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: 10 inch or 12 inch subs to go along with stealthbox?

11-16-2005, 07:29 AM
a few months ago I bought the jl audio stealthbox.. it has two 8IB4 subwoofers e1400D Class D Monoblock Amplifier.. unfortunately after dropping so much money on this setup I am not completely impressed. for the money i spent i woulda been better off putting in two 12's and calling it a day..

anyways because the money i spent on these I want to leave them in.. I want to upgrade the system in the trunk and was wondering if two 12's would be too much to go along with the 8's or would i be better off going with two 10's?

also if i was going to put more subs in my trunk what kind of amp would i need. i am completely clueless about car audio and want to get the heads up here before I go to the store and start talking to these people and they brainwash me into buyin junk equipment..

thanks a lot

11-16-2005, 08:43 AM
OK, I've got 19 years in car audio, here's my best advice:

1) Don't feel bad about not liking the Stealthboxes. THey are limited in their bass output, and if you are a 'pair-of-12"s" guy, they are not for you.

2) TAKE THEM OUT AND SELL THEM. There are plenty of guys in their 30's that would use this solution and be perfectly happy with it for what they listen to, which is way diff than what you listen to. And they will NOT work proerly with a pair of bigger subs in a box in your trunk. Plus, it will sound doofy.

3) Then use a pair of 10 or a single 12". You can get a box that hangs under the rear dck from Bavarian Soundwerks for two 10" that won't fit with the SB's in there, but will give you lots more solid output. We use a single 12" for our customers that need a lot of bass and we make a custom fiberglass enclosure.

4) The amp you need is a function of the speakers you choose. If you spend etween $250 and $600 you can get a great amp for what you are running - but decide what you are running first. JL, DLS, Zapco, Arc Audio, are all good amps. MTX, Kicker, Rockford, and the head unit brands are not as good, but are cheaper.

11-17-2005, 03:12 AM
excellent advise man. I am very satisfied with your response. I think I will take the stealthbox out and sell it on this site or put in on ebay for sale...

thanks man

11-18-2005, 08:50 AM
Well if this helps at all I just bought the


from Bavarian soundwerks and It is awesome. The box and the perfect size and the sound all a 10 in my book. Just wanted to add my $.02