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: stock stereo, logic 7 or aftermarket?

08-09-2005, 01:51 PM
Ok...I ran a search and saw a thread that sort of discussed my question, but it seemed to wander a bit into car audio versus home audio. So...I'm going to post hoping that y'all aren't too tired of this kind of question.

We've just ordered a 325i (yesterday) and opted to stay with the stock stereo. Now, this being said....I really want a great listening experience. I've never owned even a modestly quiet car so I've never opted to upgrade a stereo. At home, I use an ipod with my music encoded at over 256 kb and sennheiser HD 650 headphones and an x-can headphone amplifier to listen to my music. So I'd call myself a discriminating listener. Yet I won't call myself audiophile because I'm unwilling to give up I mildly compress the music I encode and I don't get into things like power conditioners and such. I also think that I've reached the maximum resolving capabilites that *my ears* can discern. I tried alternate cables for my headphones (which theoretically should have enhanced mid and upper mid clarity on my hd650s), but I heard no difference. it worth it to get the logic7 system if what I want is good *stereo*, clean mids, low sibulance, non-fatiguing sound, and crisp,fast tuneful non-boomy bass? Or should I look at aftermarket?...or for that matter, is the stock system good enough? I listen to jazz, classical, choral, electronica, pop, rock...almost everything. (FWIW, I recall listening to some sonus faber speakers once and they made a great soundstage for such little speakers. I could close my eyes and picture Dawn Upshaw standing.... ...right there. They were fast...really fast and clean. I hate's so hurts my ears.)

I ask these questions because the nearest BMW dealership to me is 80 miles away. My partner got to test drive the car and she decided that "we had to have it" and she placed the order. We scoured the bmw web site and got other options/packages figured out (we didn't want much of 'em), but there's no real way to tell just what the difference is with the stereo upgrade to logic7. (I do know it simulates surround sound, but I don't care about that, I only care about sound quality) So, since she went ahead and ordered what she wanted, is it too late to add the logic 7 to it? I doubt I'll get to even see a 325i before she picks our car up at the dealer. FWIW, I did opt to prewire for satellite radio and we may opt when the car arrives to go ahead and put in the sirius reciever.

Any advice on whether the stock head unit and speakers are up to the type of listening I want?