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: No Icelink ID3 Text on 4:3 Screen 3 series

12-22-2005, 04:44 PM
Hi all! :thumbup:

Seen losts of posts on the icelink so i went out and bought one.and just had my icelink plus installed in my 1999 BMW 328Ci in Australia.

I can't be sure what icelink firmware I have as I don't see any menu option to report such data but it does start with ICEV22.B2 in the top line. The User manual says ice>link Plus v2.x if thats any help too.

I have attached to PICS of the BMW head unit i have. Basically it is a 4:3 Screen Unit that says BMW Navigation on it but I do not have the actual navigation option installed. It does have OEM TV tuner option installed though.

I have tried to setup the system to show ID3 information but when I get to the point at which it says "..follow instructions on screen..." it is not showing anything anywhere. I'm a little disappointed :bawling: as I was under the impression this unit was compatible with my model vehicle based on the dension database information.

How do I get the ID3 info to show onscreen rather than just the CD number and track?

Also, not sure if you make out in the PIC but this unit does't have a FF button as such . Instead it has a Skip left and right one and you need to enter another menu to get to FF. This can take a little time and I often lose the menu option on the iPod that i'm working on before i get in and out of the FF function on the car. Is there are way to configure the use of another button or is there one that I could use now instead to select the menu options on the icelink setup menu on the ipod?

Finally, any way I can increase size of icelink menu on the ipod? The text is tiny

Everything else seems to be working great!

Cheers for your help everyone! :thumbup:

tom @ eas
12-22-2005, 10:37 PM
Email me directly and I can send a configuration file that will display text on the screen.