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: UUC Swaybarbarian Special Pricing

11-20-2005, 07:55 PM
We are overstocked on the following UUC Swaybarbarians:

3 for E46 M3
1 for E46 coupe & sedan

We're blowing these out at just over our cost, so don't miss out. These prices are only for the inventory in stock shown above, then the prices go back to the usually UUC MSRP.

Please PM me or send an e-mail to sales@bimmerperformancestore.com.


Bob DeLellis, President
Bimmer Performance Store, Ltd.

12-02-2005, 09:45 AM
OK, I'm just gonna spill the beans here. The price is $499 plus shipping. After credit card fees and shipping we paid, we're losing money here. These were part of our intial *****in with UUC and we need our money back on these.

UUC makes GREAT products and these are no exception. The price will never be this low again (hey, we gotta make a profit to stay in business).

Compare these to GC (we also carry those) at $699 or TMS at $399. The TMS are solid bars and weigh 8 pounds more than the UUCs EACH!!! That's a weight savings of 16 lbs overall. You don't want to spend thousands on CF pieces and lightweight exhausts only to add it back with sways, so spend the extra $100 now, instead of $195 later. The price will be $595 with free shipping when these are gone.

There are 2 left at this price.