: Help ID 328iA stereo head unit please?!

06-29-2005, 04:03 AM
I am looking at a 98 328iA with 68K Sienna Red (I think that is the name) with tan leather. The price seems decent (asking $10,995 - I think I can get it for less than $10k) but I am trying to find out what stereo this is. I will attempt to attach a pic, if not, I will include the link. I want to do the IceLink for my iPod, but am unsure which one I will need. I am almost CERTAIN there is no CD changer - the stock number is V59194.

Thanks and I look forward to your suggestions.

98 328 iA Sienna Red (http://ebay.carad.com/viewItem/dsp_pho_img2.cfm?img=http://carad.ebayimg.com/i2/03/a/03/fa/81/4e)