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: new guy 5 questions.

09-06-2005, 11:14 AM
Im robbie i work at a porsche race team, im 17 and this is my new baby.
1. If i dont replace the water pump before it breaks will i regret it, will it damage the motor. the short shift i have good or will uuc be better.
3. what are the best sway bars. uuc or turner
4. aside from the x brace what it nessasary to make the chassis not break, only the nessasary parts.
5.will bilstine shocks go well with the racing dynamics springs.

thank you, this is the list of what was doen to the car allready by the previous owner.

36,000 miles

1995 BMW M3
Clear-front, side and rear lights
Color coded head light covers
Blue super white headlight bulbs
Lightweight front spoiler
Racing dynamic springs
Auto authority performance clip (E-Prom)
K & N filter
Fiber carbon interior
Korman – short shift
3:46 rear end, from 3:25
Aluminum flywheel
Tri flow stainless steel exhaust
Roof spoiler
Brembo drilled brake rotors
Rear deck spoiler
Dinan stress bar
Luminated gear knob
Stainless steel pedals
Hockenheim “R” rims
Schrotte shoulder harness
Large “Big Bore” throttle
Stainless steel brake lines
Lightweight side markers
CD player – cover
Alarm system (keyless entry)
VDO gauges/fiber carbon
Radar detector wired internally
Painted door handles
Stainless oil filter top
Roof phone antenna, shark fin
Mud flap-front
M-3 rear trunk mat
European front plate
Fire extinguisher attached to front seat
M3 car cover

M-3 BMW rear license plate frame
M-3 “111M” logo on wheels and dash
Whiteface gauges
Hood bra
Stainless steel oil cap
50 tint windows
Stainless emergency brake handle
M-3 lightweight door face plate
(4) Original M-3 rims with new Goodyear F-1 235x40x17 tires

09-06-2005, 02:17 PM
got any pics of the interior????

09-07-2005, 05:24 AM
1) Yes
2) I have no idea. But Korman does tend to sell junk.
3) Define best? Ground Control are hollow bars, infinately adjustable, but really not street sways (rattle, etc)
4) Don't crash. X brace improves torsional rigidity. Turner has weld in kits to reinforce front subframe and rear subframe mount points. I haven't heard of street cars needing them, but they wouldn't hurt.
5) Yes, but I prefer H&R or Eibach over RD, for any parts, including sway bars.