countdown has begun..........
  189. Car is on the "TAKASAGO"
  190. hmmmm...attractive ED?...with a catch
  191. E60 Euro Delivery Info (has this been posted yet?)
  192. first aid kit and warning triangle
  193. On the Tosca
  194. Hamburg drop off
  195. 5 Weeks From Dropoff To Dealer
  196. ED and NAV DVD
  197. Z4 2004 ED price
  198. ED of 330i: is this a fair price?
  199. Euro Deliv in winter: do they supply winter tires?
  200. Quiet CAI for ZHP
  201. Hurricanes, enough is enough
  202. Has anybody dropped off their car for Delivery in Europe on a weekend?
  203. Any good German restaurants in Munich?
  204. Who will be picking up their car this month
  205. And I've got mine =)
  206. Nav problems after ED
  207. Major dilemma - what to do next April??
  208. Wheel Options while in Germany?
  209. What about the break in period?
  210. Any specific good dealers?
  211. How much time to clear customs in NYC?
  212. Want to order 2004 545i through ED. Questions....
  213. Newbie questions? Can 2003 model year still be ordered via ED?
  214. Please comment on this itinerary (Munich->Switzerland->Italy->Salzburg->Munich)
  215. When to pay?
  216. X3 and ED?
  217. ED Base Price Question
  218. Do all dealers charge MACO and DAG fees?
  219. Anyone going to pick up there car in March?
  220. It's here
  221. Reminder: take pics of your car before taking it off the lot
  222. ED on January/February worth it?
  223. NJ/NY/PA BMW Dealers for ED
  224. I just got back from ED
  225. Is there nightlife in Munich?
  226. Will the introduction of the E90 have any effect on ED orders?
  227. There is a rumor that my car is here!
  228. Dealer Profit and European Delivery
  229. Cars available as ED
  230. Back from ED through Germany, Austria, Italy and France
  231. ED After Action Report
  232. Timing?
  233. Wonder where the heck is bbkat??
  234. ED insurance..only covers owner?
  235. ED Itinerary Comments? MN ED Discount?
  236. Thanks to 'festers (note on Bay Area dealers)
  237. Made in Germany
  238. Priceline tip plus hotel info for Munich ED
  239. ED Pictures
  240. ED is awesome. Now, how long to arrive in US.
  241. Random Jottings on ED experience (long)
  242. Delivery from Germany?
  243. Rear Power Sunshade
  244. Need Help with ED from NJ
  245. Coming Home on the Carmen
  246. Price and deal help for 525-04
  247. My ED
  248. MASTER LIST: dealers who like to do ED?
  249. ED Purchase Order prices?
  250. Car is on the Undine