View Full Version : Radio "mute" itself in 530 Da touring -00

12-10-2005, 11:43 PM

I tried search but i didnt find help in my problem.
I have non-Dsp Casette factory radio (philips) with Nav and 4:3 tv and i am having problems with sounds, they just cut off, sound cant be heard with cassette (only tried, not even listening cassettes :) ) , no sound in TV.

I have tested the wirings in Radio/MID and there is no problems ( i think).
I have tried to re-create the "muting" when the radio is working, but i have not been able to "mute" the radio myself.

Anyone had/has the same problem? what i have not tried yet? could you help on this.
Anyone has pictures of the Touring trunk? i assume that there are also things to be checked, is there amp in my system?

BMW Dealer could not find the error, some error message related to IKE could be found but nothing more.
I am planning to buy after market radio, but i dont want to get rid of the MID since webasto is timed with it (I live in cold Finland :) )