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: Tough time keeping up with a E24 today

09-02-2002, 12:07 AM
I was driving westbound on Ortega Hwy with a couple friends this evening, and was sandwiched between a SUV (argh) and a blue E24 633 driven by a Jesse Ventura-looking guy. After the SUV pulled over, I noticed the E24 was still hard on my ass so I let him by. It was clearly running on stock sized tires and suspension, yet he was seriously hauling ass, and as I didn't feel comfortable defeating DSC with my friends aboard, it was kicking in pretty furiously, and I had a tough time keeping up.

He was clearly familiar with the road and knew how to drive (though ke kept tailing people he caught up with), but now I want a E24 even more.

09-02-2002, 08:49 AM

They are fairly quick. Never driven a 633i, though my Uncle had one. I have driven a 533i a lot, it was fairly quick. Lots of fun to drive, EASY oversteer esp. in wet :D Don't think it could contend with a 325 though, for sure it could never keep up in the turns.

This guy sounds like he is nuts going 10/10ths on a public highway :)

09-02-2002, 12:17 PM
about 2 weeks ago in the S54 M Roady and I went mid-week. (for those unfamiliar with Ortegat Hwy - Hwy 74 - check out the article 'Escape from L.A. in the April 2002 Roundel).

One lane each way with no passing zones (only pullouts) and lots of signs saying "Special Driving Zone - Traffic Fines Doubled". I guess they get a lot of bikes and sports cars running through there.

Lots of tight turns and high speed sweepers connected in some places by triple digit straights. I did the 5 freeway down to the Lake Elsinore side and back round trip in less than a half hour! Rocks and cliffs not far from your lane, so maintain concentration. On the day I went, I saw one of those old 80's 300zx's almost lose it coming the other way (he was on the cliff side), but he got the back end back in and slowed down.

Pretty exhilarating. Turns out it's not that many minutes drive from our area, Kaz. :)