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WOW: Rounder M3CSL specs...

09-15-2002, 02:16 PM
Jeremy Walton writes about the M3CSL in the September 2002 Roundel. WOW.

0-60 is ferrari 360 modena-ish at 4.2 seconds and about 363bhp. those numbers are way more than what CAR or TopGear wrote in their "preview" tickler articles.

the cost (it's never coming to the US) if it were to come to the US is $69,750 and it only weighs 3135 pounds.

Walton writes, ".....BMW M has dieted back to an unofficial 3,135 pounds from the European official Fat Boy figure of 3,454, a 10.5% savings at the curbside."

sounds like an amazing car. i thought it would be closer to 3300 pounds and 353hp and only marginally faster than the spec M3, but this is true distancing.