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: Bluetooth drops out/background noise 320Cab

jeremy gibson
12-21-2005, 12:41 PM
I have a 320 Cab with Bluetooth here in the UK.
I have a Nokia 6230i phone which has the BMW kit and the dealer synced the phone for me.

Works well (some of the time).

1) If I lose the signal the handset does not reconnect to the car speaker system. Incoming calls have to be answered by pickup up the phone (illegal here). Turning phone off/on makes no difference - have to stop, turn off ignition, restart - PERFECT.

2) Third parties say the background noise is so high that its hard to hear me speaking. As it a cabriolet the in car background noise is higher than a saloon, but whats the point of the kit if no one can hear? Has anyone had the microphone repositioned to be less sensitive?