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: New Guy Here.....Concerns.......

09-05-2005, 05:01 PM
I decided to join this site because of all the questions and concerns that run through my head on a regular schudule. First, I own a 98 BMW M3 4door auto, I bought it last Nov with around 68K on it. Currently, it has around 76K. Since Ive owned it, Im lucky if its been out of the shop a month at a time. Ive had everything from the cats go out, radiator, water pump, tune up, bushings in the rear, wiring harness to the ecu burn up ect ect ect. Ive sank over 4K into this in these past few months, and finally I said IM done! After I had the radiator and water pump done, I said thats it. Everything is done, lets pray. And now 2 weeks later, the check engine light is on again! What do I do, when do you say you sank enough into it, and sell it? Please advise with any support. Am I ALONE? :cry:

09-05-2005, 07:05 PM
You could look at it this way, now that you've done all this work you have a reliable car. Or you could sell it and buy another used car and do those things all over again. I say keep it, that's just my opinion from my own personal experiences.

09-07-2005, 10:05 AM
My hunch is that you bought an improperly maintained car by the previous owner for that many maintenance issues to hit you all at once. Dont know if when you bought it that it had maintenance receipts or if the previous owner was a skimper. I say that cuz when I went out looking for my M3 I found out that lots of kids who owned M3's didnt have up to date receipts and skimped on maintenance due to very tight budget for various reasons, school comes to mind. So i immediately changed my criteria to wanting to buy an M3 from an adult owner that had receipts to date that i could look at which helped me out GREATLY. With you recently spending $4K I would suck it up and not get discouraged, because NOW YOU KNOW what has been fixed on the car. "someguy" nailed it, if you were to sell it cuz of your big spenditure and go out and get another used car, there's no guarantee this same scenario won't happen AGAIN. I would suggest locating a very meticulous mechanic who's like that by habit, DEALERS ARE NOT, they have a tendency to focus on whats broke and hurry up and fix it and move on to the next car. Independent shops THE GOOD ONES, put their service rep on the line and getting to know them personally won't hurt and may help you save some bucks as well.

09-11-2005, 11:11 AM
yeah i would keep it ,u know what u done and don't have to worry about for it 4 awhile!! plus u won't get ur money back !!! i got offered 9k for my 97 m3 w79k from a dealer !!! so u'd might as well keep it !