: European Delivery

  1. Can't get on Munich factory tour, it seems...
  2. Questions about Europe trip and
  3. Leipzig Visit
  4. Throwing the itinerary out the window
  5. Is sat radio activated on pickup?
  6. Key Programming at the Delivery Center?
  7. No More Gumby Clocks!
  8. Munich advice...(m)
  9. Winter ED?
  10. ED-friendly dealers on LI or in NYC area?
  11. ED Same Day Turn Around?
  12. Emergency kit
  13. Sell a lease or sell my car after ED?
  14. How to Trach car after dropping off at port
  15. So....what's in your iPOD's ED playlist?
  16. debadging while in Europe
  17. Great Article on E93 Convertible in British "Car Magazine"
  18. Rocky Mtn. ED'ers DEN-MUC Fare Sale
  19. Welt Update
  20. Delivery Center Address
  21. Best Portable GPS
  22. Lease Commencement Date
  23. Insurance Effective Date
  24. What's Going On In Austria in May?
  25. Radar Detectors in Europe
  26. Window Sticker on ED Cars?
  27. drive time, Lake Como-Munich
  28. What's on German Radio?
  29. About 36 hours till departure.. but kind of burnt out
  30. Train from Harms....
  31. any one on this ship?
  32. What Would Happen in 2012? 1er only Or Emission Permit?
  33. Last night in Muncih
  34. Monday Dropoff and Catching Flight
  35. Order status
  36. How do I find out what ship my car is on?
  37. How do I find out what ship my car is on?
  38. Using a local ca that is not ED smart
  39. Please POST the dates you were told are full for ED
  40. Hotel Advise
  41. just re picked my euro car again
  42. My European Delivery Jan 24- Jan 30
  43. I Wanna Be Excited But...
  44. ED first lease payment
  45. Any downside to dropping off ED car outside Germany?
  46. What should I pay for a 335i? I did do some research before posting...
  47. Munich Here I Come . . . Again!
  48. Shipping confusion/question-Help!
  49. Temporal tourist US car import to Germany
  50. AM Radio in Europe
  51. How long does it take to build a 335 e90?
  52. European Budget Airlines
  53. Concerts in Munich & Vienna in June
  54. Question on European Delivery Requirements
  55. Hotel Recommendations in Italy needed.
  56. March 2nd ED with pics
  57. picture posting help
  58. Ring Taxi ride available
  59. Link to ED pics
  60. ED friendly dealers in Texas or surronding states?
  61. I've searched: Can you pre-arrange a wknd dropoff in LONDON?
  62. ED Adventure with baby in tow (Part 1)
  63. What places to visit on the way from Berlin to Paris?
  64. Hotel recommendations in Luxembourg and Castle Info
  65. Questions about Euro-Delivery
  66. Back from ED; the waiting begins
  67. Short anouncement rearding the Nav disk Status
  68. Insurance/Registration: Two Weeks or One Month?
  69. Final Packing ... leaving for Germany in 5 hrs
  70. Auto Service Wien Questions
  71. My Jet black 328i is being redelivered. Any special precautions I should take.
  72. How far in advance is the car built for ED
  73. Ready to do ED order. Couple of questions
  74. autobahn speed limit: Oh no! (longish)
