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  1. Warning - hitting the back button on your browser can duplicate your posts!
  2. How well educated are you?
  3. We need a puke icon
  4. Visible IP adresses?
  5. How bout that 30 seconds rule ?
  6. New Layout color ?
  7. Dealer *****ing/recommendations section
  8. I Say We Get a Jon Shafer Web Cam
  9. Motion to change smilie
  10. Quick reply box like on fanatics?
  11. Ability to add Avatar
  12. cool smilie
  13. links page
  14. Allow "users" the ability to delete themselves
  15. Im not supposed to have admin options am i?
  16. Sticky Achtungs
  17. Site bug?
  18. Jon, is there a way we could
  19. We need another pimp
  20. Jon
  21. Please lock cross posts
  22. LOL! We could really use this emoticon..
  23. 'Mark this forum read' forward
  24. Do we have a 'neener' smiley ?
  25. My only complaint
  26. Regional forums?
  27. Deleting posts/threads
  28. editting posts
  29. request: interior entertainment forum?
  30. Non-bmw car forum
  31. PM boxes are WAY too small
  32. Jon S. - Is this being considered over here?
  33. Jon S. - Is this being considered over here?
  34. Is there a way to add the ability to ignore entire forums?
  35. Can we have a poltical-related forum sep. from off-topic?
  36. speed trap postings
  37. Bimmerfest countdown?
  38. "View new posts" link
  39. Drool smilie
  40. Is there a way to archive old threads ?
  41. Need some help...newbie here
  42. Logoff Button
  43. Limit the size of sigs?
  44. regional forums?
  45. Forum Problem
  46. Sticky threads for FAQ, DIY forum
  47. Tuning Section
  48. Message Icon suggestion
  49. Euro Delivery forum, but no Perf Center forum?
  50. No Avatars until 1000 posts?
  51. Mark all forums read
  52. We need an EcoChallenge team
  53. Suggestion: Hide the moderators listed to the right
  54. regional link system
  55. Signatures?
  56. Let's place an icon in the address bar and bookmarks?
  57. "On Probation"
  58. Requesting a Computer Hardware/software forum
  59. Broken cookie handling?
  60. More smilies available when posting
  61. Let's get a wireless version of this board going!
  62. "General Automotive" forum?
  63. Why the smiley inconsistencies?
  64. That's it, we NEED 'ignore forum'
  65. Is Vlinto broken?
  66. How about someone fixes the Time......
  67. OT: 'Mark all forums read' - oversight?
  68. proposed change to the Site News & Announcements board
  69. Who's Online
  70. Pics are not as clear
  71. Scrollable top window in hybrid view?
  72. Is everyone else having to click on attachments?
  73. Duplicate thread in the past five minutes?
  74. Fonts are to small!!
  75. Clicking on the Cutter ad sent an email.
  76. cookies?
  77. Number of pages in "View New Posts"
  78. Fonts Fixed!
  79. New PM features
  80. "Go Advanced"
  81. Going through posts just seems slower.
  82. Don't point URLs to ""?
  83. quick reply - what is the benefit of using it ?
  84. What are child forums?
  85. mouse over text preview...
  86. Suggestion: Add a "Flame Forum"
  87. 2k limit on PMs is REALLY annoying
  88. Ntp
  89. Suggestion: add a Joke Du Jour forum
  90. Having trouble uploading into Vlinto
  91. Thread page links
  92. Avatar change ability? Por favor?
  93. Get rid of "search this thread" box
  94. This Page Cannot Be Displayed
  95. Slooooooowwwwww......
  96. Picture for your signature
  97. The shi* word suggestion by: hts
  98. REQUEST: Please change my avatar for me
  99. Poll: should A. van Hooydonk be exempt from new TOS regulations
  100. Sigs and pics
  101. New system
  102. Changing typing font in User CP?
  103. How to upload pics into the Gallery?
  104. Name and info in left hand margin
  105. Last Visited Info
  106. Tell me about the moderator
  107. Pic on thread?
  108. Multiple emails about updated, subscribed threads
  109. troubles with iespell and new site software
  110. the new quick reply sux0r
  111. animated sigs
  112. Is there a way to shut off the return receipt mode for PMs?
  113. How long do threads last?
  114. Admins -- please change the subject of a thread?
  115. Is it possible to change the title of a thread?
  116. The "My car" profile section is back!
  117. Lots of stuff still seems broken - is it being worked on?
  118. Page Cannot Be Displayed - HELP
  119. horizontal scrolling
  120. who is ''?
