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: 1997 735i Trans Program

12-19-2005, 03:27 PM
I have this on again, off again problem that doesn't seem want to go away. The Trans Program message appears on the console. It usually shows up shortly after starting the car. What happens then is that the car has difficulty going above 60 without the rpm going excessively high. I think it's stock on 3rd gear. After a few stop and start engine cycle, (usually around 5 or 6), the problem goes away. Then without notice, the problem re-occurs.

The best explanation I've read so far on this problem is related to low battery voltage. When I purchased the car from the previous owner, the existing batter was completely dead. With some luck, I was able to jump start the old battery and was able to move and drive the car home. The Trans Program message appeared on the console all the way home. I immediately replaced the old battery with a brand new one and low and behold the problem went away. About a month later, the same problem starts appearing again that cycles back and forth from ok to not-ok until now.

If the problem is related to the battery and the battery is brand new, is it possible that a sensor reading the battery voltage is defective or out of calibration. If this is a possibility, can anyone assist me on where this sensor is located and is it replaceable? Or could it be that the software on the on-board computer reading the sensor input is faulty? Or am I looking at the wrong direction for solution?