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12-21-2005, 07:39 AM
Figured I'd try posting here too, as you m3 owners seem to be more performance oriented. I know... its not an m3.

First, Thanks In Advance For Any & All Advice / Opinions.... :thumbup:

Looking for advice on what to do next. Gonna buy a new bimmer very soon so the car is now a toy and a project for me. Besides im in my damn work van all week anyway.

I own a '93 325i that I have recently taken out of storage. New custom pearl white paint job just being wrapped up. Still havent driven it in 3 years. Made sure it started every so often.

My friend owns the body/ mechanic shop so I have access to all tools needed for anything.
Call in some favors and you get a complete and beautiful 6 coats of pearl and 3 coats of clear paint job.

Chassis has 110k, New engine has 20k (LONG STORY SHORT let friend borrow my car... miss shift 5->2 @90 :tsk: ...entire intake valve train bent & pistons scored... Friend at BMW NA got me new engine in crate for price of unknown quality used engine... Installed one sat and the rest is history.) bought car from old in 98 from older gentleman.
Interior is still immaculate. Everything used to work. We 'll see soon now.

Most upgrades done around time of engine swap.

Installed components:

Bistein Sports shocks/ struts
Eibach Pro kit springs
BMP adj rear control arms
Racing Dynamics strut tower brace
H&R wheel spacers
BBS 17" two piece wheels (Factory upgrade wheel #42 I think)
Brembo Gran Tourismo front brake kit
Brembo cross drilled rear rotors (real CD from Brembo not some brake schmo with a cnc)
EBC Green Stuff pads
Stainless brake lines
Turner Chip
Remus twin DTM Cat back
OBX headers (not installed yet look of decent enough build quality, good welds,equal
tube lengths. cheap on ebay new couple hundred bucks not $1200...
... damn that Ebay... shopping for junk with a mouse is just too easy)

Various other aero and visual mods
m3 technic kit complete
carbon fiber front splitter with carbon dtm wings
euro spec headlamps w/angel eyes
Hella euro clear parking and brake lamps

IMO the car still looks classy, maybe a little angry but certainly not furious!

Looking for advice and opinions on the next steps. I want more power.
need to get some short throw
looking at new diffs ( i think the diff out of a 318man is just about what they recommend)
would like some Forced Induction of some sort eventually
can get my hands on 95 m3 cams (don't know if they will work out with no probs)

Next bimmer is going to be an e46 m3, this one is def not an m3 not but would like to at least get the most i can from it for some spiriting on the track or just for my girlfriend.

Thanks again for any and all advice in advance.

Lets keep it civil fellas no opinion wars.

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12-21-2005, 03:49 PM
Leaving this thread here for a few days....then I will move it. Probably to the autox/track forum.