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: OFFICIAL Julian cruise 1/29/06

01-05-2006, 11:00 PM
What: Julian Euro cruise
When: Janruary 29, 2006
Where: From Creative Autoworks to Dudley's Bakery to Julian

Let's kick off 2006 with a blast! The official date for this cruise will be Janruary 29, 2006. It's the last Sunday of the month. This will also be the pre-meet for the upcoming big SocalEuro GTG.

We will be meeting @ Creative Autoworks at 7:30am and we are hoping to leave by 8am. At Creative, Lunchbox will be providing maps to Dudley's and then to the lunch spot from there including directions, rules, etc. There will also be some quick reminders before we head off when at Creative, just in case there are those who like to lurk from other forums, not read the guidelines/rules, are tagging along w/ friends, etc.

Address for meeting spot:
Creative Autoworks7569 Convoy Court
San Diego, CA 92111

TEL: 858.279.8900

Recommendations/Suggestions: It's recommended to swap phone numbers @ Creative Autoworks w/ other people that you meet. This is just in case some of the group gets seperated, someone gets a flat, or if you are lost. If anyone has access to any walkie talkies, PLEASE post up and let us know. We would like to have as many walkie talkies as possible. The channel information will also be on the map/directions provided at Creative. I will be bringing a low-profile jack and a few tools just in case. I also recommend to put on your front license plate if possible. We will cause some attention at the parking lots and roads, especially when crossing Ramona. Just in case you want to avoid a $10 fix-it ticket.

*******! Rules:
1. The majority of people attending this cruise are SocalEuro and this is also the pre-meet to the big upcoming SocalEuro GTG (for more information, contact any of the mods/admins). Because of this, we encourage to not be reckless. Please no burnouts or donuts when at a parking lot or making a turn. Doing so will put other drivers, the public and yourself at risk.
2. We are cruising at a moderate speed. We plan to obey the speed limit when there are other drivers on the road. They own the road as much as we do, so please do not constantly weave in and out of traffic, cut drivers off, or endanger anyone. If you feel the need to speed ahead of the pack to take motion shots on the freeway, by all means do so. That is encouraged actually, but anyone wanting to hit 100+ speeds will be alone on this cruise.
3. First stop will be Dudley's Bakery. If you feel the need to show off your sound system to a friend, that's fine. Just don't leave your system bumping obnoxiously the whole time we're there. Also refer to rule #1.
Those are pretty much the guidelines we would like everyone to follow. After Dudley's, we will head to Julian for lunch, maybe a few photoshoots, and maybe if the roads are clear, some mountain runs.

About the mountain runs: If we end up going on some, there will be 2 seperate car groups. The 1st group is reserved for those who plan to drive aggressively. I was told that if we leave at 8am, we might not get a chance to do this because of other drivers occupying the road. We will see what happens when we get there. The 2nd group will be reserved for those who don't want rock chips all over their front end and just want to cruise/enjoy the scenery. After that, another stop might be made at the lunchspot just to regroup or whatever. After that, you're on your own. You can caravan back w/ friends that you've made, your fellow locals, check out the town, etc.

Just remember to have fun, meet new people, and respect those on the road with you.