: The Joy of Six: E46 M3 6-speed transplant into the E36 M3

09-01-2005, 02:52 PM
So "that guy" comes rolling in with his M3 Evolution 6-speed transmission, all happy with himself. Yeah, we're all jealous, you've got six gears and waited a month for the gearbox to come over from Europe.

Tsk, tsk. Could've gotten all the parts right out of a US junkyard, probably at a better price. Now that E46 M3s have been around for a few years, more and more of them are getting dismantled and the parts are ripe for transplant into your E36 M3.


Thanks to Zionsville Autosport (http://www.zionsvilleautosport.com) for the custom driveshaft and KMS (http://www.koalamotorsport.com) for the 3.64 gearset with race ramp LSD, making the UUC M3 test car all the more fun.