E46 M3 Black Leather Shift and E-brake Boots (Spinneybeck)

06-02-2005, 08:33 AM
Last night I built a set of boots by mistake. Normally I only build boots once they are ordered. :mad:

These boots are made for E46 cars. The shift boot is a 4-panel M3 boot, but it will fit all left hand drive E46 cars. M3 shift boots are made with 4 panels of leather and have twice as many stitches as non-M cars. The thread color is black and the leather is Spinneybeck Sabrina. This leather is softer, smoother, and much more durable than original BMW Nappa. These boots are perfect in every way and are good enough quality to be installed in one of my own cars.

If you have an M3 and want to change your shift knob, upgrading your shift boot is a nice option as the stock knob is part of the shift boot and they normally have to be cut apart.

Spinneybeck is one of the world's leading leather manufacturers. All Spinneybeck leather comes from Italy and is from cows who live on farms without any barb wire.

We normally sell these for $85 (shift boot) plus $85 (e-brake boot) plus shipping. I am asking for $135 including FedEx Ground shipping. US addresses only, no PO boxes.

Pics on request.

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