View Full Version : Radiator Flush/Airbag sensor repair: Local or dealer?

01-16-2006, 05:43 AM
Hi All,

My baby is in need of a little lovin'.

1. I'm about 700 miles away from my oil needing to be changed
2. I have an airbag sensor light on (it's the passenger seat sensor, I've had the error cleared once)
3. My 'brake light failure' message came on this morning
4. My radiator needs to be flushed.

I am not even close to handy/technical w/ my car and my question for the experts is: Should I take this to the dealer to have the work done or a local garage that works on BMW's and other luxury cars? I didn't know if any of these tasks were better performed by the dealer or if a 'radiator flush' was simply a 'radiator flush' no matter what car you own.

Thanks all,