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: Questions about Bluetooth and Sirius

08-06-2005, 09:43 PM
Test drove an SMG M3 today--was a blast and I couldn't stop downshifting :D

Going to put my deposit on an '06 order on Monday, but had a couple of questions I forgot to ask the dealer (and they'd probably be wrong anyway). Thanks in advance for any help!

1. After looking at BMW literature and searching the forums, I can't seem to find a straight-forward answer: If you get BMW assist on an '06 (same as '05 I assume), does that automatically mean you receive the BT module or is that still another module that must be added on?

2. I want Sirius, I've read somewhere you can get this as a factory-installed option but I don't see any mention of this on BMW's site. Does anyone know what the order code is for this and what the MSRP is of the option?

Thanks again, been enjoying this forum for two months as a reader.

08-06-2005, 09:54 PM
Well after poking around on BMW's configurator I did find specific references to Bluetooth--so I feel fairly confident about that one. Still not sure about the Sirius though.

You'd think they'd have Bluetooth listed on the car's options/packages overview, but I found my info in the configurator--go figure.

Thanks in advance for help on the Sirius question.

08-07-2005, 06:46 AM

Sirius is a dealer installed option...the car comes from the factory sirius ready. Installing sirius is pretty simple, and there are instructions somewhere on the forum on how to do it.

08-07-2005, 07:53 PM
Ah, guess I got confused... thanks for your help.