: Eurosport Twinscrew Dyno

01-04-2006, 11:14 AM
Eurosport Twinscrew Dyno

Here is the dyno plot that some of you were requesting. This shows the power output of the stock motor before installation and the power output immediately after installation.

Please keep in mind that the engine was put on the dyno <b>within 5 miles of installation</b>, so OBD2 didn't really have much time to adapt. Will look into doing another dyno once OBD2 has adapted, maybe in 1500 miles or so.

After 3 dyno pulls, the engine was obviously showing signs of heat soak, but the numbers are pretty impressive considering the dyno was done after installation.

Kudos to Conforti. As you can see, the Air/Fuel looks really good.

Since I can't upload large images, I've attached a PDF file with the dyno plot.