  121. Is there a threshold for Avatar?
  122. Too many repeated discussions!! Here's an idea.
  123. Is the board clock off?
  124. vlinto can't write file
  125. Picture Files
  126. Slooooooow... DNS errors...
  127. Who thinks new place for DIY forums is dumb?
  128. Search function doesn't work.
  129. Any way of fixing this?
  130. Time Stamp
  131. how to let a friend in on this site?
  132. Another mysterious window
  133. Minimized Smilies
  134. I think a Spell Checker function would be nice.
  135. CP Window
  136. Admin Q's
  137. Time limit to new posts:
  138. Not only is the clock off...
  139. How about a thread created date?
  140. REQ: Avatar change
  141. Will we ever be able to manually change our Avatars again...? ? ? ?
  142. Wait a minute...Electrodyne is now a sponsor?
  143. How did I lose about 100 posts overnight?
  144. New smiley
  145. Hiding Some Forums?
  147. BREAST, not Breat
  148. Since Christmas is near
  149. Can we rename the :repost: smiley :atyclb: ?
  150. why does the same search produce different results?
  151. Okay, the fonts here just got A LOT LARGER. Is it just me?
  152. Motion to change smilie
  153. Switching sections
  154. Electrodyne: Read this.
  155. Am I the only one with a funny clock?
  156. Vlinto still broken
  157. Forum Jump Tool
  158. Why can't see attached pictures?
  159. I dont get eamil anymore to alert me to a post resonse
  160. New Posts Column Widths Vary
  161. E-Mail notification not working?
  162. Slowness
  163. Please change name of Site Feedback/Questions/Suggestions forum
  164. View New Posts Option?
  165. "Who's Online" feature not working
  166. Advanced Search page
  167. Admin - Name Change Please
  168. Log-In issue started with new software change
  169. popup text?
  170. Safari 1.0 (v85.5) and "history" not working correctly
  171. Mark All Read Button
  172. New Feature Needed : User Complaints
  173. Multiple recipient private messages
  174. is there an option to make the forum layout look like the old version?
  175. Software Glitch
  176. Text flows off the right edge of the window
  177. SIG issue
  178. Collecting BMW / Automotive specific abbreviations
  179. Postbit templates and embedded links...
  180. I'd like to be able to see people's location again
  181. Does the board have "Reputation"
  182. Failed search page?
  183. "You last visited" not working corectly
  184. M3 vs. Savage picture hosting request
  185. View new posts
  186. Latest file attachment software mods
  187. Poll on "Reputation"
  188. So, what happened?
  189. What happened to the bimmerfest gallery?
  190. Need a general automotive forum
  191. Name change request
  192. password
  193. posting to an existing thread
  194. Per the TOU, what constitutes "adult content"?
  195. Edit Avatar function?
  196. Shouldn't Cutter's banner be changed?
  197. posting attachments
  198. Censorship At Bimmerfest?????
  199. Broken smiley
  200. Is this against Terms Of Use?
  201. Avatar and user text
  202. Picture in your post
  203. When, What, Where, Who, Which ?
  204. E60M5 and 1 Series ?
  205. Ich Spreche kein Deutsch
  206. Moved? Moved??
  207. To the ATTENTION of the Fest Administrators and Moderators ...
  208. atyclb
  209. Change my name?
  210. The 'fest is too big to continue the "no banning" policy
  211. Email other members via the fest does not work
  212. question re: popup when clicking on username
  213. Fest terms of use question
  214. How to upload pics....????
  215. How many subscriptions am I allowed to have?
  216. RD vendor link is broken
  217. PM receipt option
  218. Change "delete post" behavior for start-of-thread
  219. PM enhancements
  220. Can threads started by members on our ignore lists be made to not be visible?
  221. Picture loading problems and such
  222. new "confused" smiley?
  223. Is it just my imagination, or is the banned words list getting longer?
  224. Name change please
  225. I can't see sh1t!
  226. Welcomed to the 'Fest
  227. Not going to segregate M cars by type?
  228. Why is the ED forum under "ask a dealer"?
  229. Where did the european delivery forum go?
  230. HELP...I'm B-Fest challenged
  231. Why did the 6, 7 and 8 series get merged?
  232. Why is q u e e r censored?
  233. Question on new software version...
  234. Name Change Request Please
  235. What happened?
  236. AVatar?
  237. How to crosspost without crossposting?
  238. mangled formating?
  239. Admin/Owner ??
  240. HELP - Placing Picture Next to Username
  241. No HTML in the General Automotive forum?
  242. Picture???
  243. Can I change my user name?
  244. I want to auto-ignore all 'ZHP' threads
  245. Can we PLEASE add this smily?
  246. WHY on Earth was Maverick88 allowed back?!?!?!
  247. Finaly got my new 6 How do I post photos?
  248. Avatar request please!
  249. how to move a post?
  250. Signature