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: New Replica AC Schnitzer eBrake and Manual Pedals

12-07-2005, 03:46 PM
When I purchased these I was told they were genuine but since I have my doubts I'm not going to be accused of trying to screw some one over.

The ebrake is definitely a replica but the pedals may be genuine. If they are then you get a great deal.
Never installed, new in box with no wear and tear.

If pics do not show up please visit my gallery here to see them or email me:

The pic is dark but the ebrake has chrome at the tip and at the base.

ebrake: $25 + shipping
pedals: $35 + shipping

Purchase both: $60 shipped

Contact Methods
Email me, PM me, or post here. If PM fills up then send it as an email and I will get it. I will respond to all responses. To any buyers I will also provide phone contact, primary email contact, school email contact, address(of course) and any other contact info they may want.

Accepted forms of payment:
Check/Money Order

Check/Money Order payment will require extra time to clear before order is shipped. I will notify buyer when payment is recieved and when it is deposited. As soon as it clears I will ship item immediately.

PayPal payments will be charged an additional 3.2% of the agreed upon total order cost(order cost + shipping). If you don't agree with this choose another method of payment please. As soon as payment is in PayPal account then I will ship item.

Cash is sent at your own risk. With all the other payment options out there I don't know why anyone would use cash anyway.

Shipping is generally done with UPS or USPS. Buyer will be notified of tracking numbers as soon as package is shipped. If you have specific shipping instructions let me know and I will see what I can do. Most requests can be accomodated.

My buyer/seller feedback
You can view previous feedback here:

Upon completion of the transaction feel free to post your response here as well.

Thanks for looking,

12-08-2005, 09:40 PM
Thank you for your interest. Some people are having a hard time understanding what a better offer is. Simply it is an offer HIGHER than what the current highest bid from a forum member is. That being said here is the update.

Current best offer from a forum member for just the pedals $50 + shipping/Paypal fees. I've sent PM's to all those interested. If you wish to make a BETTER offer do so ASAP or you will soon miss out.

If you wish to make a BETTER offer for JUST THE PEDALS do this to calculate your total cost:
TOTAL COST = YOUR BETTER OFFER + $3.50(Shipping) + 3.5%(if paying with Paypal)

This person is not interested in the ebrake handle so it is still available. Best offer recieved so far for the ebrake is $25 + shipping/PayPal. To make a BETTER offer for just the EBRAKE HANDLE do this to calculate your total cost: YOUR BETTER OFFER + $3.50 + 3.2%(if using PayPal)

Due to the offer I have for the pedals to get both items make an offer of $80 or BETTER plus shipping/paypal fees.
To calculate total cost for BOTH EBRAKE and PEDALS:
TOTAL COST = OFFER + $4.00(shipping) + 3.5%(if paying with PayPal)

THE BEST OFFER (not the first offer) gets the items. If you have any questions or dont understand this let me know. Happy bidding.

12-09-2005, 11:15 AM
Pedals sold.

Ebrake still available though a few are interested. Please recontact me by PM if interested in the ebrake.

12-12-2005, 02:16 PM
I have an offer for $33.50 total payment to paypal.

If you wants to offer $35+$3.50+3.2% for a total Payment to PayPal of $39.70 I'll send these out Priority USPS ASAP.

Please contact ASAP preferably before Wednesday

12-15-2005, 06:47 AM
All previous interested parties have not gotten back to me on these so they are back to total PayPal payment of $33.50

That includes paypal fees and shipping