: Help - need help with valuation of used parts

09-07-2005, 11:27 PM
Hi All -

We've started (just a little) work on turning the e46 M3 into an H-Stock beast. I'll post some pics soon (car looks like a poser now with 17" wheels).

For turning it into a race car, some stuff can go - like a lot of the interior. But I have no idea what to ask for this stuff (black interior):

front (heated, memory), rear seats and center armrest
front door and rear side panels
front and rear side armrest leathers and frames
anthracite headliner (sunroof model) and A, B, C pillar covers
all titan shadow trim pieces (w/o steering wheel piece) / w/steering wheel piece
all airbags
SMG steering wheel with trim piece and airbag (if I can make one of the Sparco wheels with the buttons work the SMG).
HK business head unit only/ complete HK system

Any idea what I should ask for the above stuff?