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: Electical Fire Problem With new 06' 530i - Advise???

01-17-2006, 08:42 AM
I just picked up my brand new 06' 530i last Wed. which had been on order for 10 weeks. Drove it 60 miles towards home. Within 5 miles of home a very toxic smoke started coming out of the lower right hand center section of the dash. Burned my eyes and throat. Could not breathe, had to open all windows and sun roof in 30 degree temps. Called BMW assist. They wanted to send a fire truck. The smoke stopped and I got the car home. It is in the shop now. But, their explanation of the problem does not make sense to me. They say it is an air conditioning leak. It was smoke, electical smoke, burning wire insullation. So now that they are replacing some air conditioning part that most likely did not need to be replaced, and considering the cost of the vehicle; a. would you demand a brand new one, b. accept a major repair on your new car with only 120 miles on it (a repair that does ot make sense), or c. refuse the car all together. Any advise on or about this problem would be greatly appriciated. Has anyone else out there experienced this problem or similar??? Otherwise, the car is outstanding! But in my opinion, a blemished vehicle that may have more problems down the road.
A very upset buyer. JL

01-17-2006, 11:14 AM
Unfortunately you own the car and don't have any legal grounds on which to "demand" a new one or "refuse" the car. You can refuse to pick it up, but you still own it and I imagine that eventually the dealership will tell you to come get it or they are going to charge you a daily storage fee.

What you need to do is give them a chance to fix the problem.

There is little incentive for a dealership's service department to install major components that the car doesn't need in the course of intentionally mis-diagnosing the problem. Talk it over with the service advisor and the service manager, and politely demand an explanation of what happened and how to reconcile that with your impression that you smelled smoke, etc. If they say they've diagnosed and fixed the problem, drive the car and see what happens.

(One possibility is that some mixture of coolant and/or refridgerant was coming out of the vents, which you mistook for "smoke," but that's just conjecture on my part.)

Yes it's very disheartening to have a major problem right after delivery. The dealership should be very motivated to rectify the situation, but you have to work with them. Making "demands" for things you're not entitled to and simply won't get won't progress the issue.

01-17-2006, 12:42 PM
Bart001 gives good advice. And it could very well have been an air con leak which caused a short. Did you check to see if there really was burning material in the engine compartment? If not, then Bart's explanation is also a good probable one.

You should contact BMW NA and ask them to help you out. It was a new car, and you would like it to have the "new car smell" rather than the noxious chemicals, smoke or a burning rubber smell. I suspect BMW NA will be helpful. But if it was just a spill from the air con, you're probably only going to get a new part and a clean up.