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: Need Advice: Building an M3 Race Car?

06-18-2005, 06:55 AM
I am no stranger to M cars, race cars or the E36 M3 as back in the day I had a '95 that was built into a N/A monster. However, I have never owned an M car as a weekend racer but looks like an affordable platform. Now that I am done club racing, my wife wants to go have her fun and I can't blame her! She is a very skilled driver and used to powerful street cars so I think an M3 might be a good starting point for the track. This car would find its way into SCCA and BMWCCA events. I would want het to have good enough equipment that she could run towards the front has her skills developed but now that I am married, have a house and street car habit, there is not an unlimited budget for racing. Oh, and gone are the days when I would be willing to eat pasta for a month to afford new parts for the race car! :rofl:

Anyway, any thoughts or comments that anyone here can share pertaining to a streetable M3 race car project? Is this a good idea from a reliability and durability standpoint (I had several VANOS failures and a tranny problem on my M3 when it was new)?

I figured that I would start out with a 60K~ mile car, install safety equipment, shorter diff and a good suspnesion. Then as she is able to master the car, strip the interior and mod the engine.

I would also condiser an E30 M3 but not sure how reliable they are. :dunno:

Any help is greatly welcomed or if anyone knows of an already setup car that is for sale, let me know.


06-19-2005, 04:51 AM
For SCCA the M3 is not a great choice due to classing. A better dual use choice would be an E36 325 built to ITS specs. Contact BimmerWorld as they are pretty much the top of the heap in ITS cars.