View Full Version : West LA meet in the Marina, Thursday, July 14th

07-11-2005, 01:35 AM
Hey Ya'll, just letting you all know of a gtg for car enthusiasts.

With the season in full swing , summer and modding seasons that is, Thursday nights are meant to be spent by the beach cruising, hanging out and getting ideas. Here is an opportunity to meet other car enthusiats from the other camps and relax. Members of the Subaru forums, rx7, euro and supra fourms have also been alerted to this meet and will be in attendance.

Here’s the info you will need to get there.
DATE: Thursday July 14
TIME: 8pm (to allow for traffic to clear off the 405)
LOCATION: In n out on Washington, here’s the website with the mapquest attached.

The plan is to make these weekly Thursday night meetings big. With different camps in attendance, we can unify the car enthusiast community, and maybe dispell the many myths and rivalrys (wishful thinking, but what the hell). Hope to see you all out there.