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: Christmas Eve, I hit a deer, need some parts...

12-24-2005, 12:58 PM
Big deer jumped up on the road, I braked, then swerved and barely caught it on the passenger side front corner but was able to maintain car control in the rain with my daughter in the back seat. Odd thing is that the black M3 I wrecked big time was exactly 3 years ago, Christmas eve of 2002, and my insurance is about to go down substantially because its droping off so I am going to do this repair myself without a claim.
Anyway, I have a broken glass cover on my ZKW euro headlight but the rest of the light looks ok. I have a busted clear corner. I have a bent up fender and black trim piece as well. The door has a couple tiny dings, look like parking lot dings and a paintless dent place should be able to take care of it.
If any of you guys have these lying around and can help a bro out on Christmas Eve let me know how cheaply you can let it go and I'll see what I can do. Take mercy on me, I just bought Christmas gifts for 2 kids and my wife so money is VERY tight. If you have an Estoril fender thats good and original in good condition I'll buy it.