: Alpine CHA-S634 on 04 X5 w/ DSP and NAV?

07-13-2005, 12:17 AM
Would anyone be able to tell me what pieces are needed in order to install the Alpine CHA-S634 on a 04 X5 w/ DSP & NAV? I've found a posting by a guy called Barry(?) with installatoin instructions on a 01 X5 w/ DSP & NAV but on the other hand, I'm told by a ebay seller that the Alpine would work by itself.

Appreciate any comments/suggestions.


07-13-2005, 07:48 PM
I have an '05 X5 w/DSP & NAV and believe they are the same. In order to install the Alpine, you will need the CD Changer installation kit, p/n 82-11-0-009-305. It consists of two small flanges that mount to the CD Changer and subsequently enable you to mount it directly to the fron of the larger bracket that already exists back where the NAV computer sits. The kit costs about $13. You will also need an adapter, and your current choices are either the Blitzsafe or Soundgate products. I went with the Soundgate product, as I found it to be somewhat bug free. I tried the Blitzsafe adapter, but it hung several times, requiring me to unplug and re-install it in order to get it working again. I bought the Soundgate ABMW35V5 interface. It says non-DSP, but most X5s don't use the DSP cables anymore, so it will probably work fine in yours as well. I bought these from logjamelectronics.com

Once you have all the pieces, the whole thing is simple, plug and play. Mine works great. Occasionally, there is a little hickup in the translation, but the device usually recovers after a brief delay without any reset or with a simple recycle of the head unit.

Good luck.