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: Dealer Offer Questions - 545i

07-04-2005, 08:02 PM
I've tried to hold out as long as I can for the 550, but am getting the itch and looking at a 545i. What is a reasonable offer?

I've been reading the boards and have seen $1500 over invoice as being reasonable, with some mentions of $1500 over ED invoice. Is it reasonable to offer $1500 over ED invoice on existing inventory?

Also, I plan on purchasing, not leasing. Thanks in advance for the feedback!

///M Rakete
07-05-2005, 07:37 AM
$1,500 over invoice is doable depending on your market and the dealer's motivation. Just take care as to what "invoice" you are talking about. Some dealers pay BMW a MACO fee for advertising and they pay it on every car. On a 545i it's $510 as I recall so $1,500 over invoice really only means $990 for the dealer. I doubt that will fly. Since you're buying no need to fret over leasing numbers. $1,500 over ED invoice on a car at the delear won't fly.

07-05-2005, 12:27 PM
I think if you can do a euro delivery you will get all you want and have money left over. You won't have to pay the Maco fee and you are saving yourself 4255 to boot... with the difference of invoices. You should be able to get 1500 over invoice for an ED....... if you can't do an ED I would email as many dealerships as you can and write an offer of 1000-1500 over invoice, stating you will accept counter offers, but that the dealer who agrees to your price will be accepted. I doubt you will get 1000 over invoice, but you could for an ED and by mentioning you will accept counter offers they will see you are reasonable and it isn't simply a take it or leave it........ you can always do a courtesy delivery if the dealer isn't local and if you have to do that factor in 500........ I would accept a local dealers offer over a non local even if they match the cost over invoice you are looking for.

07-05-2005, 01:56 PM
Just so you understand, ED (Euro Delivery) is a whole 'nuther beast compared to what is on the dealer's lot or what he can get you from someone else's lot within the US.

You can ask for $1500 over ED but "not on the existing inventory" as that isn't how ED works. ED doesn't take cars out of the dealer's quota nor lot plus you must fly to Munich, Germany, to take deliver of the car and then have fun driving around Europe in a brand-spanking new BMW!!! :D :D This is a blast and what I did to get my 545i.

Now you can ask for $1500 over invoice assuming the dealer has something on his lot that you want. You can still ask for that price...then see what he has. The dealer's profit ($1500) shouldn't change but the price of your car will be a slight unknown at the time since you won't know the options on the car.