  75. OT: misc Paris pics
  76. Some questions for picking up the vehicle...
  77. Seeking Advice: Europe traffic?
  78. I think I spotted the 90 Day Loch (sic) - a great San Fran experience
  79. Good price for ED in NorCal?
  80. We should consider ourselves lucky
  81. Thoughts and Advice on my Itinerary please...
  82. Traveling with kid(s)
  83. Trip
  84. 350+ in my first 24 hours
  85. ED on Mar 28th...
  86. Took Delivery and not happy with Performance
  87. ED Not for those in need ASAP?
  88. Best time to ED?
  89. Has anyone been here ???
  90. ED Itinerary - Suggestions?
  91. To the Alps!
  92. Alternate Transport to ED Center, Rolf not available
  93. my ED itinerary --05/21 pick up
  94. HELP -HELP! Quick question on residual value.
  95. ED totals?
  96. Things "Automotive" to Visit in Germany
  97. Just returned from week long ED of my 335i
  98. Help! Passport delayed...
  99. When are the 2008 models available for ED?
  100. Is there a way to quickly find out available ED pick-up dates?
  101. Confirmation PC pick-up, 26 March
  102. Leaving tomorrow!!
  103. Dealer Profit on a E90 335i ED lease?
  104. 5/11 ED - "Whirlwhind tour" itinerary
  105. Vessel: PATRIOT
  106. When is the last chance to make changes to an ED order? (tried search)
  107. My 2008 535i ED on May 31, 2007
  108. Yet Another Itinerary Question
  109. Holiday Inn
  110. Booked on the "COURAGE": Due April 2nd at Port
  111. Jupiter Diamond
  112. Can someone check my ED "math?"
  113. German Autobahn May Soon Have Speed Limit
  114. Latest date for 07 5 series
  115. Anyone in Munich?
  116. Salzburg
  117. The Electronic Governor
  118. Skiing in Germany?
  119. Does Germany Shut Down for Ascensions Day?
  120. Short Notice European Delivery
  121. How to Tell My Order is an ED Order
  122. Nuvi 350 City Navigator Europe SD Card
  123. Is this normal?
  124. - Airfare To Munich -
  125. Greetings from Munchen!!!
  126. Good News! EU puts off airplane hand luggage limit to November
  127. FOUND: ED Friendly 5.54% Financing (upto 72 Months)
  128. International Driver License Required?
  129. Euro Credit Card Exchange Options
  130. - via Michelin GPS / Guide -
  131. For CCA rebate, when is Purchase Date?
  132. ED program issues
  133. Munich to Florence
  134. Requested July dates for 335 engined cars being confirmed?
  135. 6th and 7th ED in the works
  136. Hotel$$$...Did I pick the wrong time to ED?
  137. What to buy for European Plugs and iPod Aux input ???
  138. Last 2007 Delivery Date
  139. REPORT on My European Delivery Experience! :)
  140. Just getting started....
  141. Please confirm pickup and factory tour locations
  142. M-car ED-- Do-able, or prohibitively expensive?
  143. E93 Trunk Meas: Top Up/Down
  144. Chances for Oct 335 ED?
  145. Yet another itinerary question
  146. ED Beginner Questions
  147. Advice on finding travel dates
  148. I ordered on March 3rd and still no info?
  149. Venice to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
  150. Heathrow connection advice?
  151. BMW World - Welt :) Munich
  152. Hotel in Ulm
  153. 27th April ED confirmation letter
  154. Delaying pick-up
  155. VIN number decode
  156. Full Tank @ ED Pickup / Dropoff?
  157. Any good boston area ED dealers?
  158. What do you think about this trip?
  159. ED 328i on May 31 2007
  160. Owner's Circle Update-Interesting Terminology
  161. Nurburgring
  162. ED Dealer Payment Question
  163. VIN Number
  164. ED Trip Report - Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  165. What's the current lead time on 535's?
  166. Munich airport
  167. International Driving Permit and Austria
  168. Munich--City Center to MUC
  169. Luftansa Ticket Question
  170. Good Driving Roads Around Munich?
  171. ED back on track!
  172. What does "Scheduled for Production- no confirmed production date" mean?
  173. question on clean car at redelivery
  174. Picked Up My 7
  175. The Baby was born
  176. Certificate of Origin
  177. ED Pricing
  178. Running nurburgring on ED trip?
  179. Best deal on 650i Conv.Any thoughts?
  180. Snowy ED.........
  181. Healthcare in Germany
  182. Just got back from my ED
  183. ED - sick as a dog
  184. rock and stone chips durring ED
  185. Houston dealers who are trusted for ED
  186. BMW plant tours dingolfing?
  187. iPod/USB Cable ED Update
  188. What would a fully loaded 335 6 spd coupe cost w/ED?
  189. NYT on Speed Limit for German Autobahn
  190. Questions about buying an ED car in parents' name
  191. Which is the best route to Venice from Munich ?
  192. ED for Cleveland Area
  193. Horrible Ed Experience In Texas......need Help Fast!!!!!
  194. 328i sedan/coupe ED? Where is car made?
  195. Wheels up in less than 12 hours!
  196. Back from Munich / Amsterdam
  197. Factory Tour
  198. Is it possible to change pickup date?
  199. ED insurance change
  200. paint shop tour
  201. Request for comments on my ED itinerary
  202. Debadging
  203. Have any ED RYUJIN people received their cars yet?
  204. Scheduled for Production
  205. Stop Between Bern and Munich
  206. Traveling with 3 adults and booking a hotel
  207. ED dealer in SF Bay Area?
  208. ED Friendly dealers in PA/NJ
  209. ED Insurance / drop off question
  210. Getting to Biergarten Chinesischer Turm
  211. Destination charge increase
  212. How much can one fit in E92 trunk (with pictures)
  213. In case of emergencies ......
  214. Lucerne hotels?
  215. Prague Hotel
  216. stone chips durring ED
  217. Parking?
  218. Italy dropoff only 2 days insurance needed according to Harms
  219. Anyone have a JULY pickup date confirmed yet?
  220. Shower at Airport?
  221. Munich Marriot to ED Center
  222. Atlanta to Munich
  223. Is this a good deal?
  224. My car is on the FUJI, anyone know where the boat is?
  225. 335Ci & 335Cic ED both SOLD OUT MAY/JUNE 2007
  226. 5 Series Lease Rates for May Pick-Up
  227. How To Track Car While on Ship?
  228. So Sorry
  229. timeline help, please
  230. Just Ordered X3 ED for May 16th pickup!
  231. Can you pick up/swap different wheels in Germany while doing ED?
  232. Financing for ED
  233. Project Gotham Racing 2 experts, please help me! (Nurburgring)
  234. This Is Very Important
  235. List of Munich Area Hotels/Features We Booked for ED
  236. Great music stores in Munich??
  237. Meal Voucher no longer needed
  238. Preliminary Itinerary
  239. BMW Individual??
  240. How long does US Customs hold cars hostage at the port?
  241. Quick question on ED trip
  242. wts nokia n95 just $400
  243. COMMENTS REQUESTED -- "Except in the case of theft, where a 10% deductible applies."
  244. LTU Airline
  245. Wheels up in 15 hours
  246. Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Europe from tonite..!
  247. Safe parking, Stolen BMW's
  248. Pictures from my recent ED
  249. Congrats to JSpira
  250. New BMW Event & Delivery Center