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: New member here getting new M3---------->

06-26-2005, 02:08 PM
Whats up everyone welll I've been reading quite a few posts for awhile here on the M section. I will be ordering my M3 this week coming up. I live in the Bay Area and I'm going to be getting a decent price on an M3 below MSRP a bit above invoice. As of right now I don't do any track riding in the car (bike doesn't count). The car will be used mostly in the summer I'm gonna try and keep it out of the rain if I can help it. I will be using it on the weekend and days off. I have a 91 300zx and love the drive of a sports car but need more room then a 2 seater
(no kids or family just like the room). I will be getting an smg for sure have test drove one.
I was thinking on getting the Comp package but not sure if its really worth it. One of the reasons is I like the brown leather interior and blue exterior. Seems black and white are the only other 2 colors to come with brown interior. Also would it be cheaper to get a regular M3 and buy my own rims(which would be more expensive but I would get my choice) and rotors?
I really like the Le Mans blue or mystic blue someone here posted and I know that would be a $2000 option and the brown leather would be a $1100 option. Only other options I want for sure is Bi xenon,moonroof,Power seats. I've heard the Nav was just ok so I was looking on getting an aftermarket head unit also like the pioneer that is DVD/CD Nav for about $1800. Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated. Also any good suggestions for clear bra,after market rims and brakes,rotors. Thanks again

06-26-2005, 03:12 PM
If by brown leather you mean Cinnamon you can get it with any color you want. I've even seen it with Phoenix Yellow. The website restrictions don't really apply in the real world so just pick the combo you want and order it.

PS: Rain won't hurt it. :)