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: Which Bay Area Dealer for Service?

08-27-2005, 08:30 AM

Just picked up my 2005 M3 from Weatherford. Anyone here care to share your service experiences with them? Can I really expect better treatment from their service department since I purchased the car there? They're about an hour away from me.

How about Peter Pan and Allison (BMW of Mountain View)? I live between both of those, and they're both only about 15 minutes away.

What do you guys recommend? If you can refer me to a good service advisor as well, that would be most helpful!


08-27-2005, 09:29 AM
I live 2 hours each way from Weatherford and that's where I bring my car for service. Steve Gass has been there for a hundred years and knows BMWs very well. They give a loaner car for anything as long as you request it up front, and I don't buy my cars there.

I used Peter Pan in the late 90's when I had a 328is, they sucked IMHO, but who knows what it's like now. I have heard horror stories, and shining reviews of BMW of Mountain View, seems like a crap shoot. I do know of an indy shop around the corner from them who I use for tech inspections before track schools and they tell me they get alot of business from customers who are unsatisfied with service at BMW of Mountain View - they rather pay them to do the work than get shoddy free service at the dealer.

Concord BMW is also very good, I bought a car from them once, but they're kinda out there distance wise.

You can always read reviews at dealerrater.com (http://dealerrater.com/search/dealers.asp?submitted=1&countryChanged=0&manuId=6&countrySearch=US&stateId=CA&dealerName=&distance=50&distanceZip=94043) but take them with a grain of salt I guess. Concord BMW gets a 2.2 but I think they're way better than that. Mostly people put their complaints and not praises there, so it's good to read about the troubles folks have had and do your own evaluation.

Congrats on the new car though!

08-28-2005, 10:50 AM
Thanks for all the insight...and for the congrats, too! I went with Weatherford because they gave me the best price on an ordered car...and not TOO far. Is Steve Gass the SA or a tech?