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: A few notes on bluetooth

11-22-2005, 12:42 PM
So i finally got Nokia 6230 and waned to point out a few things:

1) I had to switch from ATT TDMA to Cingular GSM and already notice phone reception to be not as good.

2) The car picks up address book from GSM sim card, not phone itself. On the phone you can have an entry for Joe Blow and under him a cell phone, a home phone and a work phone - in the car the entries will show up as:

- Joe Blow
- Joe Blow1
- Joe Blow2

this is pretty lame of BMW. the car should read address book from phone instead of GSM sim card and get a mobile/work/home icon to put next to the name. What i did to make address book on iDrive look good is only copy over primary names from Phone to Sim so it only shows one name and one number per entry.

3) I miss signal strenth indicator we had with V60s and cradle to get stronger reception (but i will try and see if i can get connectors from Nokia 6310 to work on Nokia 6230)

4) Caller ID name matching is lame. If i have Joe Blow as 1 650 555 1212, the iDirve will not show incoming call from Joe Blow but will show 650 555 1212 instead (so i had to change everybody number to remove the 1 in the front)

well, at least i now got a phone which syncs up with my powerbook and my car and can take pictures. welcome to 21st century i guess :)