View Full Version : Running an Aux input from the trunk

12-09-2005, 09:01 PM
Hi All,

I have an E39 (2002 530i) with the in dash CD player, DSP radio and no CD changer. I am about to install an Alpine CHA-S634 Changer via a Blitzsage BMW/ALP DMX v.1D DSP.

By all indications the CD changer install should be simple and straight forward.

The plan is to use the extra input (RCA jacks on the Blitzsage adaptor) to listen to an mp3 player or some other device. (The quality of the current FM Modulation is lacking.)

The problem is: How does one run the aux input cable from the truck (CD Changer area) to the front of the car and have a somewhat professionional looking result?

Since I don't smoke, the ash tray in the center console seems like a good spot put run the wire and keep things out of view when not in use. The dash or glove box are also good options. I just have no idea about how to get the cable from the truck up front and keep it out of sight.

I am open to any of your expert suggestions/advice.

Thanks for your help.