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: Anyone wanr to help me DIY brakes in RI?

01-12-2006, 04:43 PM
I am usually pretty good at changing out things on my own (sensors, plugs, oil, etc) but now my 330 needs brakes. So, I picked up the complete brake kit from Turner while I was up in their neck of the woods (nice people and good prices).

Anyway, I have read all the DIY's and have the Bentley manual, yet I am still somewhat nervous on doing this I have NEVER done brakes before and I am nervous that I will take my car apart, screw it up and have to have it flat bedded to a mechanic hahaha

So seriously, if someone or some people want to cruise to my house and help me in my garage, that would be cool. Not looking for someone to do it for me, but to help make sure I dont screw up. Punch and pie (and beer) provided free of charge. OH yeah, Im in Johnston RI.