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10-03-2005, 02:09 PM
So as an E36 M3 owner I was happy, more or less, but could help feeling a little bit behind times. E46s going past every which way makes you start thinking... so I thought, then I drove. Be glad you have a 36 rather than a 46. Driving the e46 m3 is... disappointing, power delivery is absent until above 6k and the SMG is... like an auto. All and all I'm glad to have a model that's balanced, but albeit archaic.

10-03-2005, 04:15 PM
Sorry, I disagree totally.

Yes, the E36 is a wonderful car, but so is the E46. Problem with the E46 is, you can't really use the extra performance on the street, the limits are too high.

As for no power above 6K, it is because it has a flat torque curve, so power delivery is very smooth, but trust me, it is there.

And SMG is nothing like an automatic when driven properly.

And check my sig, I do have both of them.

10-04-2005, 01:32 AM
First, I said that there is only power above 6K, which is fine for the track, but not for crusing down the road and needing a spurt to avoid an uncompliant motorist. And you are correct about the SMG. It drives well, but... I'm just old fashion. Give me a while on it. I still think the 36 handles better, and what's up with a quad exhaust on an inline 6?

10-04-2005, 05:08 PM
Yes, typo. But you are wrong, there is power down low, it just doesn't feel like it because the torque curve is so flat you don't get that rush. 220 - 245 - 220 from 2000 RPM - 4500 RPM - 7900 RPM.

And SMG is not something you test drive and have any clue as to how it will be real world. Much less how it will be on the track. While I still like driving a regular manual, if I had to have only one car, it would be an E46 M3 SMG.

E46 handles very well, but a lot of the feeling that it handles well is due to the fact you can push it harder on the street. At O'fest running VIR in te A Group I was following a couple of setup E36 M3s. On the straights I was almost off the throttle to stay behind them. Not really, but well under 3/4 and at times down to 1.2 throttle to avoid running over them. I thought they were fine in the corners, until I went by them, and put BIG time space on them through the twisty bits (Turn 1 through the lower Esses if you know VIR). And my car is only SA Konis, stock springs, and Mich PSCs.

As for the quad exhaust it is part of the M image. :dunno:

10-04-2005, 10:56 PM
Alright... I trust you know better than I do, you being an E46 owner. I can admit too that I didn't drive it on the track and I really didn't feel much push until high revs. Flat torque curve I know... I'm happy with the 36, that's my opinion and I'm not asking you to subscribe in it, although you do own one. To me it just feels better, I havent driven the 46 much though. I really don't have much of an argument against the 46... I mean after all it does rock the CS side grills.

10-05-2005, 04:39 PM
Nothing against the E36. And they are great to drive. But an E46 whoops up on them.

Best case, have both. :) And I will keep both. But again, if I had to choose to own only one, it would be the E46 M3 SMG.

But you aren't getting my E36 away from me. IN fact, I am looking to donate it to a museum when I get too old or die. :)