View Full Version : HELP: Electrical GND vs. Chasis GND vs. Sensor GND

06-20-2005, 04:33 PM
I'm trying to install some digital gauges in my e36 325is.

In the instructions it shows that I need to tap into the ground wire attached to the ECU twice, on the schematic they are just labled "PWR GND" and "SENSOR GND" and it says to seperate them by a few centimeters.

The booklet keeps referring to ELECTRICAL GND which I assume means from the battery? I've snooped around under the dash and all the black wires seem to be labled CHASIS GND. I've used chasis ground to power the gauges and they are working, can I attach my SENSOR GND to this wire too?

I think I read in my service manual that the fat BROWN wires are ground too but they are unlabled. Can someone clear up which wire I should be using for my gauges to be accurate?