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: Audio install in 2004 M3

11-12-2005, 10:38 AM
Lotta big pics on this page, so 56k, don't click here:

This uses the BMW OEM nav HU, Dynaudio 160mm midbass and 28mm tweeters in the door, and a 12" DLS Iridium sub in the trunk in a fiberglass enclosure.

The amps are DLS also, their top-of-the-line series - an A3 100x2 dual mono for the front and an A6 700W mono for the sub.

The customer asked that we use black fabric because the gray was not a perfect match. In retrospect I don't think I like it that much.

We used an Iso-Max isolator in between the OEM HU and the amps. I could have run the signal straight in, probably, but these isolators are ruler-flat below 20 Hz and are excellent at noise rejection - and alternator whine and background data-line noise are no fun to get rid of after the fact. With the hi-beams on, both seat heaters on high, and the rear defroster on, you couldn't hear a hint of whine.

And it sounded great, especially after 20 minutes of break in on the sub and tweets. That sub was truly impressive in its sound quality, and Dynes are incredible-sounding speakers.