: 01 325xi new speakers, sub amp

11-13-2005, 10:35 AM
I would like to change the factory speakers (front and rear), leave the current amp and HU that is in the car (non HK), and add an amp/fosgate 12's in the trunk. What is the best method to get some signal from the HU to get line level to my sub amp. I believe that the factory HU is going to stay in place and I am ok with the quality of the factory amp. Would just like to add some bass and improve the quality of crappy factory tweeters and low range 6.5". Any suggestions or previous account with similar circumstances would be greatly appreciated. I have read reports of complete nightmare's with line level signal to the amps, what is the real story. Thanks for your help.

11-13-2005, 10:50 AM
First of, if your car has the three-way system up front - woofer/mid/tweet, you need to ace the OEM amp too. It's way crappy, possibly worse than the speakers, but it also has internal xovers that mess up attempts to upgrade the drivers. Sometimes the mid and tweet are behind he same grille...

Secondly, the HU OP is balanced out. I would recommend using a balanced adapter such as the Soundgate LOCPREA. Many amps take a balanced input directly, but the BMW sometimes have a DC content in the signal that needs to be filtered out.

However, the HU output is flat and non-eq'd and as long as you approach it correctly you can add an amp no problem (if the install is good).